The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 16

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16 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 16”

  1. Mine said he didn’t use FB because too many women from his past tried to friend him. lol. (I was more innocent then.) Two years later, I had seen the FB pages for every member of his family, including his wife, but no sign of him until I did an internet search on his secret email. Up popped his fake FB page with a name that uses the initials he has for all of his aliases. When I mentioned it, because this was the third platform he had definitely or possibly used to creep me, he denied that he had a fake FB!! Well, I said, someone else must be using your secret email. I haven’t blocked him because as HG says above, he once had five. It’s impossible…

    1. I used to have five but now I do not have any. I do not have any time or need for it. I use a proxy account to host the Knowing the Narcissist FB page.

  2. My narcissist didnt want to list me at his gf for the longest time..eventually he did but .I kept thinking he shouldnt be ashamed of me..I should be shamed of him! Another red flag. I was such a traitor…I always waited to like his posts or pics .

    1. Shannen.
      Hugggge red flag! I had one do the same and another claim he never used fb at all but had an old account… lies, everything that spews from their mouths.

  3. hg, why would a somatic narc mother be ok with her daughter being chubby? The narcissistic mother is the fittest person I know, running 100 mile marathons and her profession is a personal trainer yet she almost encourages her 4 year old daughter to stay chubby.

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