The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 13

soc med 13

This is not a meme – this is the truth


10 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 13”

  1. Also, my father in law just recently requested me but I didn’t add him and I feel so guilty. I feel that I am disappointing my mom. I think that he is probably talking shit about me to my mom for not adding him. But I just don’t like him. He used to sit with his cut off jean shorts on legs spread and his dick hard hanging out the side. And he would make comments like ”I bet I can tell you what color your panties are. You should let me feel the color of your panties.” he is just very disrespectful. I know that stuff happened a long time ago but I just can’t let it go.

    1. I❤️HG TUDOR

      I hope you said: You should stop wearing non-stick ‘cause your mini-sizzler is out of the pan again.

      Really, a grown man wearing daisy dukes says it all.

  2. I had a friend request about a week ago. It was a picture of a woman maybe in her twenties. And her status said bored female looking to exchange nudes.

    Ha ha ha. I bet. But probably a dirty old man on the other side.

    I didn’t accept but it did make my day.

  3. NARC wantedto be tmy GF but she would never accept my friend request on FB probably because I posted pics of us together and she didnt want the others to know. Everytime I would take pics of us she would be like “You’re not going to post that on Facebook are you?” What a bitch.

    1. Ike… god forbid you ruin their supply chances by posting pics of you together. The majority do that I think.

  4. Negative ghost rider… if I dont know someone they do not get on my friend list.. period

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