The Rules of Ex Club – No. 22



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  1. Ladies…. as I am a lady too and somehow the only lady I’ve seen anywhere on this topic who feels she’s able to handle this shit, let me clue you in to something: if you have a pussy you are in control. There are millions of men. Even if they all act like this you could have a new one every day for the rest of your life and never leave the golden period with any of them. You as the woman are in control. You as the woman are IN CONTROL. Use your pussy to your advantage. Get a new richer man with it, get a new violent man with it who wants to do nothing more than murder your ex. Do SOMETHING with it rather than let it get dried up and bitter. Be THANKFUL you were made a woman with all these gifts that men can’t help but be taken in by. These narcissist men are JEALOUS of women because since we bring life they know we are clearly superior to them. DON”T AGREE WITH THEM. As the woman, you are in control.

      1. Lmao we’ll see how she fares. Sometimes I ignite a rage if I need to keep him off me for a night after I’ve been with someone else. I had an affair with his favorite musician and allowed him to find out eventually, it literally took him years to even look in my emails – and now he can’t listen to any of his new albums but of course I do as a number of songs are influenced by me and it’s like I can get serenaded by my lover anytime I want. When my man gets really thirsty and we’re in the middle of a nasty fight, with me bringing up the past and him criticizing, name calling, engaging physical intimidation, etc. I have been known to blast a couple songs. Now, are my lovers narcs? PROBABLY. But I don’t need to get close to them so I’ll never know. Does my husband provide for his family and give me a good dicking down whenever I want, does he after all these years still bring me to multiple orgasms and then hold hands and talk about the future? Yes. So a paycheck and some good dick and that’s how most married women make it through. If you want love get you a side piece 🙂

  2. Theres been times ive caught myself envying the supposed new supply’s golden period but i quickly catch myself and remember everything i went thru to get to this point. Were the lucky ones bc weve been thru it and are aware. They are fresh prey and in the dark. Were empowered and they are at the narcs mercy.

  3. I hope her tomorrow is 1,000,000% more horrific and devastating than I could ever imagine…

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