The Future Fakes – No. 2

future 2

“I will pay you back.”


One of The Prime Aims is attaining residual benefits from our victims. These are vast and numerous and might range from assisting in creating and maintaining a facade of respectability or family values, access to particular people, the use of a motor vehicle or someone who will provide care for an infirm narcissist. One of the most common residual benefits concerns money. It might be the victim supporting the narcissist using his or her income, since the narcissist does not work or does work, but earns little. It could be obtaining credit for the narcissist since he or she has a poor credit score. More usually it is as simple as lending money to the narcissist with the oft-said, but rarely done – “I will pay you back.”

There are various different routes which all ultimately lead to the victim realising that this evinced intention is just a form of future faking. The narcissist has no intention of making repayment and indeed never had. Why does the narcissist find it so easy to make a request to borrow money?

  1. The sense of entitlement. What is yours belongs also to us. We connect you to us and you become part of us and thus so must your assets and income.
  2. Poor boundary recognition. The narcissist sees nothing untoward in commandeering such an asset so readily.
  3. Lack of accountability. With no embarrassment in making such a request to begin with, indeed the narcissist may be most bold about the request or demand for money and there is no sense of remorse or conscience concerning failing to make repayment. It is easy to make this promise with no regard for ability or intention to fulfil it.
  4. Magical thinking. You now belong to us so you should do what we want, since such compliance should automatically follow now that you are ours.
  5. Grandiosity. We need money to maintain certain appearances with others – family, friends, colleagues.

Why does the narcissist make this request?

  1. At its most obvious it is of course to make use of this money. Settle debts, buy things, set-up that brilliant new tech company the narcissist is convinced will become his route to riches, to play the baller he thinks he is, to draw fuel from other admiring appliances, to fund a particular addiction and so on and so forth.

2. To bind you to us. This happens in three ways :-

a. There is a supposed debt which means you will want to recover it at some point and therefore continue to engage with us;

b. You trust us to repay and therefore you become more invested in your relationship with us; and

c. You feel good about helping us and our fuelled response to your loaning us this money  causes you to want to continue to help us in some way.

3. The empathic nature of our victims, as people who help and assist, means they are more likely than normal people to provide the money to us.

4. Certain narcissists who borrow money/take money often have haphazard financial situations because of their narcissism and the issue of money is a pressing one.

5. Certain narcissists who borrow money/take money especially those who are of the lower echelons of Mid Range and of the Victim Cadre will have a ready sob story and will use the financial mechanism as part of their seduction. Whilst sex is a major weapon of seduction,  money is not too far behind (and of course flows in both directions from the flamboyant narcissist with his largesse to the needy narcissist with his impoverished pleas for assistance).

Given the nature of money as a form of seduction and binding, then in the instance where the narcissist is borrowing, he will issue this future faking comment in order to establish his apparent bona fides, to demonstrate he can be trusted and that he can be relied on.

The narcissist may borrow little and often, applying our tried and trusted salami-slicing incursions but this time in a financial method. The narcissist may operate a ‘long firm fraud’ technique of borrowing small sums and actually repaying them to create the image of trustworthiness and then make a request for a much larger sum. The victim agrees, after all, previous loans have been repaid in full and on time. The narcissist again pledges the future fake to make repayment but this much larger sum is taken and not repaid. A bold narcissist who is especially persuasive and convincing may even seek a significant sum at the outset and issue the empty promise of repayment.

You will be reassured that it can be repaid from the salary increase which happens next month, or the debt that friend is repaying to us, or the bonus we are due or we have a tax rebate due to us. None of these will be true but they are layered onto the promise to repay to convince you.

Such requests from those narcissists which operate in this method (as it is not applicable to all of us) are often made early in their interaction with you. The narcissist is greedy for the money and the lack of awareness and poor boundary recognition means he or she sees nothing wrong in making the request at an early juncture. Indeed, the narcissist sees it as the obligation of the victim, now that they are in the clutches of the narcissist. Any early request to borrow money, no matter what size the amount should be regarded as a clear red flag. The future faking of “I will repay you” will accompany this and there is a further “tell” you should look for. Again, in tandem with our thinking in absolutes, you will either be given no date repayment or a fake reference to “in a few weeks time” or there will be a zealous explanation of a date, time, method and source for repayment as the narcissist throws plenty of detail at the victim in order to create the image of complete trustworthiness.

When that set date arrives or if there is not one and you make a polite enquiry about repayment, unless the narcissist is operating the long firm fraud as described above, you can expect fawning false apologies, long involved explanations about why payment cannot yet be made and a request for forbearance. This will happen repeatedly, but if still in the golden period it will be done in a polite way, a self-pitying way with tears and victim performance or a display of anger at someone else who has let us down who should have paid us etc. Should the request for payment be made or due payment is due during devaluation expect it to be thrown back in your face, denied it is owed, that you in fact owe us and a hundred other deflections and denials to avoid culpability.

This future faking is rampant but once again society misses it. You may be familiar with those stories of mature ladies who have sent money to younger men in less-developed countries thinking they are helping the young fellow and why not, since she and he are in love and will soon be living together. The money is taken again and again, for tickets, for a passport application, for new clothes for the new life together and then suddenly Mr Exotic has vanished. The mobile number no longer rings, the Skype name has disappeared and the dreams of love and romance lie shattered.

Pictures of these ladies with the suitable “press sad face’ and the amount they have been taken for,appear in newspaper articles. The readers shake their heads and wonder how could  they have been so stupid to fall for these men yet all concerned do not realise they have just had an encounter with some of our kind.

The retired couple who have sunk their life savings into the property scheme which promised returns of 65% within two weeks and have been sucked into a Ponzi scheme have just met our kind. They are encourage to invest and told they will be “paid back in the future” and more besides. I know of a couple who invested £ 180 000 in such a scheme. They were concerned when no payments were being made and actually found the fraudster concerned and sat down with him. He was so persuasive, so reassuring that not only did he convince them they would be repaid “in the future” they invested another £ 40 000. Needless to say, they did not get their money back.

The promise to repay will be used by our kind in romantic entanglements, social entanglements and business entanglements. Suckered by a financial fraudster? One of our kind. Conned into coughing up on the basis of some young turk joining you at Ponderosa? One of our kind. Bailed out a friend time and time again who loves the horses but never pays up? One of our kind. Each one will always use the future fake to gain more and fleece the trusting victim.

This apparent firm intention to make repayment is a future fake and is part of the seduction manipulation where the narcissist is using money as part of the seduction technique. It is highly unlikely you will be repaid and when you disentangle yourself form the narcissist and realise it is indeed a future fake you must consider either writing the sum off as part of maintaining no contact (balancing the amount versus avoiding the narcissist), making one request of the narcissist for repayment ( see How To Make A Request of a Narcissist ) or using an external mechanism to secure payment, namely take the matter to court.

The promise to pay you back is a future fake.

The cheque is in the post by the way.

27 thoughts on “The Future Fakes – No. 2

  1. Catherine says:

    I was spared this one. He never borrowed money from me; he was quite financially well off and didn’t need me to help him in any way. He did want me to sell my apartment though and he went on and on about it not being a safe investment, but I never thought he was after any of my money. On the contrary though he was quite generous and he might’ve thought he bought me somehow, buying me expensive gifts and inviting me for romantic getaways which I find to be quite funny because I might be fooled and bound to him out of love and out of my need for validation, but never ever will money be an issue with me. I’m immune to the money card, I’m not impressed by it and I would never date a man because of the balance of his bank account. That’s my boundary!

  2. Restored Heart says:

    This is so my daughter’s sperm donor. (work colleague) I would rarely lend money to anyone. (Burnt & learnt) Then the LMRV malingerer borrowed around $80- & paid it back next pay day & paid for a dinner. Building that ‘fake’ trust though my instinct always warned me otherwise.
    Then it was $20 here, $40 there. The salami slicing. Then $150 for food, fuel & his mum’s b’day that instead went on drugs & his mum so I stopped. He was into me for around $300 & kept asking & I refused. It was obvious he had no intention of repaying even though he worked. (When it suited him) Then on finding out about the pregnancy he wanted ‘a private arrangement’ for child support. I told him I didn’t need or want anything from him & I haven’t seen him since. Needless to say, he has not contributed a cent to raising his now teenage daughter or his other 2 children.
    Quite the contrast to the UGN that used his wealth & largesse to portray himself as the generous benefactor & me the thief & gold digger.

    All I want is normal. Well, maybe someone a little bonkers like me but otherwise normal.

  3. Somewhere over the rainbow says:

    A little off topic: why tries a psychologist make one believe that all people are inherently good? Why keeping us in the nativity dust? It took me one hour to find out I’m in the wrong for believing “some”, not all people, only egotistical, controlling people are bad and there’s nothing to do to change that if they don’t want to. So…I’m crazy for sustaining what you are saying in front of him. You are not narcissists or mean people you have a huge quality: you only care for yourselves and you get the best out of life. My psychologist tells me your way is the best way and I have to “borrow” your qualities to succeed in a professional career. WTF?? I am at fault for painting black sociopaths/psychopaths! It’s only me left to blame…😞

    1. Somewhere over the rainbow says:

      Naivety, not nativity…sorry.

      1. Mona says:

        Somewhere over the rainbow, please send this psychologist to hell! Of course it is very helpful to have some egoistical traits to become successful. It is – as always- a matter of the right degree. A career on costs of others- it always leads to great financial disasters after a while. Perhaps – your psychologist is a narcissist too? Be careful and trust your own gut. Question him! Do not trust him only because of his profession.

      2. Somewhere over the rainbow,

        Fire him!
        Whatever he is, he is incompetent at best, dangerous, more likely.

        What a waste of time and money.

        If possible, give him a bad review, so less people will suffer for the damage he could cause.
        We all have and/or could use some narcissistic traits, but damaging others is not helpful.

      3. Somewhere over the rainbow says:


        Thank you both for your care, only now I saw your massages (sorry about that!).

        Taking a break from therapy for the moment, I’m ok that way and I’ll only use the good things the psychologist taught me.

        Tudor helped me understand narcs dynamic and wrong mindsets affecting children (because I love my child and I want to keep myself informed on educational problems) and I needed that along tons of patience to raise a balanced man out of an intelligent and strong minded boy. At least from the nurture point of view, because nature…follows its course.

    2. narc affair says:

      Hi mona…i agree i smell a narc. My clinical psychologist was i suspect a narcissist. Just bc they have the title of psychologist doesnt mean theyre not a narcissist. A funny movie that comes to mind is ‘what about bob’ with bill murray. His psychologist was a narcissist with a hugeeee ego! Bob drove him to insanity lol karma babyyyy 😂…

      Trust your instincts and use your knowledge of the narc red flags learned here to discern if youre dealing with a narc. This psychologist has so many red flags bit the main one being denial of their disorder.

  4. Cat says:

    If someone doesn’t appreciate your presence, make them appreciate your absence.

    He can enjoy this, till the end of his life. 😊

  5. Kate says:

    Oh, yes – I lived with a loser three years ago, 3000 miles away from everyone I know and this disrespectful ass destroyed some of my personal property, used and dirtied my detailed car without my knowledge or consent and then had the nerve to ask for money!! After some sob story about dropping five hundred in cash on a city street, a car payment that needed to be made or it would be repossessed and everyone he asked could not help, blah blah. We went to a bank machine where I got out of my car as the princess. When I handed him the money, I gripped it tightly, forcing him to meet my eyes which said, “I have no respect for you” , “you are a loser”, “you are not a man” and “I hate you”.

    I did get my money paid back!!!

    1. Carol M says:

      Oh Lord! I should have tried that!

    2. Narcs remind me of wimpy from popeye ” I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Tuesday never arrives.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Wise words.

      2. NarcAngel says:

        Haha. Wimpy the Mid Victim narc.

  6. Twilight says:

    And that is why if I do something I do not expect anything returned.

    1. RealitySets In says:

      Yeah….them owing me money would not be a deterrent for leaving them. If I want away from them bad enough they can have everything just leave me the hell alone! Lol…..yeah when I want to get away…..I will get away lol….keep the that shit! Sorry not trying to sound ghetto but some things can only be expressed that way!

  7. Lori says:

    Are narcs generally bad with finances?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, it varies according to school. We are good with other people’s finances of course!

      1. You can expect a knee trembler in return for the money, right?

        Like the somatic Lesser, who drives a brand new vehicle, but has no place to live. Instead he couch surfs house to house every night for a place to sleep. This man uses women for a place to lounge.

        Lesser Loser

  8. Pam says:

    Pls let him know he is in my heart every minute and my love for his real self is always flowing out,and seeding the universe, ok?pamb

    1. Jenna says:

      Pam you gotta let the love that you have for him go! He is extremelyyyy polygamous! He is grandiose beyond belief! He thinks he is god! I am glad you found this place, but it’s no use professing your eternal love for him. It means nothing to him, other than fuel, supply, filling a gas tank, nothing else pam, nothing. I am really sorry pam. Stay here with us and learn. Feel free to post more if it makes you feel better. I hope you get over him. Sending you a big hug!

  9. RealitySets In says:

    Yeah I don’t think that works on all women who fall for a narcissist. Ive experiences the opposite…them offering me things and trying to get me in debt to them. Works the same way…they say let me fix this for you and pay for that and here take this and it’s a bunch of 100 dollar bills. I have actually had to refuse to take what they offer as I know it is a tactic to get me in debt to them and feel guilty if I ever wanted to leave. That has happened to me. I had one give me a brand new Mac computer and leave it in my car so I couldn’t refuse it. Stuff like that. But as far as them asking me for money…..even if I was wealthy I would see that as a turn off and a total red flag. I would be getting away from that person like yesterday.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed, this is not a universal future fake as some of our kind do not use money as a method of manipulation, some only use it one way (through largesse rather than taking) and in some instances where taking money is the preferred manipulation it may not be effective with certain targets.

      1. narc affair says:

        My narc never used money either way. He is cheap tho lol
        Ive heard so many stories of narcissists financially bleeding their victims dry.

      2. Somewhere over the rainbow says:

        Dear narc affair,

        It seems somatic are usually cheap, they even refuse to pay someone for sex, nex said: what would be the fun in giving money I work for to a woman anyone who pays can have…Manipulating is funnier, cheaper and more safe in terms of health.

  10. Pam says:

    Dear HG

    Yup. last narc i was too stupid with about my $, left me car-less.
    my son thinks i ought to be giving him $ too.
    gotta stoppit.
    he is payin me back but has an entitlement issue.
    Thank you for your help, in,writing this.
    Kind regards to you,and,also to your sister.
    got to go.
    Pam B

    1. Jenna says:

      Hello again pam,

      I have written to you a few times but you do not reply to me i guess. Don’t be scared. He won’t bite you (or maybe he already has?😄) So, did he really leave you without a car? That b*st*rd! He doesn’t need the car at all. He already has a luxury car. Well, like you said, entitlement!

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