Treasured and Tormented


An unrivalled journey into the depths of the narcissistic mind. Understand why the narcissist will treasure you and then in the blink of an eye unleash a litany of torments against you. Learn about how the narcissist thinks and acts as you are granted a unique insight into the world of the narcissist and his machinations.


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5 thoughts on “Treasured and Tormented

  1. some chick says:


    Why is everyone fighting on the blog these days?
    It’s so distressing ☹

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well, I would not describe it as fighting, more a robust exchange of views and it is not everybody. Thousands read here every day and the exchanges are probably between less than 1% of readers. Context is everything Some Chick. People advance a view and thus some will agree and some will not and it will be the case that a forthright opinion or view will be challenged – often equally as forthright. Many people understand this but others fail to recognise that people can disagree with them and instead claim they are being picked on or ganged up on when it is clearly not the case and to make such claims is of course instructive in evidencing certain character traits.

  2. Fiery says:

    Hey. I’ve been reading your posts for a while now. Some of them, I’ll be honest, I can’t get through. Not because I am a narcissist, but I have long suspected that I am living with one . There have been some undeniably dark times. If I’ve understood correctly, you are writing from the perspective of a narcissist and I can tell you, it’s incredibly powerful.
    I just wanted to share that and tell you that your writing is both terrifying and sharply insightful.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Fiery.

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