Nothing’s Impossible




There are times when even my charm is in limited supply and is refusing to stretch. This often happens when I have subjected a victim to a fierce period of devaluation so that they have been pushed to their limits and they are at breaking point. Something stirs inside of them which causes them to decide that they need to escape me. They may not fully understand why but they know that they need to depart. It may be the case that an external influence is interfering in my carefully laid plans of denigration and this meddling threatens to puncture of even sever my supply of delicious negative fuel. It is at these moments when I am staring at the potential loss of a succulent supply of fuel that I make a particular play in order to prevent the cessation of supply. In such circumstances I will ensure that there is only you and I and that the potential for external interference is at a minimum. I need to ensure that I have your undivided attention and there will not be somebody else seeking to throw a spanner into the works. I want them excluded and banished so that I can concentrate entirely on you and make my last throw of the dice.

“I know that this time I will have to change,” I will begin as I fix you with my most earnest of looks. You stop what you are doing and look at me and already I can see the indecision in your eyes as I start with this sentence. It is always a good opening gambit. You and your like love to think that we can change, that there is some goodness deep within us that can be harnessed and used to get us back on track. You are great believers in redemption.

“I need a miracle to help me this time, “ I continue as I underline the gravity of the task that I am faced with. By according such gravitas to your stated intention to depart, I demonstrate just how seriously I am taking your threat. Inside I am exploding with rage at your audacity in daring to even to suggest that you will leave me. Me, of all people, me who has done so much for you. It is everything I can do to contain the fury but I know I must do so for an explosion now will be what finally pushes you away.

“How did we come to be this far apart?” I ask fixing you with a pleading look. By underlining that we were once so close, nay inseparable, I am appealing to your desire to bring us back to that closeness once again. This also allows you a chance to talk and talk is something you like to do. I let you trot out all the perceived injustices that you have supposedly suffered at my hands. I hear little of it because I know that you are mistaken and this is all based on your incorrect perceptions of me. This time I just have to let it wash over me in order to allow my influence to exert itself over you. I cannot stand to be criticised and inside I am dying but I am taking this blow for the greater good, the greater good of ensuring this precious fuel supply remains intact.

“Just tell me what you need me to do and I will do it,” I trot out next, conning you into thinking that you have some vestige of power and authority over me, when of course you have none. Again in order to serve my own purposes I am content to allow you to think that you can bring some influence to bear over me. Again this will give you a chance to detail all of the change and remedial behaviours you expect me to engage in. I will nod and make the appropriate noises as you ramble on about the changes you want me to effect. I pluck the lines which I have heard others use on so many occasions to enable me to continue my con. You are suckered by it on every occasion. I know it works and this is why I do it.

“I know we can get through this, nothing’s impossible,” I add as I take your hands and stare into your eyes. Invariably this line secures you giving me yet another chance and your relief eclipses my own as I know that I have you once again. Your joy at not parting provides me with even further fuel and I can allow you a brief golden period by way of reward. After all, you may as well enjoy it because it is not going to last for long is it?

10 thoughts on “Nothing’s Impossible

  1. Jane hall says:

    No Christmas Hoover. Yay.

    Heard all those things HG
    “I can change”
    “I will only love you”
    “you are the only one I love”

    “We have had so much stress lately, bound to affect us”

    “We were making such strides forward”

    blah blah blah
    white noise.

    Had a very happy Christmas without him. I hear his mum and dad are under the weather. Not the turkey I am sure. Just their Son the biggest turkey of them all ruining their Christmas I expect.

    Maybe now, they will realise what I have had to put up with. But probably not. Blood is thicker than water.

  2. amy says:

    The golden period after each prolonged no contact gets shorter and shorter. No. It will never last. That emotional reasoning is such a bitch!

  3. Nika says:

    It is sad that the joy cannot simply last forever.

  4. Leslie says:

    Usually good for 2 hours max 2 weeks. Such a waste of my time.

  5. Jeslestik says:

    Can a narc be an empath as guilty of both characteristics an traits?

    1. HG Tudor says:


  6. 69Revolver says:

    Oh, such are the 2018 Holiday Hoovers that I’ve received.

    Peace out Narc and a F’ing Miserable 2019 to you.

    1. Em says:

      Yes I’ve had holiday hoovers too. As I declined now I’m getting a silent treatment.
      Oh how I wait for it all to come crashing down for him in 2019.

      1. 69Revolver says:

        But Em, we *want* the silent treatment from them….forever.
        Those damn hoovers are him flopping his big, fat, hairy toe across a boundary *I* imposed. His actions are disrespectful and a complete affront to me.
        I wish he’d give me the silent treatment forever. Just leave me the hell alone.

        No Contact in 2019 will be as robust as ever. The Hoover Bar is set high baby!

        1. Em says:

          69Revolver I agree all that boundary breaking and i even start to enjoy and respond. I need silence forever. He’s turned up the hoovering this year and then turns it off with no warning probably because I wounded him or he realised he wouldn’t get any more fuel from me over xmas or he has thought fuel of me left hanging.
          I so want 2019 to be totally silent. Raising that bar too – cheers 🍻

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