The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – no. 16

soc med 16


6 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – no. 16”

  1. I never go on his facebook he only goes on mine. If he likes a comment of mine or replies thats great but i never expect it.
    Hed never expect it from me except if he specifically shows me something hes posted which ill comment on except if its a mean provoking political post then i flat out ignore it. He showed me some mean posts by people joking about the obamas portraits. One was how michelle could be a transvestite. Seriously? How nasty can people be? I told him it wasnt funny and that the post was very rude. Smh. Im sure this was negative fuel but oh well.

  2. HG: Does this apply to Middle Lesser Victim Narcs too? As a shelved IPSS, does it ignite fury when I do not like his posts? I note that the same people regularly like his posts, no matter what.

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