The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 13

soc med 13

This is not a meme – this is the truth


17 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 13”

  1. I will give an example… Like HG was mentioning, the profile picture or name would try to capture my attention. One profile picture, I remember was an over the top, middle aged man, with designer clothes, skiing and smiling. It was obviously fake. I would get atleast a few request a week from fake profiles of distinguished looking men. I just knew it was from my Ex. I went ahead and messaged one, without accepting the friend request. The messages were sadistic in nature and then was deleted. I would then get curious as to what my Ex was up to, I would sense that he had something to do with it. I would then log onto his FB, which is always very private. He would post public post aimed towards me, such as the song, “every breath you take” by the police, or post about revenge to scare me and to show how many friends he had on “his side”. All before serving me papers to fight me in court and come back into my life.

    Why did he do all of this? I believe to intensify the HOOVER fuel ultimately. To intensify my emotional reaction. To gather his lieutenants to see who was loyal to him, and who would help smear me.

    1. I can see in this instance but where there is no marriage or children or legal issues what would be the purpose ?

      1. Ok then… for a Super Empath, imagine, moving on from a toxic relationship. You went no contact, you are moving on with your life, you think you are in the clear… But then the abusive ex starts messing with you again.
        Or you are codependent, the Narcissist has not come back after you broke up. You are starting to feel deeply abandoned and not worth loving. But all of the sudden, the Narcissist is cyber stalking you, and probably having his/her friends mess with you. It is part of that contrast of manipulation from narcissist. Back and forth between abandonment and constant bombardment of gang stalking terror to say the least. It messes with your head

  2. Why would a Narc do this and so most do this? if they know you aren’t going th talk to them? And if you find out its them you really aren’t going to talk to em

    1. 1. Most do respond.
      2. There is an expectation of response in any event.
      3. Though Fuel from the perceived reaction.

  3. Meaning the ex whose put on no contact uses aliases.

    I never do for many reasons. Many friends have had viruses and their profiles reported and shut down for no reason as a result of adding someone they didnt know.

    1. So what would be the purpose in doing this ? Cause if the victim finds out its you they really aren’t going to speak to you. I guess I dont get the purpose? If you are really full of supply why would you be intersted. Both Narcs I’ve known very handsome with a plethora of supply would they still do this?

  4. Dear Mr Tudor,
    I understand what you’re saying and unfortunately there are some very naive people out there, but this one is just plain stupidity from the recipient who does. Is there an underlying message I am missing because you are definitely the expert in this field and I would assume you have done this successfully many times. Would you please give us a break down of what you mean by “unusual” profiles so as to warn us.
    With abaited interest

    1. Indeed it does seem obvious but not always to certain people, hence why it works. Such profiles would be :-

      1. Someone who you do not know who wants to become friends;
      2. A profile that has no picture
      3. A profile that has little activity on it, is recently created.
      4. A profile that has a preponderance of similar looking friends/followers on it
      5. A profile that uses something in the name/handle/picture which resonates with you in a particular way.

      1. Many thanks for that Mr Tudor, its quite startling and alarming. But why does a person accept “friends” they don’t even know? I take it all the predator’s friends are made up and who are they?
        How successful are you and what type of person accepts you, if you wouldn’t mind please? This is most intriguing

      2. If you ever get a chance to see the show Catfish… very interesting the extent some will go to in effort to deceive and hide behind a virtual mask.

      3. Dear Mr Tudor,
        My hubby just informed me he heard on the news, this chappy changed his profile to a young person, in order to lure paedophiles. He set out to meet them, then made a citizens arrest … he’s been charged and now facing court. They should be thanking him!

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