Little Acons – No. 50


10 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 50

  1. His having this attitude for his son caused me some pain, and I tried to get him to see the futility in this attitude by relating it to himself. I pointed out that he almost always did exactly what he wanted instead of what his mother thought best for him to do.

    It just made him angry instead, and he still insisted that his son should do what he thought was right for his son, that his son, a grown man should live according to HIS dictates, not what his son wanted to do or what would make him happiest.

    This was his attitude entirely, towards everyone. It baffled me that he would be angry over things that mere acquaintances did, when he thought they should do otherwise.

    Thank you for reminding me.

  2. Mona says:

    HG, why do you think, that the mid range have only a small awareness about the things they do? You say that your mother is a mid range. Why do you still deny, that she hurt you as a child on purpose? Why is it so difficult for you to accept that she hurt you intentionally? I do not understand that. Why can`t you accept that she used you as an appliance?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I do not deny it.

  3. Alexissmith2016 says:

    IN another recent hoover attempt (original MN) he actually leaned over me at one point and whispered in my ear “I own you”.

    It just made me laugh inside because he has no chance of hoovering me back in, but I’ll allow him to think so because I love Hoover gifts ! 😂

    He can own me in his own little head if he wants to.

    He’s playing it so carefully, (apart from that comment), not even attempting to kiss me. Just coming from the angle of being a concerned friend.

  4. Catherine says:

    On a completely different note I’ve been reading all day today about the second day of trial for Peter Madsen in Copenhagen; the quite well known Danish inventor who’s accused of sexually assaulting, killing and dismembering a Swedish journalist when she was interviewing him last summer while on a tour on his homemade submarine. It freaks me out. He’s been assessed mentally and the conclusion is that he has strong narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies; he’s sexually deviant and he’s a pathological liar. His behaviour in court seems really scary to say the least. He denies all responsibility except for dismembering the body, and he seems affronted by the questioning of the prosecutor. He says he’s traumatised by it all and doesn’t want to speak about it, he’s the victim here, he turns everything around and accuses the prosecutor for being insensitive, have a dirty mind and a vivid imagination. I’m curious HG, have you read anything about it? Would he be an Upper Lesser?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I know of it Catherine but I have not read about it in detail.

  5. narc affair says:

    Not anymore you dont. I faced you and i know what you are and now im working on fixing the damage you caused in me. I forgive you bc you were damaged too. Abuse is a cycle.

  6. Morning sun says:

    Wow, this provoked a powerful physical reaction in me.
    Thank you for pointing to parent-child issues too, H.G., it’s very useful.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  7. PureSoul says:

    I received this three first thing in the morning, how can one resist? Anyone gets similars? and some hoovers are even more intense.

    “Please, mio amore!!!! You bring me to life: to be there with you is my you, my inspiration and my fulfilment – I belong there with you!!”

    “It is God’s will for us to be together in our timeless, joyous, ecstatic love.”

    “Mio angelo, you are the very soul of my life…”


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