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  1. sarabella says:


    Not related to this post but its related to a why question. Do you have your “type”? I know the ideal type is someone with the characteristics that would give you the most fuell if its a primary relationship you are looking to develop. I know you would date someone who is a downgrade from some other beautiful victim just to bother that other beautiful person for fuel. So in that sense, one would say, narcs have no types. Somatics would go for prostitutes or more and then have their public presentable relationship…

    So there are all those nuances, but do you at the core have a type? In one of the discards/denigrations, Narc told me I am not his type. I have heard it from someone who knows him that he didn’t think what happened with the narc and I had anything to do with my injury (as narc claimed but now we know that was for control why he even brought it up) because that person has seen the narc date really unattractive women as well as attractive. No one stays in a public relationship with him though. He lost many opportunities (but not in his eyes of course) to possibly build a life with some younger person who is his ‘type’ I guess.

    Is the only thing that makes someone a narc’s “type” is what the person offers? Be it the right fuel, resources, networking, etc?

    Or is there still a physical, personality type that you can identify that all your victims had in common and I mean the closer ones (inner circle, etc) or the ones that came and went as a primary?

    Or is the bottom line, when a narc uses that “You are not my type” in all likelihood, it was and would always be a tool for a discard and a denigration opportunity?

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