The Magnet Empath


The Magnet Empath. This is an empathic individual who has certain magnetic tendencies which are layered onto their classification as an empath, super empath or co-dependent. The Magnet Empath is a person that people are instinctively and naturally drawn to. This person has an inner light which is easily recognised by certain people; those who are in need. The Magnet Empath might be sat on a tube train when the person next to them will find an irresistible urge to want to tell them that they are travelling to an important interview and they are feeling nervous. The Magnet Empath might be waiting in line to be served in a shop when the customer behind them begins to tell them about their concerns and worries, or where the Magnet Empath is sat watching the swans on a lake when a stranger will sit beside them and start to tell their life story. If you find that complete strangers have a tendency to share intimate and private details with you at the drop of a hat, that they feel a need to off load to you within moments of meeting you and confide in you about their hopes, fears and problems, then you have this magnetic quality.

You draw those in need to you. This is because you shine with this inner light which acts as a beacon of hope and that is what the Magnet Empath embodies; hope. Your empathic nature lights up rooms, illuminates the darkest of situations and brightens the dullest day and this is because you are a walking beacon of hope.

The Magnet Empath moves with confidence and purpose. There is no swagger or arrogance in the way that they enter a room, this person glides, they are serene and elegant. You will not witness any timid scurrying or rolling shoulder bluster, but somebody who is calm and assured. This individual has a clear sense of self – something which appeals to our kind – and this radiates wherever they are. Heads turn, eyes focus and people gravitate towards the appearance of the Magnet Empath. People’s faces light up, there is a lifting of the mood and people want to be seen with and to be next to the Magnet Empath.

Whereas our kind expects this kind of reaction from those around us and indeed seeks and demands it, the Magnet Empath accepts attention with grace and humility. They are not shy, they are not reserved, but there is none of the bluff and bragging that would accompany the engagement of a narcissist with those assembled. The Magnet Empath moves amongst people with a lightness of touch, an encouraging smile, a soft hand placed on the arm and hope shines from him or her.

The Magnet Empath will talk about themselves but in a manner which is encouraging and inspirational. Whilst our kind will also inspire it is done from a platform of declaring one’s own brilliance and you should be more like me. Those with the magnetic empathy will inspire by explaining that the listener is already empowered they just need to release it and to explain that if the magnetic empath can achieve certain aims then so can the listener. They emphasise the connectivity between them and those they interact with, demonstrating how essentially, since they are empathic individuals, they are all cut from the same cloth. The narcissist will demonstrate how we are a cut above and use jealousy and envy as motivational tools instead, demanding improvement, whipping individuals into action for fear of the consequences of not doing so, emphasising the difference between the narcissist and the listener and indicating, heavily, that the listener needs to shape up or ship out, go big or go home, if he or she is to achieve anything.

He or she is content for others to share the limelight and indeed positively encourages it which contrasts with the spotlight stealing behaviour of our kind, but this also acts as an attracting factor to our kind. We identify somebody who can capture the spotlight but does not wish to hog it, allowing us to camp on to it instead.

The Magnet Empath wants to harness potential, bring motivation through the provision of hope, the instilling of belief and the raising of optimism. The Magnet Empath is not one of practicality however. They will not assume the mantle of responsibility for an individual and will not get their hands excessively dirty on behalf of another but rather their aim is to cause those around them to feel better in themselves through their own innate abilities, to tap into as yet unharnessed skills and attributes. This person provides panache and style, bringing hope through words, rather than through actions, a person who can influence in a positive manner the lives of many. Whereas the Carrier Empath is a rugged and practical individual and tends to focus on assisting only a few people, sometimes often only one – usually our kind – the Magnet Empath can affect many people at once with their messages of hope and inspiration.

This individual always believes in hope. This is what drives them and causes them to provide extensive fuel generated by this hope. They hope that love can conquer all and therefore are significant love devotees. They refuse to give up, often flogging a dead horse, endeavouring to overcome the insurmountable. This hope often blinds those with magnetic tendencies to the reality of a situation and causes them to engage in courses of action which invariably result in harm to the empathic person. Blind hope will take them down a path which will be exploited by our kind.

Excellent fuel is generated by this gracious individual, their words inspiring, uplifting, praising and complimenting. They are content to say all of these words and expect little or nothing in return, save that the listener grasps hope and secures growth and achievement. The Magnet Empath is also easily led by false exhibitions of hope, the slightest glimmer is something that they will latch on to in the expectation of improvement and seeing changes. Where the narcissist gives this person cause to hope, it will cause the individual to remain in the grasp of the narcissist as they dangle hope before them to keep them bound.

Often this person need not say anything. Their composure and general demeanour marks them out as who they are, which means that many people engage with them as strangers, unaware that sub-consciously they are drawn to the Magnet Empath. These people are sought after as inspirational speakers, people who present prizes, open new buildings, support charitable trusts and such like and their popularity in this regard and the desire of people who just want to reach out and be touched by the Magnet Empath means that they will often find themselves pulled in many directions and spread thin. This impacts on their energy levels as they feel unable to say no to anybody, not wanting to extinguish the hope that they have begun to cultivate. Instead the Magnet Empath will often take on many different obligations and functions for a wide variety of people with not only consequences for their own ability to deliver but their interaction with our kind when we have ensnared a Magnet Empath.

The Lesser Narcissist tend not to choose those with strong magnetic tendencies. This is because the jealous nature of the narcissist as a whole, but especially the less capable Lesser, means that they fear being overshadowed far too quickly and their resentment would be palpable notwithstanding their seduction. The Lesser’s low control threshold would result in him or her being unable to keep their fury under control during seduction and thus the seduction would fail. Accordingly, it is not attempted. Furthermore, the Lesser will hate the attention that this individual would receive with the upshot that the Lesser would be ignored and overlooked. Unable to compete, the Lesser would be repeatedly wounded and notwithstanding the fuel that comes from the Magnet Empath, this would not be enough. Thus it is unusual to find a Lesser who has ensnared such a person.

The Mid-Ranger likes and wants those empaths with magnetic qualities as they encompass those attributes – charisma, likeability, people skills – which the Mid Ranger believes that he or she has and wishes to project to the world at large. Those with magnetic tendencies prove to be a double-edged sword however. The Mid Ranger will struggle to resist, naturally being drawn to this person for who they are because they are prime material for the narcissist, but find themselves awash with jealousy and envy once devaluation begins. During seduction, these traits can be kept in check and the Mid Ranger will appropriate the benign traits of the Magnet Empath for his own use, but once devaluation commences, he becomes coated in envy which will manifest as prolonged and repeated sulking silent treatments.

The Greater Narcissist revels in the Magnet Empath. Possessing similar levels of charm and magnetism, the Greater finds mirroring extremely easy in order to attract this type of empath. The Magnet Empath’s popularity is also appealing to the Greater who basks in the reflected glory of other people’s enthusiasm, praises the Greater for being with such a wonderful person and naturally soaks up the motivating and complimentary words of the Magnet Empath towards him or her. The Greater regards their acquisition as one which actually saves the Greater some work by attracting additional appliances which the Greater will draw fuel from, hijack as his own appliances and then turn against the Magnet Empath when the smearing commences during devaluation.

The Magnet Empath is a popular person with many empathic attributes, their energy level is not as great as other kinds since they engage more in words than actions, but that is not to say they do not act, just not to the same degree as other types of empath. They also have many demands on their time and attention which ultimately will clash with the desires of our kind, resulting in conflict and control. This will not only hurt this type of empath but result in them feeling torn since they feel obliged to assist others, not just the narcissist and this will result in the narcissist wishing to regulate those behaviours and isolate the Magnet Empath. Their capacity to draw people to them in whatever circumstance, even when not actively doing so, will irk the narcissist considerably during devaluation and provide him or her with the grounds for attack and triangulation.

An excellent fuel provider, both in themselves and the ability to bring others to the narcissist’s table and  the Magnet Empath is someone who hangs in there, always strung along by hope, which is at the centre of the magnet’s being,usually to their ultimate detriment during devaluation and also in terms of susceptibility to post discard/post escape hovering.

9 thoughts on “The Magnet Empath

  1. SMH says:

    This article describes me too to a great extent. I went looking for my category since I am quite certain now that I am a Super Empath. I don’t know how gracious I am (often not very but that is more of a cultural thing) but I do emphasize connectivity, which caused me no end of problems with my mid-range narc. I am naturally optimistic, hopeful and forward looking, my mother always told me I had a certain joie de vivre, I have a lot of friends, and strangers talk to me all the time (and I talk to strangers all the time). My mid-ranger was very curious about my life – so different from his – and I’d tell him about friends with interesting careers, going places, doing things that he never did. I also think he felt competitive and jealous, so he would devalue me, including with respect to my work in which he should have had a natural interest, given his background. That confused me a lot because why would a ‘partner’ be competitive? But that’s what it was. Whenever I had guests he would want to know who and for how long, to the extent that I would be forced to make them uncomfortable in order to fit him in. But when I was sitting around my myself, he’d be nowhere in sight. So he was competing with my friends (and my kid) too. It sure helps to know all of this…

  2. Amanda Snapchat says:

    this was super interesting to read. This happens to me a lot! Always random people approach me and start telling me their life story! my bfs would always laugh at me. Like “WTF? why do these strangers talk to you??” I try not to use the bus because I always get random people talking to me and telling me really deep things! I do have a clear sense of self. I am very popular. I thought it was interesting how the narc uses these empaths to get the spotlight. I feel I am a magnetic empath. But I also do action.

  3. Dragonfly,
I don’t know exactly what category I am, but all my life I have attracted Narcissists and I am learning my best to not do so.
Relationships with Narcissists always end in severe heartbreak. And, it drenches one’s spirit, as well. It’s like a bird’s wings getting soaked in that when one’s spirit is drenched, it is difficult to fly freely.
I want a normal relationship with a semi-normal human being. I don’t know if I could handle a Completely Normal person, but at least halfway normalcy would be very much appreciated.
I have known nothing, but dysfunction since I was born (and even before I was born due to being in Alcohol Withdrawals at birth). During Devaluation, the lovely Narcissist said that he was going to tell everyone I was “born drunk”. I really do not care who knows. It’s not like I was guzzling down shots of Vodka by my own choice while I was inside her tummy. I forgive the Narcissist for saying that because how he said it makes me laugh, now. Back then, I did not think it so funny.
    But, I believe his intention was to hurt me. I forgive him for everything. But, I still wish I could understand it better, really…especially the part where his Enabler abused me right alongside of him.
I guess my point is this… actually, I’m not sure of my point. Ha Ha… I made myself laugh :-)

  4. Bibi says:

    I do see a lot of myself here, esp. the fact that my Mid Range Moron was initially attracted to me because he saw me as a resource from whom he could benefit, and people gravitated towards me and respected me in ways he would never receive. No one in my circle ever really paid much attention to him.

    He became very resentful and envious and even said, ‘I am not your little sycophant/follower…’ I can’t recall exactly, but I was shocked by this, as this never even crossed my mind.

    But I am not an orator by nature yet I can advise in small one on one situations. Too much public leads to platitudes, or at least it can, which to me reeks of insincerity. So I prefer getting to know individuals.

    I was never one of the ‘popular girls’ in school because I tended to gravitate towards those who were the underdog, rather than ‘popular people’ because shallowness I find abhorrent.

    Anyway, it’s late and I don’t know what the hell I am saying. I don’t always have the confidence I’d like and I wish I could glide more but I suppose I am more spider than swan, whatever that means. I have nice legs. All eight of them.

  5. Omj says:

    As a magnet empath myself the part that I am working at the most now is the forever hope . It was engrained by my mom and I am not trying to get away from this.

    My mom always said to me also and I felt it too that when I walk in a room people turn around and notice me right away. That I have that light. I heard that from others as well.

    We can suffer and endure way too much , way too long .

    This article has been a good to help me reflect on how I attract Narcs.

  6. T says:

    I never knew there where so many levels of empath.
    And yes, my narcissists even said they where jealous of me. I thought that to be strange. And try harder and harder to squelch myself down to where I thought I should be on their totem pole. It never worked.
    I’m thinking my own empathy has known no boundaries, and only beginning to change.
    Thanks HG, for holding up a mirror.
    It blows my mind and is ever fascinating!

  7. Lori says:

    Ok. Can you have elements of many of these? I know I’m codepebdent. I seem to also have traits of the Super Nova but both Narcs have made reference to my popularity. Narc 1 when he came back years later said he had been jealous of it. It all seems weird to me as both of them were Mr popularity but there was always an undertone of competition. Always. It was odd

  8. Yes, but I am trying to fix it.

    1. Dragonfly says:

      I identify with the majority of the article and what everyone has shared. Whoopee I learned today I am a Super with strong narcissistic traits, and I’m a magnet. I always knew I was s magnet, but empathic magnet? Shoot . . . this article described me nearly to a T. It’s getting overwhelming.

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