Narc Tales

Narc Tales

The Three Little Pigs? They’re bacon now.

Rapunzel? Had a nightmare and all her hair fell out.

Sleeping Beauty? Overslept and missed her appointment with her plastic surgeon.


You may be familiar with fairy tales but prepare yourself for Narc Tales, a collection of dark, entertaining but most of all instructive and educational tales written by the creative and insightful HG Tudor.

What better way to equip yourself with unique information about narcissists, empaths and the dynamic between them than to do so through the medium of story telling. Yet, these are no ordinary tales, no fluffy yarns with a happy ever after. No, these are Narc Tales and you will find fantastic knowledge wrapped up in amusement, intrigue, beguilement and shock. Where Prince Ultra Charming roams, The Very Wicked MatriNarc schemes and The Super Empath Strikes Back – a delicious read from the most delicious of dark minds.

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8 thoughts on “Narc Tales

  1. Clariel Parke says:

    Ha ha this is hilarious! Cautionary tales for consenting adults. Supremely entertaining and also educational. I love it! Narc Tales will henceforth be my go to bedtime companion.

    HG, if this were a hardback book with suitable illustrations, I’d buy it and keep it on my bedside table 😀

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Noted. and thank you.

  2. NarcAngel says:

    This book is a delicious treat. HG’s wickedly humorous bent on a normally dark subject still manages to get the message across while entertaining you at the same time.
    Warning: This book may forever alter your view of whales and eyebrows.

    1. windstorm says:

      Sounds like a good book review. You put it on Amazon?

  3. foolme1time says:

    I loved this book! It made me laugh! But it also makes you think! So many good lessons in this one! I truly believe HG could write anything and make it amazing! This is a good one! Thank you HG! 🦜 OMG! NA! Your parrot got away!! 🤣🤣🤪

  4. Joanne says:

    LOL. My belief in “Fairy Tales” is probably what got me into this mess in the first place.

    I’m reading Adored and Abhorred right now. It is absolutely UNREAL the parallels between this book and the things that were said to me. Granted, my version is not QUITE as intense, but the “adoration” chapters are shockingly similar. Just furthers my understanding that not a single word of it was real.
    (and yes HG I will leave an Amazon review 😉

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

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