Little Acons – No. 38




  1. HG , are there some things a Mother can look at “narc signs” from early childhood ? I’ve been wanting to ask this for quite some time now .

        1. There are certain behaviours one can look for yes, one has to however be aware that children will often act in a narcissistic manner but not necessarily become narcissists, as part of their development.

    1. I worry about this too with my kids. My son doesnt have a narc bone in his body but ive been seeing subtle narc behaviours in my daughter. Its surprising bc i never seen this coming. She will be critical of peoples appearances and has commented to me about mine and my hubbys pointing out flaws. She finds it funny and thinks its all in humor but i keep telling her it hurts our feelings and isnt nice to do. I do know she has empathy and she can be very giving so i dont think shes a narcissist but the behaviour has been a bit of a shock. I do think when kids hit puberty they go thru phases.

  2. My narc had the childhood nickname of “Little Hitler”…. And it fits. Shame that this applies to more than just Golden children.

    HG, would you coinsider yourself a bit of a dictator?

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