The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 24

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15 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 24”

  1. For the love of God! How many profiles do these guys have ? I have now found yet another that is him with a legal version of his name. I know it’s him his pic is there. It’s an old profile from 5 or more years ago. I am blocked from his other profiles ever since his friend friended me. Now this popped up. It was not there a week ago. It probably has nothing to do with me or does it?

    Holy crap what is this about ?

  2. Ok HG, I have listened to almost every one of your YouTube videos and I need some assistance. I have a malign Hoover on my hands and frankly I can’t figure out what the exit strategy is here. Your kind make me ill at this point but I don’t fear you so I’m even willing to talk to you. It’s a long story and I’m not typing it all out so here is the abridged version. Meet narc online, he successfully love bombed but talked about a friend all the time actually 2. One he talked about in theory out of state and the other was actually an ex. Fast forward 4 discards later and then he leaves me for the horrible ex by ghosting the day of a medical procedure. Then texts my friend with a half assed bunch of excuses. Then the malign Hoover starts by the “ex” who is now the current primary source. He of course never says a word and stays quiet. I’m at 4 years of this bullshit and it just won’t stop. She (who I think is a sock puppet and is really him) uses social media to figure out anything they can and the constant insults. Lately it’s all about me not changing my profile picture and baiting me to do it. I’m sure he’s a mid range and I was used to get this old supply back through triangulation. I’m much better looking and I’m not being high on myself. I’m thin and younger she’s older and heavy. Through you I have been able to identify it’s a malign Hoover for my fuel, I get that but what’s strange is how there is a constant reminder of how I am trash. How I was discarded and how no matter what I did or said I couldn’t change it. That conversation makes me think I’m about to get hovered again in real life. Is this the case or is it all about the insults and that fuel. I’d love to just trigger a real Hoover and flat out turn him down and be done but as he is aware as I make no secret of it I am fully aware of what he is, my thought is he won’t return because he knows I know and will inflect injury. Thoughts on what the hell I do with this crap because it’s been years and it’s old already. I’m starting to think he will use my pictures to make another to hurt someone else and I won’t allow that.

    1. If I were you, I would completely disengage block and ignore EVERYTHING. This sounds like bad news. Any response to it will only keep it going.

      Give them nothing. No reaction of any kind

  3. HG I have another social media situation/question if you do not mind me asking. My MRN reappeared back on social media after a hiatus of a few months. Still no announcement of Baby #2. He just updated his profile picture of him and his daughter. I liked it and commented positively. He deleted my comment. When we texting later and I did not bring it up but he did. “I am sorry but I had to delete your comment. My wife texted me to ask who you were and why you were commenting on my picture”.

    What is the purpose of this “manipulation”…or behavior? Yes fuel I know but what kind? Is it some form of the being black vs. being white or triangulation? It seemed to me that he painted the wife to look like a controlling ogre but he did not speak negatively about her other than she demanded ti know who I was and why I was commenting on his picture?

    And….if she really was “suspicious” of my comment (amidst many other comments mind you) wouldn’t the deletion of MY comment be more extreme against ME vs. the usual “oh she is just a friend” excuse she has probably heard before in other situations? Am I assuming since that was not the case and my comment was deleted that I (for reasons unbeknownst to me) became black?

    This sort of thing has never happened before so I am wondering what is going on.

    Thanks HG!

  4. Hg have you ever written about how to let someone know their spouse is a narcissist? If so, what book or blog post was it? My sister recently confessed to me that her husband is “extremely selfish, has anger problems, does nothing around the house, thinks he’s better than other people and doesn’t want to work.” When I told her she just described narcissism she got mad at me and said I was obsessed with narcissism and not every guy is my ex.

    1. It is a difficult position trying to persuade someone else that they are involved with a narcissist because people do not like to be told what to do or what to think and their emotional thinking fights against it. add to that the fact that narcissism is difficult for people to comprehend – “People are actually like that?” and you face an uphill battle. Often better to suggest general reading – not a How To Spot article as that is too prescriptive and let them form their own view from the material.

    1. Hi michelle …blocked is the best way! With facebook theres loopholes snd youd need a course to learn how to be 100 private. Even on privacy settings if you like something or even snoop on a profile it comes up.
      I had someone i only met offline come up on my facebook as a potential friend and that only happens when theyve tried looking you up. Facebook is anything but private.
      Also if you block they can join thru a sockpuppet acct so be weary of new friend requests and set your social media to private.

      1. Hey chihuahuamum, nice to meet you…

        Yes I have everything to private and the two groups I have are secret.
        I used to be admin for very large groups and got taught what to look for with fake accounts, etc and I was actually taught by a Narc believe it or not lol! He was very good and taught me a lot about Facebook I didn’t know before.
        One of many Narcs I seem to have drawn in. But they don’t know I’m a black widow spider mwahahaha! That was actually my Nick name….

  5. I wonder if we could start Class Action Lawsuits against these online sites that are GETTING RICH by telling everyone everything about us – WITHOUT our consent. And no profit to us. Only damages – big Settlement Agreement for US. This is a Violation of Privacy.. what right do they have to do this????


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