The Truth About Flying Monkeys

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Narcissists invariably use “Flying Monkeys” don’t they?

It is about time you learned the truth about them in this extensive breakdown which will leave you stunned by HG Tudor´s revelations about them.

A massive injection of logic which will leave you heartened and encouraged.

You must not miss this information.

Get the logic here

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Flying Monkeys

  1. purpleinnature says:

    Slightly off topic, but my mid-ranger has a whole group of old friends back in his home country that he continues to stay in contact with, over 15 years after he moved away. He Skypes and stays in contact quite regularly and always talks about what great times they’ve had together. I always thought “That’s great! Only a truly good person would keep close ties with so many friends from childhood.”

    Well… after I figured him out, I started wondering about how this could be. He got drunk one night, and I started asking him about these friends. As it turns out, he met every single one of them only a year or so before he moved away from his home country. The ONLY friend he actually has from childhood got killed in a bad drug deal a few years ago. He has no friends or acquaintances whatsoever with anyone he knew before the age of 18. Smackin’ my head… these “friends” barely know him! Here I thought they had all grown up together!

    Incidentally, I remember both my Greater and Mid-ranger felt a need to tell me that my friendships were superficial. “Friends from work don’t count” “You don’t really have a meaningful connection with any of your friends” “They’re not really friends if you don’t hang out and do stuff with them”. What the hell is that all about? Jealousy much?

  2. Kat says:

    My goodness HG…..that was exhaustive and exhausting! That is a lot of mental gymnastics for the narc AND the empath!

  3. DoForLuv says:

    Wow . This made me truly realise how much energy goes into “ its all about me “ .

    When ever I would meet a “ narcissist “ I will probably always look like i’m their biggest fan🤣 I just love to acknowledge every postive thing with a huge smile sparkling eyes and all. I just can’t stoppp .

  4. Tra says:

    Another excellent article! Quite scary what your kind are capable of! When you implement the smear campaign-do you use family members more, colleagues, friends..?? Etc…
    Does it depend more on the situation?? For instance, your intimate partner, would you use her family members more knowing that that is her support base???

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