Analysis : Narcissist v IPPS, Candidate IPSS and Shelf IPSS

narc ipps ipss ipss

This article provides you with the analysis of an interaction between a Somatic Lower Mid-Range Narcissist and three Standard Empaths (one from the Magnet Cadre the other two from the Carrier Cadre). The emphasis is not about the schools and cadres of the participants (although the flavour will be evident) but rather on demonstrating the nature of the interaction and how the narcissist regards the two.

The narcissist has a co-habiting partner (Carrier Standard Empath)and thus this person is an Intimate Partner Primary Source (“IPPS”) in devaluation. They have been in a Formal Relationship of partners for two years. Devaluation commenced one year ago. 


The Candidate Intimate Partner Secondary Source (“CANIPSS” – Standard Magnet Empath) lives in the same city as the narcissist. She is single.  They met on a dating site. They have met in person and known one another three weeks. The Formal Relationship is narcissist and CANIPSS,  early dating.

The Shelf Intimate Partner Secondary Source (“SIPSS” – Standard Carrier Empath) also lives in the same city as the narcissist and the CANIPSS. She is single and met the narcissist on the same dating site. They have met several times and have known one another for two months. The Formal Relationship is narcissist and SIPSS, established dating. The SIPSS is viewed as white and is currently on the shelf.

The narcissist awakes and immediately thinks about the CANIPSS. This is a Hoover Trigger (“HT”). She is viewed as white, he has her telephone number, they are friends on social media sites, the Hoover Execution Criteria are easily met and therefore he issues a hoover by sending a text message. Note that a hoover occurs as part of seduction.

“Hi, dreamt about you last night, better not say though, you might get too carried away before work.”

The CANIPSS answers within seconds by text.

“Wow, I like that, go on, you can tell me.” Positive fuel, potency high as CANIPSS, quantity low (written message) and one-off frequency.

Pleased by the effect of the fuel and the rapid response (signalling to the narcissist that the CANIPSS is coming under his control) he replies

“Let’s just say we both enjoyed it. Would be even better in person.”

The CANIPSS again responds in seconds by text.

“You think so? You sound pretty confident, I am no pushover you know, lol.” Positive challenge fuel (potency et al as before).

The narcissist whilst challenged by this text sees it as an opportunity to assert his perceived superiority but in a benign way.

“Of course. I know what I am doing. You will have to let me find out.”

The CANIPSS again responds in seconds.

“I might just do that. Did you have anything in mind?” Positive fuel (potency et al as prior)

The narcissist is buoyed by the fuel but moreover identifies that the CANIPSS is clearly interested and thus his control is slowly increasing. He responds quickly by text.

“How about I take you out for dinner tonight?”

A text arrives from the SIPPS.

Hi, how are you? I was just thinking about last week and how much we enjoyed that new Thai place. How about we go again? I am free tonight or tomorrow.” Positive fuel, potency high (as SIPSS), quantity low as written word, frequency one off.

The narcissist does not respond however, even though the SIPSS is viewed as white. She is on the shelf and he is focussed on the CANIPSS as he impatiently awaits her response to his suggestion.

The CANIPSS texts back.

“I cannot do tonight. I have something on.”

This rejection wounds the narcissist. It is only mild in nature however as it is by text. He is slightly irritated by this but as he is in the seduction period with the CANIPSS and therefore she is viewed in a white manner he maintains his control so the ignited fury does not manifest. He replies by text to the CANIPSS.

“How about tomorrow night?”

Just then the IPPS (the cohab partner) appears at the bedroom door. She is in devaluation  and is viewed as black.

“On the ‘phone again are we? You are never off it, I swear it’s welded to your hand.” she says with a frown and a shake of her head. Negative Challenge Fuel. Very high potency (IPPS), significant quantity (in presence, spoken word, tone, body language, facial expression), frequency one off.

This is negative Challenge Fuel. She demonstrates irritation and annoyance. It is a Challenge because she is ‘attacking’ the narcissist’s right to use the ‘phone when he chooses. Also because it suggests that he is not doing something right because he is on the ‘phone. The narcissist is not concerned that he is texting another woman and his partner has caught him on the ‘phone (albeit she does not know what who he is interacting with) but rather it is the Challenge as described which has to be addressed.

“Yes I am because someone has to work hard and bring the money in to pay for you and your wretched wardrobe haven’t they?” he responds with a provocative comment designed to draw further negative fuel but moreover to stamp on the challenge issued by the IPPS.

The IPPS puts her hands on her hips (negative fuel, very high potency, moderate quantity – presence, facial expression, body language, frequency one off.

“Yeah, you know what I am talking about.” goads the narcissist with another provocative remark. As he says this, he texts the CANIPSS again.

“I know this really good Thai restaurant which you will love, my treat naturally.” (Of course this is the same Thai restaurant that the narcissist went to with the SIPPS evidencing his lack of distinction between the people he is engaging with as they are appliances to him.)

Rather than wait for her response barely a minute after suggesting the restaurant, his lack of boundary recognition and sense of entitlement causes him to send this text. Further, the black view he has of the IPPS remains a stark contrast to the white view taken of the CANIPSS. In his mind the IPPS is a traitor, the CANIPSS the increasingly loyal saviour.

“Oh and you never buy any clothes do you?” retorts the IPPS in annoyance. Negative Challenge Fuel, very high  potency, significant quantity (presence, spoken word, tone, facial expression, boy language) , frequency one off. Challenge since the IPPS is suggesting that he is a hypocrite.

“I can buy what I like you money-grabbing ungrateful bitch, I earn it.” The narcissist increases the provocation with a gratuitous insult designed to garner more fuel but mainly to establish superiority again.

“Oh and I suppose I do nothing other than run the house and do a job do I? Anyway, I haven’t got time for this, I will see you at 1pm for lunch right?”

This is negative Challenge Fuel because she is suggesting the narcissist is ungrateful and does not do as much as she does (therefore she is superior) and furthermore she is trying to close down the discussion by having the last word which also challenges the narcissist’s notion of superiority. As she says this a text arrives from the CANIPSS.

“Yes, tomorrow would be great, I will be free at 8pm, let me know the name of the restaurant, I cannot wait and if you are good you can come back for coffee afterwards.”

Positive fuel, high potency, low quantity and one-off frequency. The narcissist’s control is increasing.

“Excellent. Cannot wait. Wear something hot, that blue dress really suits you.” he texts back.

His prescriptive nature about telling the CANIPSS what to wear evidences his sense of entitlement and increasing ownership of the appliance that she is to him. He also, owing to this sense of entitlement and lack of accountability sees nothing wrong with doing this and making the IPPS wait for him to respond. She stands waiting, glaring, providing further negative fuel. Her Challenge to him has still not been dealt wth. The narcissist is edified by the positive fuel from the SIPSS, more positive fuel from the CANIPSS but especially from the negative fuel from the IPPS. His day has started very well indeed and it is only 7-30 am.

“Oh I cannot make it, I have to go through the pitch with Ian.” answers the narcissist. This is a lie however his lack of conscience means he has no issue with stating this to the IPPS.

“You haven’t mentioned that before, well tell him you cannot do it,” responds the IPPS in irritation. Negative Challenge Fuel (telling the narcissist what to do), very high potency, significant quantity, one-off frequency.

The narcissist is under attack again and his verbal responses have failed to assert superiority as required. He has no fuel problem however. Since he has been accused of not telling the IPPS something he responds verbally

“Yes I did, I told you yesterday, but you do not listen, you never do, too caught up in yourself.” He issues a denial against her accusation of not having told her about the engagement with Ian which is part of the Narcissist’s First Line of Defence (see the article The Narcissist’s Twin Lines of Defence). He is also seeking to stamp out her challenge by shifting the tack of the discussion (an instinctive response) through the manipulation of Projection by accusing her of the very thing he does.

“No you didn’t. you did not say anything,” she says in annoyance. Again Challenge Fuel of a negative variety. Potency et al remains the same.

The narcissist shifts manipulation (instinctively) again by ignoring her. Present Silent Treatment. Her status as viewed black causes him to think of asserting his superiority further even though she IPPS will not know what he is doing, in his mind, he is gaining superiority through this  next act.

The narcissist texts the SIPSS.

“Hi, good to hear from you, I was just about to text you when you texted me.” (A lie but it will make the SIPPS feel wanted).

“How about lunch today at 1pm? My treat. The Thai restaurant is open at lunch as well.”

(Note the second offer to buy a meal for someone outside of his relationship – a somatic gesture of generosity)

The IPPS stands waiting for an answer. She is still providing negative fuel from her stance, frown and glaring eyes. The narcissist continues to ignore her maintaining the Present Silent Treatment.

The SIPSS replies by text

“Yeah, great, I did have something on at 12-30 but I can move it for you (Carrier Empath – poor boundary assertion) I will meet you at 1pm, cannot wait.”

The SIPSS is on the shelf still (short exchange) but will be taken off the shelf for the lunch appointment – assuming the narcissist attends. He may not if circumstance dictates this benefits him. She remains viewed white.

Her text is positive fuel of high potency, low quantity and one-off frequency.

“Oh forget it!” hisses the IPPS he remains ignored as the narcissist starts flicking through a set of pictures he has exchanged with the SIPPS which gives him a small amount of Thought Fuel alongside the negative fuel that the IPPS continues to pump out as she is ignored and annoyed.

The IPPS storms off and slams the front door leaving the property. This last act provides another does of negative fuel because it is an annoyed gesture. The well-fuelled narcissist  smiles and finally rises from his bed. It is only 7-37 am and his day has begun rather well for him.

IPPS remains in devaluation and painted black.

Candidate IPSS is prime candidate in seduction, painted white and the narcissist will repeatedly hoover her during the day in a benign way, ahead of their date tomorrow night.

SIPPS is on shelf until lunchtime, painted white and ranking behind the Candidate IPSS still.. with no prospect of any immediate shift in that status.


66 thoughts on “Analysis : Narcissist v IPPS, Candidate IPSS and Shelf IPSS

  1. sheina says:

    Thanks HG for the article. It was exactly how the Narc treated me, including asking me what to wear on a particular occasion! Why do Narcs ask a question and when you clarify, don’t respond back?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Invariably to provoke you and it may be the case that your response is Challenge Fuel and the lack of response is a silent treatment which is being deployed to assert superiority to quash your challenge.

  2. Amber says:

    HG – a couple of years I would have no idea what this loser was, now its crystal clear.

  3. Sherry says:

    Ridiculous but oh so accurate 😉 If you’re an addict – which I believe narcissists are for fuel- then you would do everything and anything to get it because nothing else matters. It’s like a heroin addict looking for the next high…they lie, cheat, steal, fuck, hurt anyone or anything …whatever it takes to keep getting the fix. There’s a sadness to the madness, but it’s also the best dark humor one could read or talk about.

  4. Becca says:

    HG: I was long distance the entire time we dated (weekends only because of distance) but we were engaged so does that mean I was the IPPS or the IPSS? The distance makes me think IPSS but the being engaged, spending all weekend every weekend together and the never going more than 1 full hour without texting makes me think IPPS.

  5. narc affair says:

    Im enjoying this series of interactions with different narcs and empaths. Its quite the juggling act. I sometimes wonder if a shelf narc might not take advantage of a situation like this. Meaning sit on a few shelves and let these narcissists cater to her. Thats a scenerio ive not seen but im sure exists. Basically a dls shelfer where he or she knows theyre being the filler for the narc and accept the meals and dollops of intermittent time spent and gifts etc.
    In essence all the juggling is due to the inability to commit and communicate effectively. The first problem arises and the split thinking takes hold and walls go up. Then the secondaries and shelfers are the bandaides to help ease the ego back into equilibrium. Its immaturity.
    Its too bad narcs cant just use other narcs and juggle each other around. Get yourself some other narcs that dont mind being your backups and just recycle them. No one gets married. No ones committed and you can all use each other. Of course thatd never work bc itd be constant challenge fuel. Thats where using empaths works well bc we will try to make it work and be rational and give give give bc our egos arent always taking. They use us up then spit us out to move onto the next and then the next…were consumable commodities.
    The shelf looks better and better all the time. The closer you get to the narc the faster you get burned. Cluster b personalities are impossible to have a true committed relationship with. They can only recycle people bc no one can stay with the disordered individual indefinitely.
    In my situation its been 7 yrs and the reason is bc im a secondary and a shelfer at times but weve never lived together and i can see why hes never married. He knows itd never last bc he knows hes got a disorder and cant commit.

  6. DebbieWolf says:

    Urgh. Completely sickening behaviour.

    Luckilly it evokes contempt in me toward the narc.
    This type of contempt relieves my senses and ensures taking the power away from the narc.
    Ansolutely no chance of me ever taking this bs.

    Yuk. If I encounter this it will be over there and then.. it makes me feel such a sense of disgust I couldn’t be around it.

    Challenge fuel.
    Guaranteed escape no matter what.
    . . .I’m never going to get taken down again.
    the bs move of the narc is his last move in this aftermath world of mine..absolutely.

    Bring a whole new meaning to ghosting I say.
    The blandest shade of grey rock ever.

  7. Sara Jessica Snarker says:

    Whew! If you quit your job as a Super Dooper Narcissist, you will have no trouble getting a job at the circus as the center ring juggler! I’m worn out. Question: have you ever inadvertently sent a text to the wrong person when it should have gone to another? If so, I’m sure you were able to slide out of it pretty shrewdly. (Notice I did not use the term “weasel.”)

    Also, have you considered putting a Glossary link on your site? All the classifications and sub-classes and labels, terms, and groupings can get really confusing to newbies. Maybe your elves could catalog all definitions on one link as a referral?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. No I haven’t, but this does indeed happen with many of our kind.
      2. This is in progress.

  8. analise13 says:

    What a fantastic post, HG.
    This will help clarify things for so many shelved IPSS .
    Just. Brilliant. Love it !

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  9. narc affair says:

    Im enjoying this series of interactions with different narcs and empaths. Its quite the juggling act. I sometimes wonder if a shelf narc might not take advantage of a situation like this. Meaning sit on a few shelves and let these narcissists cater to her. Thats a scenerio ive not seen but im sure exists. Basically a dls shelfer where he or she knows theyre being the filler for the narc and accept the meals and dollops of intermittent time spent and gifts etc.
    In essence all the juggling is due to the inability to commit and communicate effectively. The first problem arises and the split thinking takes hold and walls go up. Then the secondaries and shelfers are the bandaides to help ease the ego back into equilibrium. Its immaturity.
    Its too bad narcs cant just use other narcs and juggle each other around. Get yourself some other narcs that dont mind being your backups and just recycle them. No one gets married. No ones committed and you can all use each other. Of course thatd never work bc itd be constant challenge fuel. Thats where using empaths works well bc we will try to make it work and be rational and give give give bc our egos arent always taking. They use us up then spit us out to move onto the next and then the next…were consumable commodities.
    The shelf looks better and better all the time. The closer you get to the narc the faster you get burned. Cluster b personalities are impossible to have a true committed relationship with. They can only recycle people bc no one can stay with the disordered individual indefinitely.
    In my situation its been 7 yrs and the reason is bc im a secondary and a shelfer at times but weve never lived together and i can see why hes never married. He knows itd never last bc he knows hes got a disorder and cant commit.

  10. anm says:

    Here is my last 24 hours as a Super Magnet Empath.
    My daughter just turned 2. I take her to her 2 Well Checkup with her Pediatrician. I am No Contact with her Elite Upper Mid Range Father. Therefore he uses appointments like Dr visits to try to get potent fuel in person. As we wait for 45 min, he tries to get me to react to him. He tries first with benign hoovering, but i won’t even respond to him speaking to me. so then he switches to malign, tries to annoy and tries to insult. still no reaction. he starts to get a bit histrionic. Dr enters room. From there on out, it is a competition with him. He wants the Dr to like him. From his point of view, you are either for him or against him. if you are on his side, you are then against me. It was a battle of words and energy. He was trying to get the doctor to even document that skin laser treatments from his plastic surgeon was appropriate for daughter, so that he wouldn’t have to ask me permission. she would not. So he walked out off the office yelling that i wanted my daughter to grow up ugly and the doctor was an ammature.

    I go home and notice my mother sent me a facebook message. she is a gesyer. I reach out. She says that one of her colleagues wants someone from the news stations to do a broadcast on someone who is feeding the homeless. she asked me to arrange it with my connections and friends who work in that field. I said that I would see what I could do. I won’t use my friends like that though. I won’t ask them to answer a request of a friend of a friend of a friend.

    My Super Savior Empath, so called friend calls. I have not have heard from her in months. she wants to know what my daughter wants for her birthday. It may sound kind. But the reason she is doing this, is because she was my best friend when the narcissist was devaluing and discarding me. She feels good about herself when she is saving someone. giving my daughter gifts, is her narcissistic and empath way to remind herself and remind me of what all she has done for me

    I end the day calling my sister, who is also magnetic, she will not help a friend of a friend. she will also not buy any one or do deeds for those in need. But i can all her any time of the day for advice or a strategy plan on Some thing. she is brilliant, calm with a touch of sass.

    1. WhoCares says:

      anm – thanks for sharing those insights. It was very interesting to see your perspective on the interactions on those around and your perception of their chosen responses and behaviours (narc & empath.)

      It’s great that you can so clearly see the ‘truth’ of who they are and you’re very analytical about.

  11. omj says:

    Love those HG …

    The dialogue and texts exchanges are brilliant in helping us identifiying red flags.

    I went on a date with 2 guys who did not looked at their phone all the tme. I came back from the date very puzzled, nice man, gentleman , made me laugh etc they talked more than I did, they did not tried to like the same things that I do and it felt really new.

    After reading this article, I went back to my texts with the guys I think they are normal just to test the texts and they are very normal and operational. In both cases they respected some boundaries I tested, .

    I was able to open a breach and go on dates with people who were introduced to me through friends. I realise the work is on me as I am so used to Narc and their seduction strategy that I am at lost with a man who does not display narcissistic disorders.

    To be followed but one thing for sure, I know my narc sends good night texts to a dozen woman and this is to wake up to a dozen fuel texts.

  12. NarcAngel says:

    This new situational series with clear cut examples is most identifiable and the best insight yet into the baffling mindset of the narcissist and the resulting behaviours. I do hope they continue as they answer many questions. Great work HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you NA.

    2. MB says:

      I agree. However they are easier read than heard. I would suggest HG assign his storybook voices for the characters so we can tell them apart when he reads the exchanges. Love it when he does that.

  13. wildbuddhababe says:

    All I can say is WOW – how exhausting an existence !

    1. narc affair says:

      Hi wildbudd…i dont think its exhausting bc they thrive off it and find it exhilarating. It distracts from the “real world” where we are accountable and make real relationships work. Theirs is a playground back from when they were children. They love the constant juggling and the fuel it draws. A narc would get bored without it.

  14. W says:


  15. DUTG says:

    Thank you Beautiful Stranger Brilliant HG. BSBHG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  16. Caroline says:

    These are interesting/clarifying. The narcissist did the dream thing fairly recently. The Magnet’s demeanor sounds so much like me.

    Gawd, it’s awful. And somewhat funny.

    It’s…awfully funny.

    (NC, Day Whatever in Narcville)

  17. LYNN says:

    Does a narcissist ever get tired mentally maintaining a constant game of chess? Don’t they ever wish they could just switch off?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Mid-Range Narcissists can find it taxing, yes.

  18. Challenge Fuel says:

    HG I really enjoy these dialogues/exchanges/role plays/situational things/ etc. whatever you want to call it. It is very helpful. The former one you wrote about Shelf IPSS/Shelf DLS was so accurate.

    These situations above (the IPSSs living in the same town, etc.) do not really apply to my situation HOWEVER I saw little pattern of behavior similar to my MMRN in here. For example….the texting about having dreamt about her, the teasing in not revealing further info, the suggesting of what outfit to wear at a future juncture, and so on. If these were just random situations designed to help us understand the dialogue and interaction then all I need to say about that is damn are they accurate.

    It is one thing for you to perfectly summarize these interactions with us but to even get the dialogue, the things being texted about (wear this outfit or I had XYZ dream about you, etc.)….

    It is like you are a fly on OUR wall with our narcs.

    Thank you again for this new type of article series.

  19. geyserempath says:

    Excellent article, HG.
    So, the CANIPSS is shinier and newer than the SIPSS and/or gives better fuel and that is why she is above the SIPSS at present? Also, the CANIPSS, once imbedded as IPSS, can also be shelved if a new flavor comes along?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Correct – may also be better character traits and residual benefits.
      The CANIPSS once embedded as IPPS would not be shelved,but would be disengaged from.

      1. geyserempath says:

        Sorry, HG, I was referring to the CANIPSS becoming a SIPSS after being imbedded, and I used the wrong term. What I had meant was what Lori asked. The CANIPSS and the SIPSS can be interchanged or moved back and forth. So if another CANIPSS came onto the scene and provided superior residual benefits and fuel, then the previous CANIPSS would become another SIPSS. Sounds like a lot of juggling to me!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          That is correct. The positions are fluid.

  20. Carrie Khaddour says:

    A Cat in a Black wooden Box with a peep hole into which the Narcissist pokes a stick periodically after leaving it several hours in a hot sunny location, he then returns to poke it to see its response, again leaves it and repeats ,eventually he will tire of this because the cat is heat stroked and loosing responsiveness.The Narcissist opens the Box Lid depending on the Cats nature. once again He gets some response yet the cat is silent and crouches too exhausted to leave the scene this feline believes the Narcissist has rescued and too exhausted and ill to move it is drained it remains there waiting to be cared for by the narcissist and he becomes the savior to this cat when in fact the Narcissist is really the tormentor,The Narcissist repeats the box technique until the cat perishes or he puts it in his garage and neglects it. the Narcissist will return to feed it occasionally holding the food he will retain sustenance until the cat responds favorable by coming to him to receive food if it does not he will get up and leave taking with him the food.He will return the next day and get the desired response the cat starved runs to him for fear of going without its ration and is kept in the garage. The 2nd type responds to the opening lid by climbing out of the box peering at the narcissist it warily removes from the box. it too as the first is exhausted and ill but it musters the strength to escape it is wet with saliva and remains crouched the Narcissist waits for a response,he reaches for the cat it lets out a noise and runs short distance from him .he again moves toward it and gets negative response repeatedly, until at last he grabs the cat and is able to stroke it, it responds favorably,the process will repeat when time affords the Narcissist and like the garage cat he will return to each for a different response the first will respondent of need second for need and it has become used to rough handling its response to the Narcissist will be to run away hide and hiss and pass a paw at him yet will always run just out of his reach and after a bit will allow the Narcissist to succeed in catching it and respond affectionately once this has occurred,he will eventually put this feline back into the box and repeat his tormenting of it until one time he opens the box the feline springs forth with great response .directly at him it jumps ,causing him to back off a bit then grab for the cat to which it screams and runs off after a while it will come back and continue to give healthy response of both neg and positive. always returning to him if his attempts continue if it is neglected for a time he will then return to find this cat responding positively by running to him affectionately This is His Cat having both positive and negative responses to the Narcissist and he frequently is around it the neglected feline has only positive but in a needy way _,The 3rd cat stays in the box it gives wonderful and exhilarating responses by passing its outstretched paw claws extracted through the peep hole as the Narcissist attempts to open the box he cannot do so so he pokes the peephole with a stick and he gets no response, he does so once again and no response he bends over and peers inside the peephole from a safe distance.he sees 2 yellow eyes a blaze glistening in the far corner -he hears a guttural growl and the eyes flash yellow gold labors of light The response is full The Narcissist neither opens the lid nor leaves and continues to get exciting response yet in a more negative dangerously provocative way this feline holds his attention and he keeps it in the box yet removes it from the heat he pokes the peep hole periodically and may even expand the size of the box to allow insertion of ration this feline lunges at the narcissist he pulls back and enjoys heavy response of excitement he torments this feline over a time sometimes it appears to the Narcissist as how he is likely win over this cat eventually he minimally maintains its needs creating a strange bond between himself and this thing he is building ,a small machine full of response he is not close nor removed yet he plays with this suspicious toothed toy continually and receives glorious responses, over time this 3rd feline becomes work and effort dangerous should it escape he hears it clawing chewing he sees splinters of the box breaking away it makes him paranoid at time as he considers what will occur it it should break free, yet he continues to poke it with a stick and place it in even hotter sun for longer recovers clearly worn down but able to function somehow, the narcissist knows e must do something with this toy it is clearly a problem that is increasing_he pokes it harder in its confines and leaves it longer deprives it of its needs and its response at times are dulling he wants it to perish it makes him nervous and is clearly effort to maintain the Narcissist Plans to Abandon the thing remotely disappear from it forever erase it from his memory, he acquires other felines and secretly plans his escape he has began telling fellow employees his cat is behaving strangely he is unnerved by it though keeping it out of loyalty a sense of duty to it he has kept it the feline though he knows it is not right it is an insane cat something has happened to it He has no clue as to what God knows how Fond of this Animal he was once The Narcissist Plan progresses he has acquired a new friend and other felines that are clearly easy to manage, he is conversing about the sick cat with his friend they plan to move away and leave the at in The Black Box behind he will leave it and the suns heat will finish it he believes yet he cannot resist the remarkable responses it still gives he wonders if he kicks off the lid and slams the door on it he can glean the response some safe distance away, he needs to see this thing he has built what does it look like what will it do its energy is unlike many they all run off or i throw them out I know they are out there the miserable noisy things flea eaten disgusting little beasts ,this one no doubt the worst of them all, its nerving its hostility its quiet then screams if approached ;The Narcissist Wishes it to Die,It Clearly Must Be near could it be otherwise He thinks I give it Nothing Good I kick that Box I leave it in the Heat anticipating the demise of itI sense its Impending Death I know it is on its way out this rabid little monster, it must go yet If I dispose of it too quickly I could be blamed too many know about it .I must plan a clever end an accident I will run over this box with my car and speed off . Thats What The Narcissist Does He returns and takes the box with a wheeled cart out of his home he has left it many days now in the heat there does not seem to be a growl just a kitten like sound coming from its black box, it must weigh nothing by now, it has to be this way This Feline is to blame for my treatment of it its nasty sharp teeth are nothing how It was when I just Had to have it as Mine after all I did for that Beast it turned on me like this it once looked at me and adored me it honored me as everything ,It frightened off and stood up to those who slighted me it was a champion in my cause it was alive for me and It refused even a glance at my competitors it purred if I looked at It and Could Sense My Presence Before I arrived It Knew What I wanted Before I spoke and look at it now its hideous nasty and claws at its box it growls and doesn’t take even a breath why did it turn on me this wretched thing -The Narcissist Runs over the Box it bursts the sides but the Lid Remains squarely on top of this cat, he glances back into his mirror and sees the pieces and the lid covering the feline he pauses and puts the vehicle in reverse he is along side it and nothing moves he waits and then gets out from his car he must see for certain it is gone.he taps the lid lightly with his foot and there is nothing, no movement at all ,he says its name which is mine, nothing he lifts the lid with his foot ,but before He can return this Foot to its Balance the Box Lid Flies and the This Growl This Scream That Is Deep and Chilling Quivering and Continual is heard The Fiery Blaze of Yellow Light The Blinding saber Toothed talons Dripping with Saliva lunge upward toward him the razor sharp claws are sunk into his flesh and clothing as he frantically tries to sweep the thing from his Chest it is Glaring Him in the Eyes and It sinks its teeth He Uses his Force to remove it Grabbing It throws it off and It Lunges at him Again He races for His Car and He frantically Moves the Window Up And The Cat Throes its self to the Window And its body hits his face With Impact That Stuns him he cries out in pain an the Cat Goes again He puts the car in Drive and The Cat is Thrown to the Hood and It Digs into His Paint ripping off Car Parts And they Are Flying about He Steps upon The Gas an the cat grasps highly flinging itself at his windshield time and time again with no sign of ceasing He sprees up again and then Breaks Throwing The Cat To the Side of the Drive The Cat Springs Upun the Windshield and Banks off his expression behind the Glass It Shows Its Teeth and Growls Like He has Never Heard, It is No longer a Cat It is a Prehistoric Dinosaur and it Is intent upon him there is no fear it is Rage unequaled to his own this is what he built in that box and tempered with pressure and Heat and it is locked upon him singly he looks aghast as its eyes burn through the windshield glass droplets of blood escaping its teeth as he reaches to his neck where the thing had bit thing throws itself one last time to his face behind the window glass and he is able to see its feet squarely in front of his eyeballs as it looks at him one last time he is frozen in disbelief it shows its teeth in a sinister blood curdling grin and lunges off the car a lighting in full run in the woods nearby he moves quickly on his way Was it watches him in a fearless gaze he backs onto the road and hits the gas speeding away , while the thing returns to its home and not even breathing heavily it lies down to rest , IT WILL hunt him to the DEATH either he or it will be no more until death us do part! I regard the Victim as Being one of 2 and a rare exception possibly the 3rd of these 3 CATS_one will die and be better off_One will be ruined dead but alive never trusting and a Soul scarred survivor always missing and never ceasing to get the Narcissist out of Mind A fraction of the Person They once had been _The rare 3 is unpredictable Changed but stronger some how better but somehow gone-The narcissist Will remain A Cross hair in a loaded mind of Energy That is So intense the narcissist might likely seem mild in comparison too _We will See over time how it evolves or changes but the energy is not frenetic spewing masses of sparks and pieces about the center ,now but its a solid flame a spinning mass with a tail of fire on a path unknown small obstacles in its way are taken in and disappear as it forges a path to the unknown its position or its direction or its likely route completely unknown ,will it last or disappear unknown but it is extreme in its inner core yet seems placid on the surface it is heavy dense and all sides of it unpredictable it seems to be made up of unknown material and unknown density what is certain is The Narcissist will feel its affect forever in a strange unusual way, not by emotion or tangible reason but an unusual undefinable completely indescribable way, an environmental something in the air eerie way-as you have said a inhabited way like something that is foreign but part of you that you can not remove such as a magnetic force or opposition type agitation or un ease! or a foreign body material within your self that you can not identify. a Soul operates outside of time and space and its reaches are undefined by mans made measurements of time and distance_Human Flesh is merely a shell and is Heavy and burdensome to souls it is only used on earth and could not survive unaided elsewhere, that is what compared to infinity!

    1. NarcAngel says:

      ****. Crickets ****

      1. HG Tudor says:


      2. MB says:

        Did you read all of that? You know you’ll never get that 2 hours of your life back!

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Every word. I did understand the essence of what was being said but the length challenged my focus and I forgot the message.

          1. MB says:

            I started it, but couldn’t get into this novel. No offense to the writer.

      3. K says:

        I sense a disturbance in the force.

    2. Madison says:

      Carrie, very good, great many talents you have

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Hello Yoda.

  21. Lori says:

    I love this one! Awesome this explains a lot! So can you be canipss if you don’t live in the same city ? And can you be moved back and forth between Candidate and Shelf?

    More ipss articles please sir:) This one is great

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You could yes.
      Yes you can move back and forth.

  22. Twilight says:

    Insightful HG.

    I am enjoying your new articles they shine a light on areas we tend to over look.

  23. Anna Belle Black💙 says:

    Welcome to Fantasy Narcland! In this version it’s HG in a three piece suit and Tattoo is a flying monkey! This weeks episode? A Day In the Life. They say write what you know. 😉

  24. MB says:

    I’m hoping they all bump into each other at the Thai restaurant. Fireworks!

    1. narc affair says:

      Lmao MB…i was thinking a staff member may mention something at the 8 pm meal…”nice to see you back and who is this beautiful lady this time”? 😋😂 of course itd be more like this…🤔 as he serves the meal.
      Im sure using the same thai restaurant he took his primary to is thought fuel to the narc bc its potent disrespect of his black painted partner! Boooo narc!!!

      1. Omj says:

        It did happened to me with Narc number 3- we are at a restaurant and the waiter says looking at me : nice to see you again this week. He surely is a gentleman to take you out so often in this butiful place !

        Note that the week before he was in a silent treatment with me and it was the first time I went to that restaurant and we lived 700km appart – so I was not there every week. I guess he had a preference for my style…the sad thing is because we were in repair mode after devaluation and silent treatment I smiled and said «  he is a gentlemen indeed » and did not started a fight with Narc

        What a fool

      2. MB says:

        They really should be more imaginative. Of course, at certain times, I think they WANT to be caught. Or they don’t care if they are!

        1. Omj says:

          I am sure they plan being caught and observe your behaviors – the greater would do that.

      3. MB says:

        A “normal” person would be afraid they would ALL turn against them and they’d have nobody. Surely that does happen?

      4. narc affair says:

        Hi omj…tat mustve weighed heavily in the back of your mind. I think some narcs intentionally do tacky things like use the same restaurant as a form of disrespect in their mind. They enjoy knowing theyre taking other women to the place they shared with their primary.

  25. Insatiable Learner says:

    HG, what are the odds that a shelved IPSS/ DLS will never be hoovered if the threshold for the HEC should be pretty low? In other words, what are the odds she will not enter the narc’s 6th sphere so no hoover trigger?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Impossible to say without knowing the circumstances.

      1. Insatiable Learner says:

        Yes, I understand, HG. During my consult with you last October, which is when the narc and I last spoke, you said you thought he was going to want to resume the relationship at some point but you did not know when. No word from the narc since then. He has now been with the new IPPS for about 2 years. They had a baby about a year ago. He was very happy about the baby as he had always wanted one. Any insight based on this information? Thanks so much!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          The HEC has not been attained, hence no hoover. You ought not to be concerning yourself with what is going on in his life – that is maintaining your emotional thinking.

      2. Insatiable Learner says:

        Thanks so much, HG! You are absolutely right! It is emotional thinking and emotional infection still running. I am much better now than I was then but certainly not over the hump yet. I will keep pressing forward in my battle of emotions vs. logic and continue building my logic vessel but I may still throw some questions that wreak of emotional thinking your way from time to time. Please bear with me. Thank you so much!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome IL.

      3. Lori says:

        One of the hardest things to do is to stop worrying about what they are doing or what they may or may not do. I’m 14 days NC again and the cloud is lifting. What he is doing is of no concern to me as I have no future with this man what so ever and he is definitely not a friend so I har no need to know what he is doing.

        Besides we all know what they are doing and that’s destroying someone else’s world. We should all be thankful they have let us be.

        Destroy: that’s all they will ever do. You will not change it and any contact is really pointless

        I realize easier said than done I struggle too but it really is the truth

  26. I ❤️HurTGod says:

    You nailed it. So true. Thank you

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  27. Donna says:

    hg – if I was the primary source and he disengaged from me by literally breaking up with me am I now on the shelf? When he tries to hoover me what am I considered? A shelf IPPS?

    (sorry if you already answered this but I am new to the blog and i couldn’t find it.)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Donna. No, you are disengaged from (someone on the shelf is not disengaged from and shelf applies to an IPSS or DLS). You become the Former IPPS.

  28. Spiritual Warrior says:

    This is really called mind fuck rape of brain washing as you the Narcissist is driving the supply batty. It is like wiggling that tease in front of us. Oh you forgot he or she the narc. maybe doing this to more then one at a time. It is like playing a video game…Entertainment for you, Which One will bend to me hmmmmmmm. Game on…

    1. narc affair says:

      Hi spiritual warrior…great description of shelving it is the ultimate mind fuck!

  29. Be still my heart! A new article! 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ha ha, keep it beating SW otherwise you’ll have a problem!

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