The Devil’s Toolkit

Learn what is used against you so it never happens again.

Read about the various methods of manipulation that a narcissist will use against you so you recognise what it happening, why it is being used and therefore you are thus empowered to negate their impact.

It is a fundamental element of defeating the narcissist’s hold over you to be able to understand what is happening so you can apply logic and evade the obscuring and damaging effects of emotional thinking. Rather than be taken to the wrong answer by your emotional thinking, this book will bolster your Logic Defences to aid you in your fight to escape and quest to evade the narcissist.


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14 thoughts on “The Devil’s Toolkit”

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    1. MB, I was wondering about what happened with that exchange as well…

      On the topic of The Devil’s Toolkit; this book really solved one essential part of the puzzle for me. It explained his behaviour on the first day that I met him; the one memorable thing he did to set me up for the fall…

    2. MB
      Haha. It does appear a little suspect. The last thing that I read Dr PH say was something in the vein of having to slow it down. I am teasing though.

      1. I know NA. As much as we tease about HG starting a narc-free dating site, I don’t think he would facilitate their communication off-blog. You know, the rules and all.

    3. I don’t know the saying in English, but in my country we say: when cats are hunting for mice you don’t hear them meow 😉

      1. NA, Netherlands. Even immigrated to Vancouver Island before I got married. What part of Canada do you live in NA?

      2. Blank, that’s a perfect saying! I truly wish happiness for Dr. PH. He seems likes a super guy and a great catch for some lucky lady. I don’t know Dr. HQ very much, but if it’s a love connection, I’m happy for them.

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