The Rules of Ex Club – No. 27


3 thoughts on “The Rules of Ex Club – No. 27

  1. Melinda says:

    Restraining orders (RO). This implies the police can actually keep someone away from you. The police have gotten zero training in what they are about to get sucked into. The police tend to learn on the job so to speak. Most are no match for the Barcelona and think they have better things to do, like rescue a puppy from a drainage ditch. Please rescue me from my fear. No one can

    There are some seasoned officers who have dealt with narcs time and time again within the domestic abuse criterium. Probably, I would say, half the police officers are narcs themselves. They feel powerful in their chosen profession. I have concluded they are of the lesser or mid- type. No greaters in that arena, I don’t think. But I’m new to all of this. But a quick study . . . .

    Once a RO is served its game on. This is where Mr. Onimpotent reaches into his toolbox and pulls out a few rusty old tools. Now he gets to mindfuck with your family, friends, law enforcement, your neighbors. My paranoia is heightened now. I want my life back.

    I filed a RO which in my experience was the last resort. Had my ex not sexually assaulted me, I would not have done the RO. My ex has me living in fear.

    HG, does him knowing I’m afraid of him give him a great deal of fuel or just a jolt such as he would get from Red Bull?

    There is no pleasure in this. No revenge. It is a no win-no win situation for both parties.

    My RO says my ex cannot come onto my property. But the police can do nothing about him parking in front of my house on a public road. This use to be a private road, but no longer due to ‘growth.’ The only consolidation is I have neighbors now. The police patrol, but I am living in a gilded cage. I put on my best, I’m singing as I prepare for my day, I skip out the door, and there he is parked on the road with the passenger door wide open.

    1. Melinda says:

      Not Barcelona, it was to have read narc . . . spell checkers!!!!! But I would love to be in Barcelona right now. Or better yet Ibiza.

      1. Melinda says:

        *criterion . . . I know I have PTSD. My mind fogs up and I cannot think straight.

        The RO can work for some of us though. I think, and please correct me if Im wrong HG, the greater, mine a pompous ass, arrogant, highly intelligent, etc. being the super human he is the rules don’t apply to him.

        HG, have you ever been served? I’m going to say not.
        One more question, please . . . I understand you cannot feel love, but do you feel the opposite–hate?? If so, how does it manifest itself or are narcs just in general jealous, hateful people?

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