The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 22

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14 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 22”

  1. The cryptic messages are probably for all my ex’s women. I no longer believe I was the only one although I clung to my naivete for a long time. I also responded to more than one hoover this way.

  2. I think that there must be a million viewers of HG’s articles who believe that his posts are chosen just for them, personally. But, then I put it into perspective and realize that out of a million viewers, I hold no significant value whatsoever in order that his posts should be meant specifically for me; plus I am far less than even Ter… supply.

    And I glad for this because one of his latest posts was flaming with fury. I can be rest-assured that he “nothing’s” me too much to ever wish to Sociopathize me to death, or even be intensely infuriated with me.

    So, those mean posts are not about me, at all. They are probably about Real Life people, though, in his Real Life.

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  4. Dear Mr Tudor,
    When I look back … the weasel was “cryptic” from day one …. and continued being “cryptic” til the end.
    You are forever wondering, guessing, deciphering, looking up words…… basically playing detective … trying to work them out…. constantly

    They’re like the “four seasons” all rolled into one day

    Anyone who is “hard” work … GET RID OFF ….. ASAP….. or you will live to regret it !

    It’s not just a “post” … it’s them ….. you will never figure the cryptic out

    Thank you …. this is a huge red flag

    Luv Bubbles xx

    1. I totally agree with you Bubbles!
      Yesterday I received a message from a man on a datingsite. He looked like a ‘normal’, it was a friendly message. I checked his profile, which looked okay, nothing weird. But I responded that he lives too far away (I don’t have a car) and I find him too highly educated for me. Today I received a new message, saying it is no problem, he can come my way and he comes from a normal working class family and he believes I am an intelligent woman. I had my doubts, he looked like a good guy, so I was checking his profile again and all his pictures had disappeared, together with a lot of text.
      I found myself thinking and re-thinking… why?? Why would he do that? Why now? The messages are still there, waiting for me to respond..
      And then I just realized I am done with these kind of man, that give me mindfuck, even from the start.
      So I’m done with him. Right away. What a relieve. What a blessing to know about narcissism now. Maybe he is not a narcissist, but I will not allow anyone to ever mindfuck me again.

      Like you say Bubbles:
      “Anyone who is “hard” work … GET RID OFF ….. ASAP….. or you will live to regret it !” Love, Blank xx

      1. Dearest Blank,
        Thank you lovely for your reply
        “Real” decent kind loving men, don’t play head games

        I agree with you questioning yourself “why” the disappearance of his pictures n text

        He’s already hiding stuff before you’ve even met
        Even if he’s not a narc …. he’s giving off dubious signals
        When in doubt ……don’t

        Well done precious, you’re in tune with your female intuition…keep it up
        Luv Bubbles xx

      2. Thank you Bubbles!
        I feel like I see narcs and red flags everywhere these days.
        Today I read a message on my twitter line from ‘the school of life’ about the difference between a conspiracy theorist and intelligent scepticism. That came just in time. I’m kind of reassured I haven’t become a conspiracy theorist 🙂

      3. Hi Blank,
        I have noticed that narcissists *test* their targets from the very beginning to see how they respond. Congratulations on seeing those red flags so early.

      4. Dearest Blank,
        I felt when you mentioned he ” believed” you be an intelligent woman …..hmmmmm compared to what?
        Who says that in a text? Too highly educated for you …. hmmmm … watch out
        “Normal” working class family …… hmmmm what’s normal and who’s says that in a text
        Looks like a “good” guy … hmmmm looks are deceiving
        Distance is always a challenge in itself …. hmmmm too hard basket …. you’d always be relying on him and he’d be in control …no thanks
        You’re the intelligent one my precious … intelligent enough to know he’s a numb knuckle
        Never rush anything my lovely ……. always take your time

        I believe … you get ONE chance to make a good first impression … if you stuff it up ……


        PS … I see narcs and red flags everywhere too my sweet and that’s one hellava bloody good thing

        YA DUN GOOD precious …. haha
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  5. This is sooooooooooooo good to know because it drove me crazy!

    The games, I will never let this happen to me again!

  6. hahaha I love that image of code!!! I sometimes do think it is aimed at me. But then I also wonder if I feel too important? Like is the narc really revolving his posts around me?

    I need to stop checking his timeline! :'(

  7. HG. I am sipss
    Does the MRN look at my FB to keep tabs?
    Does he think I look at his? ( I quit a long time ago)
    Does he expect some type of response?

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