Sitting Target

Why did the narcissist choose you? How did he or she go about deciding that you were the ideal target for him to launch his campaign of seduction upon? Did you do something to attract the attentions of this dangerous foe? This direct and comprehensive book will enable you to understand what it is that the varying types of narcissist look for when they are searching for victims. Whether you wish to prevent it happening again or you need to understand why you were chosen, this book will deliver the answers in an uncompromising and straight forward manner. What are the things that various types of narcissist look for? How do they go about establishing their targets satisfy those traits? What are the Special Traits which attract all narcissists? Where are their hunting grounds and which is the most dangerous? Who does the narcissist go after and why are certain people left alone? What does the narcissist mean when he or she is looking for green lights? These questions and more are answered in this hard-hitting and unsettling look into why the narcissist chooses you.

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4 thoughts on “Sitting Target

  1. wounded says:

    Dirty little secret. Someone not high up in the matrix but being seduced.

  2. wounded says:

    An eye opening read. I like the breakdown of each school/cadre and situation.

    Question, dependent on placement in fuel matrix.

    What would an Elite UMR and Elite Greater do when a “low level” appliance escapes? What if the victim addressed the wound and gave the appearance of ceding control to end the Hoover’s?

    Thank you for your tech help as well.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      What do you mean by low level appliance?

  3. nunya biz says:

    The interesting thing to me is that I can see myself on occasion doing the reverse seeking and acknowledging (because I desire connection), like there’s a fit. It’s the desire to get to, or maybe the inability to avoid, devaluation that is a problem and I don’t really understand why a better outcome isn’t an option. What I think is that maybe I “disapprove” of the underlying thought process of the other person, because of what you call general traits, and it becomes glaringly obvious at some point and it causes discord. Or in reverse, their need to press for some compliance in some ridiculous way.
    Or it ends up they go into a phase of discard for no reason I understand, but I always anticipate return and I’m never receptive to it.

    Like I was talking about for myself in the Love Triangle post, there is a middle ground I’ve found that is nice for me, but I find most people to lean one direction or the other or to be “normal” as you say.
    Still pondering.
    Thank you, really enjoyed.

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