A Very Royal Narcissist


On Saturday 19th May, Rachel Meghan Markle (“RMM”) will marry Prince Harry and this forthcoming union is attracting just as much attention for the debacle surrounding the bride’s family as the event itself. I will be far more interested in the FA Cup which takes place on the same day, but one cannot avoid the repeated mention of the forthcoming royal nuptials and thus Miss Markle comes under scrutiny.

Is she a narcissist? Her half-sister, Samantha Markle certainly thinks so as she has been particularly outspoken about RMM calling her

a narcissist, a shallow, social climber”

She has also criticised RMM for failing to provide any emotional or financial support to her and RMM’s father once RMM became famous. Others have described Samantha Markle as being jealous and exhibiting a sense of entitlement. Are Samantha’s remarks accurate and demonstrate what RMM is and those attacking Samantha are the coterie and Lieutenants of RMM, as they attempt to limit any damage and discredit Samantha or are they the remarks  and the ramblings of a jealous sibling? It is difficult to assess in isolation. However, it is interesting that Samantha chose such a description. If she wanted to insult RMM she might have chosen other unpleasant descriptions such as branding her a whore, a gold-digger, stand-offish and such like. Thus, might there be some grain of truth (when viewed cynically) in what Samantha Markle has said?

Samantha Markle also commented that RMM watched the royals on television when young (hardly anything unique in that) and that RMM preferred Harry as she has a soft spot for gingers and it was always her ambition to be a princess. It is hardly a revelation that a young girl wants to be a princess, many do aspire to that dream as part of their childhood and drop such a notion as they grow older.

Other family members have not been shy at expressing their opinion about RMM. Her Uncle Michael Markle stated

I’m upset and surprised about not being selected but if they don’t want me there, then I don’t want to go.”

Half-brother Tom Markle Jnr remarked

She’s torn our entire family apart. She’s clearly forgotten her roots.” 

He claims he sent her a congratulatory letter on her engagement which was not replied to.

Two other uncles have been snubbed, one a bishop (admittedly of his own church) and the other a retired US diplomat. It appears only two family members of RMM have actually been invited and the farce surrounding her father’s attendance/non-attendance on her wedding day has clogged-up many a newsfeed. It transpires that it is her mother Doria Ragland who will attend and give RMM away. Her mother has only arrived in the UK three days ago where one might have expected a longer attendance given the high-profile nature of the wedding. Did she not want to come sooner or was she not permitted to do so?

Is it the case that RMM is surrounded by a dysfunctional family and thinks it better that they should not attend or is it the case that whilst her family may have their issues they wish to share in RMM’s happy wedding day and would do so without complication, but RMM sees their attendance and involvement as embarrassing, a reminder of where she came from (which she wants to forget now she is in the rarified atmosphere of royal life) and thus is most content to keep them an ocean away and uninvited? A caring individual would most likely invite family because, well, they are family. Yes, the odd relative may not be invited for cogent reasons but to only have two family members attend does smack of a calculated decision to keep them away because they no longer serve any purpose and would damage RMM’s image. If so, such behaviour is in line with the narcissistic behaviour of maintaining a particular appearance and cutting people off quite readily.

Such a conclusion gains credence with the revelations from former friend Ninaki Priddy who was friends with RMM for thirty of RMM’s 36 years on the planet. Miss Priddy commented

Meghan was calculated, very calculated in the way she handled people and relationships. She is very strategic in the way she cultivates circles of friends. Once she decides you’re not part of her life, she can be very cold. It’s this shutdown mechanism she has.”

Miss Priddy’s observation, if accurate, paints a picture of significant narcissistic behaviour by demonstrating

  • calculated behaviour to achieve an aim
  • friendship is developed for ulterior gain, not for the friendship in itself
  • the switching behaviour – white to black
  • the swift execution of such behaviour evidencing a lack of empathy

Having been a friend for such an extensive time period Miss Priddy must have some basis for the remarks. Might she however be a jealous friend? Her friendship ended with RMM owing to the way RMM treated her first husband, Trevor Engleton. A disapproval of such behaviour does demonstrate empathy on the part of Miss Priddy and lends credence to her credibility with regard to her observations.

RMM and Mr Engleton were together for six years and married in 2011. Soon after, RMM achieved her breakthrough role as an actress in the series ‘Suits’ and moved to Toronto. Mr Engleton was the one who travelled back and forth from California to Toronto to support his wife. He put in the miles as he shuttled to and from RMM with no suggestion she reciprocated. Not withstanding his dedication, the marriage did not last long and they split and divorced in 2013. Mr Engleton commented that the split “came out of the blue” and that RMM posted the engagement and wedding rings back to him to show it was over. Did RMM disengage from Mr Engleton without explanation, just relying on the symbolic act of returning the rings? If so, such haughty and dismissive behaviour would accord with the behaviour of a narcissist.

Miss Priddy explained that once the nuptials had been secured between the two, RMM behaved “like a light switched off”. This is further indicative behaviour demonstrating that once RMM felt her relationship with Mr Engleton was secured through marriage, she had control and therefore need not behave towards him in a favourable way, in other words, the golden period came to an end. Apparently, RMM had commented about Mr Engleton previously

“if anything were to happen to [Mr Engleton] she wouldn’t be able to go on”

Yet, RMM ended the marriage. Of course people’s feelings can change, but there was no suggestion that Mr Engleton did anything to invite such treatment, on the contrary he remained a faithful and devoted husband, but it appeared he had outlived his usefulness and with RMM’s career rising and in the ascendancy he was no longer required and thus jettisoned with familiar callousness and swiftness which is the preserve of the narcissist.

During her time in Toronto, there were suggestions that whilst married she became close to a Michael Del Zolte, whether there is any substance in this is unknown. It was also rumoured she had a fling with the golfer Rory McIlroy but again this is unconfirmed. If those suggestions were true then this would accord with the behaviour of a narcissist who has no concern with regard to infidelity and serving a sense of entitlement. Indeed, if this was the case then with Mr Engleton secured by marriage and ensconced in California, he would be in devaluation as the Intimate Partner Primary Source and it would not be a surprise for Mr Del Zolte and Mr McIlroy to become ensnared also as Intimate Partner Secondary Sources. However, the extent of any veracity with regard to these rumoured extra-marital relationships remains unconfirmed.

It is however confirmed that following the end of her marriage, RMM moved on to Canadian Chef Cory Vitiello and the pair dated through 2014 to 2016. Further comment has arisen that her relationship with Prince Harry arose whilst she was still with Mr Vitiello and she then ended the relationship with him because Prince Harry was in the picture. If accurate, such a shift from one person to another, especially one which would be regarded as a ‘trade-up’ in terms of wealth, status and position would appeal to a narcissist. Of course, people do move from one relationship to another with some overlap and this is not in itself determinative of that person as begin a narcissist, but such behaviour, which is ultimately self-serving and selfish whichever way it is looked at, is not flattering and when added to other indicative factors, then the evidence begins to mount up.

RMM and Prince’s Harry’s relationship has naturally been well-documented and they became engaged after just 18 months of meeting. Some may see that as rather quick, but it is not unduly hasty and certainly many narcissists would outstrip that time period with room to spare.

A number of RMM’s behaviours certainly weigh against her in terms of narcissism –

  • She was a stripper ( a role, as with being an actress that appeals to someone with high narcissistic traits even if it does not make them a narcissist)
  • She stated she was a stripper on her CV, clearly unconcerned about how that would appear – evidencing a sense of entitlement and lack of accountability
  • The reference to her being a stripper was then later removed from her CV as she began to move in more refined circles – facade management
  • Her body language in interviews and engagements with Harry has shown her to stare at him for an overly long time, clasp his hand and place her hand repeatedly on Harry’s back (the Trump power pat) all of which denotes a desire to dominate and signal that she is in charge whilst no doubt using plausible deniability to reject such an accusation by claiming that she is being supportive
  • There have been suggestions that she has not actually graduated from North West University although claiming to do so – if so, this is the grandiosity, telling of lies and stage management that narcissists engage in
  • Mirroring – she wore a blue bracelet identical to Harry’s and has repeatedly worn outfits and also adopted poses mirroring Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge), Princess Diana and Pippa Middleton. The photographs and footage show this repeated narcissistic trait.
  • Allegations that her wealth is over-stated. She is said to be worth US $ 5 million yet was living in a poor area of Toronto in property apparently paid for by the studio responsible for suits – if this is correct this show grandiosity and facade management
  • Touts herself as a feminist and taking up progressive causes, caring about mental health however was content to wear a £ 56 000 engagement dress (so much for being a humanitarian), has apparently done nothing to assist her own father who has health issues and as for her commitment to progressive causes so far this appears to have been writing a letter aged 11 or thereabouts to a soap company complaining about a sexist add and writing a piece for Elle magazine about her struggle concerning her racial identity. Hardly a litany of fire-brand commitment and therefore evidence the hypocrisy, facade management and fake empathy of the narcissist.
  • She has expensive tastes and likes to show off her connections as evidenced by the list of famous friends and high end products which existed on her Instagram account before it was closed down – again grandiosity
  • Prince Harry has never met her father which seems a very strange step given he is the father of the bride and Prince Harry has no difficulty in travelling around the world. Does RMM want to keep those troublesome facade damaging relatives away from her target perhaps? The typical narcissistic behaviour of compartmentalising their lives and isolating perceived troublemakers.
  • Many of Prince Harry’s childhood friends have not been invited to the wedding but many celebrities have. One doubts this is Prince Harry’s doing but rather the actions of a controlling and calculating mind who does not want reminders of a world she did not occupy and instead prefers to fill it with vacuous status-boosintg celebrities who are only really there to say ‘look at me’ anyway.

The cumulative effect of these behaviours, the treatment of family, the intimate relationship pattern (especially towards her ex-husband) and the observations of a longstanding former friend do cause the conclusion that RMM is a narcissist, to be reached. All of the above, some of which are confirmed and others remain speculative as stated, if all taken to be accurate demonstrate

  • A sense of entitlement
  • A lack of empathy
  • A lack of accountability
  • Black and white thinking
  • Use of inter-personal relationships as devices for self-gain
  • Lying
  • Grandiosity
  • Haughty behaviour
  • A manufactured version of self
  • Facade management
  • A desire for recognition and response (fuel)
  • Switching
  • Compartmentalisation
  • Isolation

All of which support RMM being a narcissist.

This conclusion is also heavily supported by Prince Harry himself. This is a man who lost his mother in tragic circumstances and at a very young age followed his mother’s hearse with the eyes of the world on him. He has faced repeated rumours about his real father not being Prince Charles but James Hewitt. It is clear that these experiences have had a significant impact on him and would suggest he has suffered some form of damage, a trait which is attractive to the narcissist.

Prince Harry no doubt has a significant extrovert streak. He is not academic but is industrious, well-liked and enjoyed something of a reputation as a party prince. However, be under no illusion that those in the upper echelons of society have always enjoyed a good knees-up and engaged in substantial bacchanalian excess – the difference then was the world’s media and social media was nowhere near as brazen and intrusive. Furthermore, those around the royals were far more discrete. Prince Harry is no different to many of his family and ancestors – he has just been seen enjoying himself raucously rather than it be hidden.

Prince Harry is an empathic individual. He has inherited Princess Diana’s caring and empathic traits. He has evidenced this through his career in the army, his establishment of the Invictus Games and charity work such as his trek to the south pole. He admires Kate and William’s settled and stable family life – contrast this to his own childhood – and it is patently clear that this vivacious man is one of empathy who craves the establishment of his own settled life and his various traits are a magnet to the narcissist.

The traits and behaviours of RMM, coupled with her selection of Prince Harry and his own traits confirms that come Saturday 19th May, the Very Suited Narcissist will achieve her childhood ambition and become a royal and so with it the creation of a Very Royal Narcissist.



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      8. Mine went through K. I have also finished the Dirty John podcast and emailed Christopher Goffard at The LA Times.

        I am not nearly as adept as you with identifying and classifying narcissists. I assume from the comment that you made to me that you believe Debra to be a narcissist?

        And I love Terra!

      9. Thank you MB
        I suspect Debra might be a Mid ranger and I suspected Terra, too, based on her child like demeanor (infantilism) and the way she spoke about The Walking Dead and killing Zombies.

  1. I have to say that, for as much apparent thought and time and energy that was expended on this OP’s supposed assessment of MM, it is producing some conclusions that are quite irrational. While she may have some personality dysfunction(s), a narcissist, MM? No. No. And No again.

    What we are observing played out on the international stage is an extremely insecure person with an inferiority complex who has manufactured an image that she is working very, very hard to maintain. No one with an inflated ego or engrained sense of high self worth would act as she has done; they would simply be far too self-confident to do so. I make my points in support below:

    1. No intellectual, such as a narcissist must be to some extent in intellectually justifying to themselves the inferiority of others, would marry into a monarchy, period. A narcissist would intellectually judge themselves too superior to submit their freedoms, opinions, career, social connections, etc., to a non-republic, non-democratic, institution such as is the BRF. A narcissist would crave real power, real control, and angle behind the scenes for it in every way, rather than being satisfied with the symbolism of position and power inherent in mere financial wealth and trappings of association with a monarchy such as is the BRF. No narcissist would walk away from a ‘self-made’ position in a full-time career to play a supportive role, or move from one’s country of choice/birth to accommodate the culture of another’s for the sake of partnership and to breed for posterity’s sake; that’s just not going to happen with a narc.

    I suppose it appropriate to note here that MM has done all of the above actions mentioned.

    2. No narcissist, who must justify their sense of superiority to others by claiming an inherent worth exceeding that of the average person, would take such intensive steps to alter their physical appearance: straighten their hair regularly to the tune of thousands of dollars annually, dye their hair also to the price tag of thousands annually, wear 4-inch stilettos on the regular, adhere to yoga like an addict, demand of a certain former husband assignation to a ‘pre-pregnancy contract’ solely designed to attend to the sculpting of a physical appearance needed to attract the viewing public, consistently brand name flash designer wear to elevate public assessment of personal worth and be, lastly, so intimidated by the public and/or private criticisms and/or general statements of family that she cannot even confront them to state her reasons for completely estranging them from contact with her, such as MM has done. These are not the actions of a narc.

    MM, with the body of a woman, has the intellectual and emotional development of a child who is so insecure, needy for attention and love and admiration that she will dedicate her whole existence to obtaining it. She does it garishly at times, vulgarly at others, and even in her supposedly humanitarian outreaches, but MM is on the prowl for the affection of those around her at all times.

    MM is not concerned with having actual power and control over others; she just wants to be wanted and desired and the value of being wanted and desired is directly correlated to the status of the individual wanting and desiring her. She has a bachelor’s degree and felt no need to use it in her career choices, choosing rather to appeal to more sensual, carnal immediate pleasures of being a foodie, a provocative actress and a socialite. This is reflective of a personality dysfunction, arrested development, and dependency, yes, narcissism, no, and in fact, the exact opposite of it. If she were a narcissist, she would be more concerned with the evaluation of her character and real status and power by others, but she clearly is not.

    1. The above post, which attempts to detail why MM is not a narcissist, ironically describes what narcissism is. Pathological narcissism can manifest in other ways besides the false facades of self-confidence and grandiosity. A person does not need to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder to be a narcissist. For example, people with Borderline Personality Disorder are classified as pathological narcissists (see Ross Rosenberg). One could be co-morbid NPD/BPD or BPD with narcissistic expression.

      I will respond according to each point.


      The statement: ‘It is producing some conclusions that are quite irrational.’ It could be argued that perhaps your conclusions are quite irrational as they seem to lack a basic understanding of what narcissism is. Perhaps a case of psychological projection here?

      1. Strange that the poster makes the assumption that all narcissists are intellectuals. The assertion that MM has downgraded her career is false. By joining the royal family MM as achieved life-long permanent celebrity status, worldwide attention and influence. How is this a step-down from a C-grade television show or giving fake a blow job on the television series 90210? Moreover, perhaps the breeding is the mechanism to secure this permanent celebrity status and noteriety?

      2. Re: MM obsession with her health and appearance, you have just descibed somatic narcissism.

      The statement: ‘MM is not concerned with having actual power and control over others; she just wants to be wanted and desired and the value of being wanted and desired is directly correlated to the status of the individual wanting and desiring her.’

      Perhaps this is another manifestation of pathological narcissism – perhaps on the Borderline/Histrionic spectrum?

    2. You have, in a nutshell, summed up exactly why Mrs. Markle may be a narcissist. Everything you said really just proved you, yourself, wrong.

    3. Carmina, literally everything you described is NPD to a T. In fact, it is well described. No worries because NPD is very misunderstood in both the psychology field and in the world at large. It is actually common to have it right in front of one’s face and not be able to see it. In fact… that’s kind of the point. Well done on your observations! (I mean that sincerely.) They just don’t match the correct conclusion.

  2. I have just recently found this site – very interesting stuff.

    I don’t mean to sound cruel (and I’m not saying Harry deserves the treatment he is likely to get) but I am fascinated with how this is going to play out. I mean if, as you suggest, she does have narcissistic tendencies we have a royal narcissist on the world’s stage, acting her little socks off and believing she is fooling everyone with her incredible talent. And a clueless husband who has no idea what’s coming. It’s bizarre and quite enthralling.

    My question is: what does she do next? What I mean is, once she has given birth to their baby she has reached her limit surely? She can’t climb any higher up the pole – short of bumping off William and his kids she is never going to be queen so what then, try it on with Charles?

    Will her narcissistic traits allow her to be satisfied with her position and the power she has over Harry or is she always going to be striving for more – power, attention, wealth, position, admiration? Where does it end?

    Any thoughts on what’s next for RMM?

  3. I love Kate Middleton! I haven’t noticed a bonding or friendship between her and Meghan, and was wondering how they get along.

  4. She has the fakest smile. Ever. It’s unnerving. Why isn’t he seeing this? Why don’t most people see it?

    1. And look what has happened so quickly after the wedding, she is pregnant – another swift move of the narcissist to bind.

      1. And note her behaviour at the wedding (coat unbuttoned when she not do so) and the timing of the announcement – all done to draw attention to her and away from Princess Eugenie. Further confirmation (not that it is needed) of what Meghan Markle is.

      2. Very true, I can not recall the event not to long ago she had a wardrobe malfunction the lace of her bra showing as she step out of the vehicle. I want to say it was another wedding. Not as much attention as this announcement yet it did take away from the reason she was attending.

      3. Saw the news in the tabloids today. That was fast. I thought of your article and the point you just made.

        Question: Do you think that fast pregnancy is usually a sign of someone (a narcissist) trying to bind in most cases?

  5. Okay, so I see that this is now quite an old comment, but I only just found this interesting article. I am a psychiatrist and am therefore going to be upfront by stating that I am not using my real name. If I did, it would cost me my job. One might think that I would be over analysing people by the end of the week, but as I am a forensic psychiatrist, I find the less horrendous details of humdrum psychiatry a way to wind down.

    Which brings me to Meghan. Without going into too much detail, I do think that Meghan does fit the necessary number of traits to define her as having a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. However, I also think she has a good many traits that are found in people who have Borderline Personality Disorders. In many ways, I think these traits are going to just as much of a problem as her narcissistic ones.

    I do feel great empathy for Harry; he is like a boy in wonderland who really doesn’t understand what he is in for. However, I tell you something I truly believe: The Queen is right onto this. She may not know the jargon, but let’s face it, the jargon sometimes just gets in the way. What she does know is that Meghan is using her beloved grandson for her own glory.

    As many people that have oftentimes described the Queen as “cold”, the fact is that her personality is one that is diametrically opposite to the narcissist. The Queen meant every word of her maiden speech when she was still in her twenties, as much as she means it today. Queen Elizabeth lives to serves as the head of the Church of England, and to serve her people as best she can. As a person, she loves her grandchildren. I am sure she loves her children too, but times in those days did not allow for a great deal of mother/child bonding for the Queen.

    The Queen adores Harry and when this whole thing turns to junk (as it shall), the Queen will roar like a lion in a way we’ve never seen before. Right now, she knows what is best to do for the time being: Keep the enemy close. But, if Meghan and Harry do have children, and Meghan goes back to LA to become a movie star on the tail shirts’ of Harry (which I believe she will do), Her Majesty (or if it Charles by then) will not let Harry’s children leave the UK and go to the USA. The reigning monarch is the guardian of all royal children, and so far, the Queen has not had any cause to use this right. Even Charles and Diana were left to make satisfactory dual custody arrangements together.

    However, this time, Meghan will not get a single one of Harry’s children out of the UK, even for a holiday. That’s my prediction anyway, and of course, like anyone else, I am sometimes wrong, (but I’m usually right!)

    The saddest thing about all of this to me is this: Here we have an ageing man in Mexico. A man who was once an Emmy award lighting designer. As many successful people do, he fell upon hard times, and declared himself bankrupt. From all accounts, he lives in less than modest dwellings, does not eat well at all, and is in bad health.

    His actions have been somewhat embarrassing to his daughter at times, but who can forget the time that Charles’s phone was hacked in the 1990s and he was recorded telling Camilla that he wished he were a tampon so that he could live inside her? It doesn’t get much more embarrassing than that!

    Mr. Markle has not murdered anyone, he seems to be a genuine (if somewhat foolish) intelligent man, who only crime is that he loves his youngest daughter so much that he will go to any lengths to try and communicate with her. She cut off her phone numbers and poor Mr. Markle felt he had no other choice but to use the media.

    There has never been even an inkling of reports than Thomas was abusive to Meghan in any way. On the contrary, her speech to the UN was filled with compliments about what a wonderful father she had. It is pretty much an accepted fact that he adored her, and did everything he could for her, and then some…

    The fact that this now supremely wealthy woman can watch this man in need of help and do absolutely nothing, is something that I almost can’t bear to think about. I have to think about truly horrendous things all day as a forensic psychiatrist, but there’s something about this that really cracks me to the core. It is simply wicked.

    1. Sorry for the many typos I made. It’s very late where I live (Australia) and I really am falling asleep! I didn’t check what I wrote before I posted it, which I normally always do … But hey – that’s part of the fun of blogs. They’re not work, and meant to be fun engagement with others on this mad thing we call the internet

    2. Edith Morton
      Very good post! If they have children, I wouldn’t let them leave England either. I think Harry is awesome and I hope the Queen watches over him and protects him.

      HG Tudor
      MAY 17, 2018 AT 17:39
      But it is not about the entire monarchy. I commented the other day that Henry VIII was a narcissist. I have stated in the past that Prince Charles is a narcissist. Most kings and queens are (Queen Elizabeth II is not) and it is clear to see why that is.
      So what if she is the first person who is non-white to be included in the royal family? The article has nothing to with that issue.

      Shit! Maybe the nuns were right after all:

      he was recorded telling Camilla that he wished he were a tampon so that he could live inside her?

      1. That was indeed reported in the pre-internet-access-for-all days. People dismissed the source (Star magazine), but…who knows? It certainly is creative!

  6. Interesting how Meghan Markle is currently being portrayed as a victim of narcissistic abuse, a scapegoat, an empath.

    Quoting from a website (post from two days ago): “We are watching abuse, the abuse of Meghan Markle. Abuse she most likely suffered all her life, being raised in a NPD family system” and, quoting from another web page (post from today) where the poster speaks about Meghan’s family: “A bunch of narcs who can’t stand to see their scapegoat succeed and immediately think they have every right to siphon off of her because they feel like she owes them something”.
    Those comments made me sick.

    Now to my favourite Meghan-related story.
    She received a pin reading: “You have a super power and it’s called EMPATHY”.
    According to the designer of the empathy-pin EVERY HUMAN has this superpower and “does that make your superpower any less special? No, it jolly well doesn’t”.

    The guy is currently working on a secret book on empathy. Now that would be an interesting read.

    1. Ah.. good old crazy making. Her poor family are doing exactly what she wants. How top tier is that fuel for her? The whole world as her flying monkeys…

  7. Meghan Markle will never be Royal in my eyes. She is probably the world’s biggest social climber and is definitely a covert narcissist.. she exhibits all the signs.. love bombing, mirroring, gaslighting, ghosting and discarding. When she has got what she wants from you it’s bye bye and off to the next victim whom she praises and clings to incessantly, to get what she wants.
    I follow an fb group called “Meghan Markle the Charlatan Duchess”. It has featured this article of yours HG. The followers and contributors of this group have provided so many instances and evidence of her narcissism. Thank you for bringing this article to our attention HG. It really is spot on regarding this Charlatan!!

    1. Hi tiddlywink….i agree with everything you posted about meghan but unfortuneatly those very narc traits will probably help her fo well in the royal family. I love the royals but im sure if ever there were a narcissistic bunch itd be them. Youd have to be to some extent to survive. Shes definitely a narcissist!

      1. I don’t agree with the idea that all royals are narcissists. When you are brought up a certain way, you think (as a child) that it’s just normal. I think that narcissists tend not to come from high society as a rule, because narcissists love nothing more than to climb a social ladder, and what’s the point if your’e already at the top of the ladder?

        I believe the Queen is totally committed to being the head of the Church of England, serving her people as best she can in every tiny moment, and giving her entire life for the betterment of others. That is not true of all the royals, but it is true of a great many of them. Despite the fact that they live lives where everyone serves them, the irony is that they live a life that is bound to the duty of serving everyone who is part of the nation. They work incredibly hard and I don’t see the work that they do would draw a narcissist to it

        Meghan has been drawn to it, because, so far, she sees only the fame and she wants as much as that as possible and by any means. But she will tire of the tradition, the role, the work involved, standing in streets and shaking hands. She will move back to LA and become a movie star on the shirt tails’ of Prince Harry

        Poor Harry, He is the diametrical opposite of a narcissist. .

      2. Interesting, but remember it takes a particular type to remain at the top of the ladder because there are others trying to pull you off it and staying on the top of the ladder is what we are suited to doing more than anybody else.

  8. “Her body language in interviews and engagements with Harry has shown her to stare at him for an overly long time, clasp his hand and place her hand repeatedly on Harry’s back (the Trump power pat) all of which denotes a desire to dominate and signal that she is in charge whilst no doubt using plausible deniability to reject such an accusation by claiming that she is being supportive”

    I was thinking about this. I can think of a couple of people I’ve done this with myself. I think at the time I did feel a strong, almost overwhelming desire to have sex with the person or at least touch them. It doesn’t happen with very many people that I feel it with that intensity, but I can remember one particular man who I felt like I wanted to devour and I did always stare like that and wanted a hand hold almost to hold down me down, to calm my energy. There is one man who stares at me like that when I run into him places, I can feel it and I recognize the gaze, it’s wanting to possess. I enjoy it but wouldn’t act on it, but I suspect this person’s wife is very narcissistic and she seems to dominate him, so I don’t see him as narcissistic to that level.
    So question, do think it is an indication no matter who is doing it or maybe just an indication that strong desire can lead to a feeling of wanting to possess? I also wonder if sometimes back patting can be wanting to soothe because the other person overwhelms you.

    1. It is an indicator, if it is the only one then that person is not a narcissist but they are exhibiting the narcissistic trait of wanting to possess.

      1. Thank you. The feeling of that particular one is so good to me, both directions, and I think kind of a rarity. I wonder why I like that one so much.

  9. One more thing—in the interview, Harry mentions that he fell in love with her very quickly. I’m sure she knew exactly what to say and laid on the love-bombing just right. However, I’m not jumping to conclusions, but it’s all very possible.

  10. I think there is a very strong possibility that Meghan Markle is a covert narcissist. The thing that I find creepy about her is her endless, smiling face which never seems to vary. A lot of people were praising her for the level of confidence she showed at her wedding, but to me it did not make sense. Sure – you can feel confident, but you could in Harry that he was also nervous, and this is what one would expect of anyone getting married in such public circumstances.

    I don’t know if this is true, but apparently her brother wrote to Kensington Palace, asking Meghan for some assistance in how to deal with the press/ She wrote back that he was a “distant relative” that she had nothing to do with. I’m sorry, but your half sibling is not a “distant” relative, and regardless of what he maya or may not have done, he has been hounded by the press and Meghan could have leant a hand.

    This woman made an official statement that included the words “I have always cared for my father”. Again, Mr. Markle has done some silly things, such as posting in fake photos for the press, but I believe he did this to get them off his back as he would know what they are like through having worked in Hollywood for so long. It was also a suggestion by Samantha – in order that he be photographed doing something positive (such as getting a suit fitting), rather than having snaps of him looking grungy and coming out of convenience stores etc… It’s not exactly a crime.

    If Meghan feels embarrassed by her family, just look at what Prince Harry has had to overcome! Not only did his parents have the most public and ugly divorce known in history, his own father was taped telling Camilla Parker-Bowles that he would like to be a tampon so that he could remain inside her!! I don’t think anything gets more embarrassing than that! But Harry (being an empathetic person) has forgiven whatever pain his father caused his mother, and is obviously very close to Prince Charles.

    My point is, that even if there are terrible things that go on in a family, most people do move on and forgive, without shutting them out their lives. Now, the only case whee I can think that it is justifiable to shut your family out of your life is if you’ve undergone severe abuse as a child. No one has ever hinted at this in Meghan’s case, and it’s clear that she was close to her father as a child.

    If Mr. Markle couldn’t make it to the wedding due to illness, the first thing Meghan and Harry should have done (when possible) was to go and visit him in America. I find it quite sickening that a woman with such a huge amount of wealth has not done anything to make her father’s life better. He went bankrupt and is clearly living a down and out life. Meghan could help him financially without even noticing the money that she’d spent

    I hope I’m wrong, but I do not give this marriage a chance of success. Meghan is also nearly 37. It might not be very easy for her to fall pregnant. My wife and I had several children in out twenties, but then she wanted another one when she was 36 – the same age as Meghan, We were lucky in that it happened easily. However, she had a great number of girlfriends who also wanted a baby at 36, and none of them fell pregnant. Even IVF did not help them. The fact of the matter is that women produce less fertile eggs by the time they are over 35.

    Meghan is the same age that Diana was when she died. I think that unfortunately Harry is looking for a mother figure (sub consciously) but he’s fallen into a terrible trap. This woman who seems so caring and lovely is going to ruin his life. I do think that she is infatuated with him but I think that’s because he’s a Prince. When the infatuation wears off (as it does with all relationships), I don’t think that she will have it in her to truly love him at the deeper level that marriage requires. I mean, marriages do end, but if it’s true that in her last marriage, she simply sent back the wedding and engagement ring, then this woman is a cold, icy, uncaring individual. When you want to end a marriage, you owe it to the other person to have a conversation – or a series of conversations. Again, the exception would be if the other person was violent or extremely abusive in other ways, but there is no evidence to suggest that Meghan’s ex-husband was any of those things. She just couldn’t be bothered giving him the time of day.

    Regardless of her being an actor, it is just not normal to marry into the Royal family in a wedding that is beamed out to the entire world, and not show some level of nervousness. I know that Diana was much younger when she married Charles, but nevertheless she was an aristocrat whose family mixed with the royals. She was poised and dignified, but you could also see that she was nervous. The same is true of Kate Middleton, who I think is a very genuine person. You could see that her wedding was a big deal for her. Meghan came across as finding the wedding a complete breeze – I just do not buy it..

    1. Brilliantly said, you have said everything I think about Meghan Markle. I would go further and say she is a callous , selfish and ultimately a vacuous individual. In particular the way she is with her Dad and her disabled half sister.l do feel very sorry for Harry for picking up with her and being taken in by her. He is a. fairly decent human being she is an non entity.

  11. Whatever traits you mentioned are there in my ex best friend. .. I won’t reveal the name but whenever I think of that person. ..I feel very bad that how foolish I was to trust that narcissist instead of trusting my gut feeling more…

    1. I’d say Prince Harry wanted a family life. But I don’t know. RMM also looks genuinly happy from this side of the screen.

  12. I believe she actually did graduate from Northwestern (as did I). It was the talk of all the papers in Chicago, and Northwestern would be–ahem–unforgiving to someone who tried to claim their diploma without having actually earned one. For perspective, NU would likely consider marrying a royal prince her SECOND greatest achievement. (No, I’m not kidding.)

  13. Ahh really ?she may be a narcissist? Ah I’m still so bad at seeing the obvious, even when it’s clearly pointed out, my instinct is still to try to explain it away. I guess fairytales really don’t exist:( What a shame…..

  14. HG Tudor Royal Correspondent?
    I’m sure you’re adding Official Royal Watcher to your list of notable accomplishments and using all of this acquired information to impress your “friends”.
    I note that you mention her self serving, selfish behavior is not flattering yet you yourself are selfish and self serving and think you’re flattering. Now ED might think that is calling you out and you are bound to attack however, I know you are welcome to all opinions if they have merit and as everyone here knows you’re a narcissist, it would not be taken with offense.
    I did smile at the fact that ED is still up to her antics and Indy, Clarece, Superxena, Twilight, NarcAngel are still hanging around at the Tudor Mansion. Somehow we all rotate back into your virtual world and keep those tendrils wrapped around us. The pull with me waxes and wanes as you know my self serving attitude is like the tides.
    The new header….gray instead of black? Whiter flames? Moving forward are we? No longer Evil?

    Knowing The Narcissist. Now that catchphrase strikes me as ironic. I know it has been there since the beginning, what I mean is it strikes me funny now. You tell everything about how the narcissist thinks, you tell nothing of who you really are and somehow commenters believe they know you. I believe I know something of you. I really don’t but I feel like I do. You’re relateable without relating. Magic? How do you do it? That’s the part of your narcissism I want to know. It looks like you’ve got out of the business of relating your story. What became of Little Boy Lost? I know, it will be available in due course lol!
    I enjoyed your viewpoint. I liked seeing ED vie for your attention. I liked watching you give the smack down ( I love some punisher HG). Of course I enjoy my fellow appliances and their banter. I don’t know that I can stay though. My life is calling me and even though you still have the words to draw, I wonder now if it’s just an echo from a past one true love (narcissist) and no longer a proxy that I hear. I wonder if you’ll get there too or if you already have. The secrets must be kept though and your mystery must remain intact to weave the web for others. Keep up your fine work and maybe you’ll see me again and maybe you won’t.
    The New & Improved ABB 💙

  15. I am not a specialist of coat of arms but the one created for her is very weird and apparently she wanted it to represent her – I find it very odd but maybe someone can educate me – I will do my researches .

  16. EB
    Yes they do. I was fortunate that it was fairly common for people to not wear wedding rings here for one reason or another, so not much was ever said.

  17. Good article hg.

    It is interesting to see you explicitly say that too much staring is a sign of wanting to control someone, and the other references to body language were interesting too.

  18. NE,
    Right. Thanks for the clarification!
    I should go back and read the ‘A Very’ series. I think I skimmed a couple when
    I first started reading/posting.

      1. Speaking of royal narcissists, I was looking at portraits of Henry VIII on Google and I noticed an uncanny resemblance with my first Lesser, a mechanic from my home town.

        My best friend at the time could not understand how that guy could be SO popular with girls – NPD is probably the answer.

  19. Christ on a crutch! I haven’t checked this today until now.I thought all the craziness would be over. I was incorrect. This is like a soap opera.

    1. Love this NNH – you proper made me chuckle with this one! Christ on a crutch lol….. my new favourite… thank you lovely x

      1. Quasi,
        I am glad I gave you a chuckle. I say that more often than I should. Not that I am making an effort to stop. Lol.

    2. HG … would you be James Hewitt ??? Just saying you seem to like very much and defend with affection Harry :)) gossips

      1. James hewitt and harry look so much alike! Same nose, smile, red hair…🤔🤔🤔

  20. Hello Nuit Étoilée 🙂

    I agree with you on the more ‘about the author ‘ page…

    Just for clarification though; do psychologists and psychiatrists have the certification to use diagnostic language – or is it only psychiatrists? (I forget actually, myself.)

    1. Hello WhoCares ~ I believe both, but as I am neither, I’m not strictly qualified to say… but i was more referring to the ethics of using a label without having performed the requisite evaluation… and even then, a professional shouldn’t announce such things unless under certain circumstances.. like court, I suppose..

      I just remember similar discussions around POTUS (even though it seems glaringly obvious in his case)

      1. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. A psychiatrist or a psychologist can make an official diagnosis as to whether someone suffers from a full blown narcissistic personality disorder. But I don’t think that’s what this blog is about. No one is claiming that Meghan has this actual personality disorder (which requires meeting at least 9 sets of criteria). I think they are just sharing their views that Meghan has a lot of narcissistic traits. .No one here is responsible for offering her therapy or any kind of psychotropic medication!

  21. I would love to hear what you HG and all of you intelligent bloggers think about what her future interaction, manipulations, plots and or schemes there will be towards Kate? That should be an interesting dynamic!

    1. Susan
      You said intelligent bloggers but Im going to chime in anyway. Do you think it might start with something simple like fashion?. MMR wanting to upstage Kate who has the spotlight on her for everything she wears? I expect there will be some photos ‘leaked’ of MMR frollicking in a bikini somewhere. She will want to be known as the hot one. I wonder if modernity includes surrogates so she doesnt lose her body lol.

      1. Ha NA! I’ve always thought you were intelligent and insightful!
        Yes that’s a good one! Fashion, I didn’t think of that. Good point. Unfortunately Kate is a class act and in my opinion is way more beautiful so joker face will have to come up with something creative. Showing off the stripper body might be just the thing!

      2. Yep after the monokini pictures of Kate – maybe she will want a boobs competition !!

        Kate does not seem like a fool- and appears quite genuine but I suspect she has a temper of stepped on toes.

        My wild guess … RMM will copy Kate and will try to upstage her – she will try to play BFF but Kate ain’t no fool. Since she was almost not invited to Pippa’s wedding – she will try to triangulate the sisters and she will light fire between the Middleton sisters and the 2 brothers.

        Tabloids will make a lot of money in the years to come with pictures of faces, staring look – already started at the wedding .

        She will try to do things Diana has done – same causes – jewelry ( already started) .

      3. Omj I totally agree that Kate is no fool. I found it interesting, although I may be reaching, that Kates dress at the wedding was a cream color very close to white. 🤔. I think Kate will see if she doesn’t already right through her but she will have her hands full with this little shark. I hope Kate has the stamina!

    2. I think Kate already has her sussed and her mother will be giving her the best advice believe me. She will have to play her at her own game, she can’t exactly say anything and harry is so happy. It’s all going to end in tears

    1. Thank you Susan. Speaks volume and love those explanation of meta-communication ( communication about the communication) .

      What is being said – read and the real meaning behind.

      What is making me wonder this morning is how much energy ( I am including myself in there ) is spent or lost about this wedding. Opium to numbness.

      As I said to HG- I don’t give a shit she is Narc or not . The exercise is useful and the tools needed.

      Looking forward to have articles on people we may see has narcs but are not and might have other cluster B or other disorders.

      1. Yes Omj, Very interesting!! I am glad you read it. Although I don’t think the writer grasps the full understanding of what she is, it does give insight into her manipulative nature and also that some people are paying close attention to her!

  22. Fantastic to see a new article HG.
    Especially in regards to the Royal wedding.
    In your article and from watching clips of Meghan Markle.
    I would say she was a mid to upper midrange somatic narcissist.
    What is the likelihood she will remain faithful to Harry?

    What would cause one to smear?
    Wounding from criticism.
    Such as a differing opinion, feeling ridiculed or challenged,
    Which then Increases the need to punish and repair a fuel crisis.
    Once the narcissist and his lieutenants and / or coterie
    Sufficiently malign/smear the individual
    And the narcissist is once again well sated fuel wise.
    Does the smearing campaign cease,
    As this is done to teach what the narcissist deems.
    The traitor a lesson, correct?

    In the example you cited in your article,
    why would Meghan smear her sister?
    To keep the truth from being broadcast?
    To punish her for disloyalty?
    To embarrass her?
    To turn others against her and discredit her?

    I find this blog primed with teachable lessons.
    It helps to recognize such dynamics.
    In order to be better aware outside of here.
    Thank you HG.

    After reading your article
    I read all the comments.

    Regarding Moira’s take on your article.
    I Found she misintrepreted what was written.
    Based on her emotional response to the article.
    For her own reasons.
    I understand why you felt the desire to set her straight.

    What I find most interesting,
    Are the slew of negative comments from various readers
    Against Moira.
    And how you encouraged such comments.
    With praise for each negative comment.
    This then invited more negative comments.

    I was impressed to see some readers
    Stay in the article topic and not engage in the off topic name calling.
    And some to speak up, as well.
    I am-not surprised by those who did engage in such a manner
    And why.
    The narcisstic perspective, which is yours,
    would see such comments from readers
    In an entirely different manner.
    Necessary, even.

    I will say,
    I find disheartening to read
    Such personal attacks.
    Against yourself or others.
    I suppose it is heightened emotional thinking at play.
    Obvious knee jerk reactions.
    Speak, before thinking.
    Or deeemd justifiable
    In defending you against a traitor.
    Just my thoughts
    On the matter.

    Back to your work again.
    I found the article you wrote on the now, Duchess of Sussex
    Interesting and timely.
    I was familiar with various points you referred to about Meghan.
    But, the breakdown you gave was illuminating.

    For me, I sensed narcissism when I watched the engagement video.
    Body language, statements,
    particularly that she stated she was unaware of who Harry,
    was prior to dating.
    That was a red flag to me.
    Especially now, in light of Andrew Mortons, book,
    stating she owned his book written on Diana.
    I feel for Harry,
    as he is in for much of what many of us here in this blog endured
    From narcissistic relationships.

    It was quite sad to see Harry so emotional
    and in love during the wedding ceremony.
    While Meghan.
    Was more stoic and unemotional.
    In true narcissistic manner.

    Why do you think she did not fake emotion for the cerrmony and the viewing public?

    HG was the clash between Prince Andrew ( also a narcissist )
    and Meghan Markle, an example of two narcissists colliding?
    If so, how would she fare with Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince Phillip?
    Are there currently any Greater narcissists in the Royal family?

      1. I’m a bit in the dark about the clash between Andrew and Meghan. Is there a weblink that describes what happened? Thanks, Mr Tudor et al!

      2. Andrew and Meghan old news. Allegedly Prince William filed a police report complaining of loud rap and hip hop music coming from the apartment next door.

  23. Do you think in her new position HG that she will always have so much fuel that she wont need to get negative fuel from Harry so never treat him to devaluation? maybe he will always be golden he enabled her to have this position of endless fuel? your thoughts HG

      1. “No. He is the IPPS and we all know what happens to those don’t we?”

        So, do you believe she’s worked herself into difficult position; now having her every move scrutinised…going to be pretty challenging to maintain the facade, no? People will be just waiting witness her failing in her new role.

      2. The illusion is maintained for the IPPS owing the golden period. This will dissipate in due course. The facade will be maintained externally and with a legion of PR consultants etc that facade will have support. However, there will be those within the household etc who will witness another side but will be forbidden to speak of it.

      3. I would think it will be hard for her to ever try to truly “smear” Harry though as he is beloved and is Princess Diana’s flesh and blood who was globally loved and iconic to this day. Everyone holds a soft spot for the Prince who lost his mom in his pre-teens. Meghan will have to tread lightly there. Maybe it will ultimately be the lifestyle she will smear?

      4. Would a stepford-type devaluation be possible in this case, i.e. prince Harry remaining painted white because of giving her attention and providing the status, facade etc., never challenging her and really just trying his best to make her happy?

      5. I do not see that happening because she would have to be getting her ‘kicks’ through negative fuel elsewhere and whilst not impossible, it would be difficult for her to do so. I see it more of a case of her triangulating him (“Camilla/Kate did this mean thing to me”) and he races in as white knight and ends up falling out with other family members. I would expect a lot of passive-aggressive behaviours, lying about people coming on to her (when she is flirting away), silent treatments, moans about not being treated well enough, complaints about the press and paparazzi (a point of vulnerability for Harry re Diana).

      6. Oh wow, so in other words, what people recognize outside of the narcissism arena is what is described as a wife or girlfriend who is very “high maintenance”.

      7. Exactly! And hence why many men don’t report the female narcissus. They just think oh…. PMS – or moody or ‘high maintenance ‘ but … the sex …. the sex … hooks you. Sadly I have come to see way too much of a clinical spin on just about everybody’s behavior. I hope my innocence can return-

      8. Yes, a lot gets rationalized away with women for our hormones, time of the month and being over emotional. Which really does tie in on top of everything too. lol
        I’d love to think I can become that innocent again. At least with long time friends and family and with my daughter, I’m pretty much back to myself. I’m quick to be very hyper vigilant though. Just like our virginity, I don’t think we ever get our innocence back.

      9. My Narc hasn’t the dates of period of each woman in his life and was deliberately creating chaos and turning and accusing us of going after him in our period. Crazy shit – every month.

      10. Id have to agree i predict theyll be a lot of triangulating by meghan if she is indeed the narc we suspect her to be. She will set up ultimatums and try to isolate harry to some degree from his family. He will have to prove his loyalty to her over that of his family. She will play the “but im your wife now” card to get her way and control the dynamics within the family. We have already seen that with the queen. Harry went against the queens judgement and married meghan. The queen looked miserable during the ceremony.
        I couldnt help notice kates expressions. She at one point was rolling her eyes. I dont think she likes meghan. Itll be interesting to see the dynamic between the two over time.

      11. Her first public appearance she is really buddy buddy with Camilla. Looks like Camilla can give her advices on staying strong against the royal currents . Also litany of pic of RMM pushing Harry on the back instead of holding on to him while walking up the stairs .

        Time will tell but the baby show should be a good one . This is when the Narc traits could come most evident . The babies could be utterly cute – with the parents mixture or utterly awkward looking. RMM mother has blue eyes I believe ? So chances of blue eyes babies with nice tone skin and redhair would be really spectacular!

        None can upstage Princesse Charlotte though !

      12. Narc Affair
        Must have been too hard for Harry to see and hear his familys advice when that stripper pole was in the way lol. I wonder what her version of HGs HUSH video sounds like.
        Hes under the power of the pussy right now.

      13. My uncle called it the Golden Clam, one whiff of that and you are under its spell.

      14. K
        Whats with womens intimate parts being associated with seafood? Must go back to the wild west (where bathing was scarce, and finding it without a weed-whacker must have been like drilling for oil). I can see pussy because it can be made to purr, but this seafood referencing in the age of running water is unsettling. Just my thought on that but clever of your Uncle all the same.

      15. NA
        There is the Golden Arches, so why not a Golden Taco. Just think of the surprises you could get in that happy meal. The possibilities are endless.

      16. K
        I know right? In fairness (to me) your uncle did say once you get a WHIFF of one, and then theres that old joke of the blind man on the pier passing the fishmonger and yelling out: Morning ladies!! so both of those were associated with smell of seafood and not shape. A taco has smooth edges, comes in different sizes, you can fill it to the brim with whatever you have on hand, and comes hard or soft shell. (You can get a fish taco but who wants bland when you can get muy caliente beef or chicken). Clams can have uneven edges, are gritty, and smell like fish. Im going with Taco Bell but you can also go with Burger King and have it your way, or Kentucky Fried Chicken ‘cause its finger lickin good.

        Anyone else hungry?

      17. You’re going to take us into next Wednesday with these endless possibilities aren’t you? lollll

      18. Narc Angel

        Even thou I am not a huge fane I am never ever going to be able to drive past much less eat at any of them again with out thinking of your comment…..I feel a little sick at the moment wth all the imagery running around my mind now.

      19. NA
        Ha ha ha….I read that if you get fresh clams from the ocean there should be no trace of ammonia or fishy odor….perhaps the blind man had a malodorous mate. I don’t know if you saw the movie, Christine, but all I could think of was this line.

        George LeBay:
        My asshole brother bought her back in September ’57. That’s when you got your new model year, in September. Brand-new, she was. She had the smell of a brand-new car. That’s just about the finest smell in the world, ‘cept maybe for pussy.

      20. NA
        Ha ha ha….I think HG has got it right. Pussy was another reference, as well.

      21. HI NA! Especially after I read the 17 Rules she has to adhere to including dress code (no mini-skirts, no wedges, no dark nail polish, etc.), Duchess by Day and then she can whip out the Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie for Harry at night. He will be under a spell for a very loooonnng time.

      22. Well, this could be the angle for triangulation games to begin.
        Have you read the 17 Rules Meghan must follow now being a Duchess?
        They include the following:
        *No Selfies
        *No personal social media
        *No wedges (Queen hates those kind of shoes, but I read Kate fought with her over that and wears them on occasion when away from the Queen).
        *No autographs (sorry Suits fans).
        *Dinner at 8:30 pm every night. (That’s when the Queen likes her dinners).
        *No mini-skirts.
        *Follow a pecking order of entry when with the whole Royal family.

        There’s more. You can Google them.
        I think once the novelty of adapting to these rules wears off, she’ll start feeling suffocated and rebel causing Harry to pick sides.
        For some reason though, I see her wanting a female alliance in the family and wanting to have a friendship with Kate. Not compete with her. Power in numbers against the Queen.

      23. I forgot to mention that i predict there could be a lot of future contention between the queen and meghan. Both are narcissists and both are strong women and opinionated. Meghan is a feminist and the queen has always worn the pants in that household. I can see horns locking 🤣 im as bad as the papparazzi lol just a prediction of course.

      24. I hope they can work it out between them – both look to me like very wise women.

      25. Kathleen, Clarece, OMJ
        Imagine a female narcissist on PMS? Her life would be hell a few days each month, her fury and force to be reckoned with. I suspect she would need to have very good control over her actions and behavior not to cross certain boundaries. Her internal emotions would be screaming like Wendy James in Baby I Don’t Care.

      26. Or not have control when their hormones flare, because they don’t respect boundaries and feel entitled already…lol
        Biologically, there is still going to be those normal, hormonal fluctuations mixing in so all I have to say about a female Narcissist with raging PMS is #savage.

  24. Dear Mr Tudor,
    Luv your new profile and cover photos … very classy indeed
    Mr Bubbles n I viewed the wedding with great interest… he thought your write up on this piece extensively researched extremely professional and of high and impressive calibre …. here here
    From my perspective I felt Megs kept a smile in play for the most part of her performance however I didn’t see any real emotion from her whereas Harry did wipe a tear or three away (even Doria displayed what appeared to be natural emotions and tears)…. apart from that, that’s it

    The Royals were most amusing with their smirks and I just luvved the Queens facial expression throughout ….☹️

    I felt a subtle change in Megs demeanour when she emerged in her second dress … like “I’ve gotcha” as she glided herself into the e type jag ….

    oh lord it hard to be humble … haha

    The only thing that was lacking was a splendid witty and clever commentary on the event …. sadly Sir Terry Wogen isn’t with us …. however Mr Tudor you wouldve been his perfect number one replacement

    Thank you ☺️

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