The Geyser Empath


The Geyser Empath is an individual who is empathic in nature with the additional tendency to fountain with emotion. All empaths are emotional, it goes with the territory but some empaths are far more emotional than others.

This type of empathic tendency is marked by high energy levels. One might even go so far as to say that shades of hyper activity start to appear with the Geyser Empath. He or she is always on the go, heading here and travelling there, seeking out people to see how they are and to exhibit their significant caring side with plenty of suitable expressions of concern, empathy and understanding. The Geyser Empath is very useful for our kind because of how expressive they are with regard to their emotions. Their responses are exaggerated. This does not mean that they are false, far from it, the exaggeration appears as a heightened response which is very useful for us to witness and then allows us to mimic it.There is no subtlety involved. When the Geyser Empath is happy it is shown as a torrent of joy, their concern is grave and focussed and their hurt is not of a silent tear but the wail and tears of the tortured. Such displays may seem melodramatic to some, but they are not, they are exactly how the Geyser Empath feels.

The Geyser Empath, owing to the high energy levels talks often about how he or she feels but this is not a case of them explaining that because it must be all about them, but rather they will convey those feelings in order to help others by causing them to better understand. When someone talks about being in despair, the Geyser Empath will relate how they know despair only too well and will articulate that feeling in order to demonstrate that they understand how the listener feels.

This person has a tissue thin skin and is highly sensitive. They are very easily hurt and when we lash out against them, they respond with a fountain of emotion. If they are praised, their thanks will gush from them with greater intensity than a Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar acceptance speech. If they are denigrated, the tears will not flow but they will cascade along with that trembling bottom lip and a near histrionic response to the pain caused by wounding words. The Geyser Empath is unable to put on a brave face. Whilst the Carrier Empath is dogged and stoic in the face of adversity, focussing their empathy on resolving the situation in  a practical fashion, the Geyser Empath will dissolve in a bubbling mess of tears. They are completely unable to conceal their emotions, even for a short time. A Carrier Empath can do so because they shift their feelings on to solving a problem. The Geyser Empath does not have that function. They are excellent at tea and sympathy, kind and comforting words flowing, but of little use practically.

Unlike the Magnet Empath, the Geyser Empath is better dealing with intimate and one-on-one situations rather than handling a crowd. The Geyser Empath loves nothing more than finding an individual as their project and wanting to use their biggest asset in order to resolve issues; their utter devotion to love. They are the greatest love devotees of all empaths, they truly believe that with love everything can be solved. Love conquers everything, all you need is love, love will save the day. If you were to ask them just how this happens, they could not answer, but explain that love works in mysterious ways and by being loving, showing love and acting with love in each and everything they do, this will resolve problems, heal hurt and bring happiness to all.

This devotion to love means that the Geyser Empath is big on romance and will readily fall prey to overt exhibitions of passion, love and romance from our kind. Any narcissist which presents as the knight in shining armour will have the Geyser Empath’s attention from the beginning as he or she believes they have found a kindred spirit. The Geyser Empath’s overt displays of emotion make our task of mirroring so much easier. He or she will wear his or her heart on their sleeve and they will suffer repeated heartbreak. Notwithstanding this outcome, the Geyser Empath is undeterred. They will suffer misery and pain from this broken heart and they will then affirm their belief in love and bounce back. No matter how devastated they are following the shattering of their heart, they will piece it back together and will do so with greater speed amongst the empathic types. They may suffer considerable pain and they will exhibit the effect more greatly than other empathic types but they also re-charge with a greater speed as a consequence of their devotion to love. Their belief is unshakeable. No matter how many times they are let down, hurt, cheated on and so forth, they will soon bounce back. They are not naïve but rather have an undimmed and undented belief in the power of love. This capacity for returning to the arena of love so promptly after heartache means that they are ideal candidates for post discard and post escape hoovers as they ‘refuel’ so quickly.

The Geyser Empath is highly sensitive and will be moved to tears regularly be they tears of joy or tears of pain. There will often be a need for a tissue when this person is around. One might be moved to consider them as someone pathetic but that would be an inappropriate label. Yes the Geyser Empath is very easy to manipulate into spurting out fuel and because of their beliefs they will suffer repeated hurts but their strength lies in their unwavering belief in love and how they soon bounce back following their set backs. They will do Misery 2.0 when they are wounded and hurt, the sobbing, the wailing and the tears will be extensive but it will not last. They do not wallow, but wipe away the tears, reapply the mascara, smooth down the rumpled clothes and climb right back on to their Unicorn of Love and Hope and gallop into the fray once again. The Geyser Empath can exhibit unpredictability of response. There will always be emotion, which suits our kind, but the extent and intensity of it may at times be so startling that it actually affects the standing of the narcissist with third parties who look on and witness what appears to them to be histrionics and melodrama. Exerting control over this emotional output can at times prove difficult for all save the Greater Narcissist.

The Geyser Empath lacks the serenity of the Magnet Empath and there is no cool deliberation of the Carrier. The Geyser will erupt with emotion with squeals of delight at the good news of a friend who is to be a parent, the triumphant praise for a colleague who has secured a promotion and the devastated collapse following the death of a loved one. The Geyser Empath believes that everyone has the capacity to love and that once they do, all their ills will be solved.

This person appeals to all schools of narcissist because of the high fuel content that is provided and the ease by which it can be provoked. They are easy to seduce but tend to suffer swifter devaluations than other empaths because they shine brighter and thus run the risk of our kind becoming familiar with their fuel in a quicker time so that the potency loses its lustre sooner. As explained above however, they are prime candidates for hoovers and often the hoover bar is lower for them as a consequence of the narcissist knowing that so much delicious fuel will become available with the added bonus of it being hoover fuel and furthermore because the devotion to love means that the Geyser Empath has a greater susceptibility to giving second, third and fourth chances.

The Geyser Empathic tendency is evident in all of the classes of empathic individuals. This tendency is often seen amongst the Co-Dependent class when this tendency manifests in an extreme form. Its presence will exist in Empaths but tends to be mixed with other empathic tendencies as well so the effect will be slightly diluted but not muted. With regard to the Super Empath it is unusual to see the Geyser Empathic tendency because of the Super Empath’s inherent resilience to both a sudden devaluation and being hoovered, however it will be seen amongst those who are borderline personality disorder as their displays of emotion and tissue thin emotional skin exhibit when their empathic side is unleashed and the resilience of the Super Empath is demonstrated when they lash out and withdraw.

The Lesser is drawn to those with this tendency because the effort required is so minimal to prompt a response and thus accords with the Lesser narcissist’s lower energy levels and reduced cognitive function for manipulation and machinations. The Mid-Ranger will also be attracted because of the fuel on offer and the ease by which it can be harvested but the emotional volatility can become wearing to the Mid-Ranger because he will struggle to assert control to achieve some of his aims. The Greater revels in those with Geyser Empathic tendencies finding the sudden eruptions amusing and playing straight into his portrayal of the individual as unbalanced and unhinged. He or she will take a perverse pleasure in provoking the Geyser into giving more and more fuel.

17 thoughts on “The Geyser Empath


    I am a “geyser empath”. The problem is, I started fighting back. He doesn’t like that. Does gray rock really work?

  2. inspire2bu says:

    Do you write on the magnet empath in detail such as this on the geyser empath?
    I have a situation with a guy… I’m pretty sure he’s not a narc, but he’s definitely playing and feeding on my loving giving soft tender nature. Since I’ve been told I have a “high tolerance for inappropriate behavior,” I suppose my glasses are fogged a bit.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes, there is an article re Magnet Empath it was published a few days ago.

      1. inspire2bu says:

        Thank you. I will look for it

      2. inspire2bu says:

        I found it and yes, I am VERY much a magnet empath! Thank you for the article.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome.

  3. Renarde says:

    Now, I did meet one of this cadre a couple of times. She was a ‘yipper’. Highly excitable. This one had a very good heart but I could only take her in small doses. Fuck knows how she would have come across to an N. She drew attention to herself, not as a Magnet would do but by these constant ‘yips’ that she would vocalise as a nearby lesser tickled her. This was pre-W for me.

    Funnily enough, I was with my ex partner, an N, and we watched her together. I’d like to be able to say what he was but I just can’t. He definately WASN’T a middle. Very intelligent but not academic. Flamboyant. Really fucking mischievous. We would often sit and giggle together at japes we could get ourselves into.

    Anyway, she was young. Early twenties. I’ve not seen her in some time and now I wonder if she’s OK. She was a sub and just so open, so unaware, the scene is amazing, meeting amazing people etc. Just naive really.

  4. marinathemermaid3 says:

    I think in my younger days I was a geyser but now I’m mainly a magnet.
    Also, I used to be more of a romantic but have realized how much the “in love” phase is really just a projection. There is no perfect person anywhere! The term “soul mate” is so immature. We are all soul mates. When we get a high off of our feelings for another, we really are just seeking ourselves. Narcs are good at using this because they know how to mirror us.

  5. Kellie Mccoey says:

    I like her, she sounds fun

  6. Fuel on the Shelf says:

    Just posting again as I forgot to check the subscribe box for this one…

  7. Fuel on the Shelf says:

    “The Mid-Ranger will also be attracted because of the fuel on offer and the ease by which it can be harvested but the emotional volatility can become wearing to the Mid-Ranger because he will struggle to assert control to achieve some of his aims.”

    This is, word for word, how it has been with my MMRN for the last 3 weeks. “I don’t think that I want space”. Holy hell, nailed it to the fuckin Narc wall.

    He calls me “hypersensitive”. He says “I never know what I am going to get with you. You have 3 settings. When it comes to your emotionality, you are either fine, teetering on the edge or spiraling out of control. And when you spiral you lash out and are VERY hurtful!”

    That is….WORD FOR WORD VERBATIM from the text he sent me the other day!!

    Forget paying you to determine what I am HG. I think Piano fuckboy already made me figure it out!

    I swear sometimes I think he has to be self-aware if he can dissect ME so accurately. Ugh. WHY????

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Your emotional thinking makes you think that so you think he is self-aware so that he might change. He is not and he will not. Implement GOSO.

    2. Whitney says:

      Hi Fuel on Shelf 🙂

      My Lower Mid Range (LMR) said I was:
      Erratic, High Strung, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Unpredictable, Gave him anxiety, Dramatic, Abusive.

      And he was “just a calm easy going person”.

      But my emotion was a reaction to abuse. He said this stuff whenever I questioned him.

      1. Fuel on the Shelf says:

        Piano Boy expressed similar sentiments to me. He called me manic, said I had extreme highs and lows, gave him anxiety. He never called me abusive though. He used to always say “you do so much for me, I don’t deserve you”. He never insulted my actions, he only insulted my mind by calling me manic and hypersensitive.

        And yep he was a calm easy going person who never lost his shit. I was the only one who made him snap in the last 20 years.

        Oh and when I questioned him he used to tell me that I was “lashing out” and I was “hurtful”. And when I said to him “I am simply stating how I feel” he replied “Fair enough. But my responses are reactionary to YOUR behavior!!”

        Oooooh that must be a nice way of saying it’s MY fault right?

      2. Fuel on the Shelf says:

        HG, why do they always spout their psychological babble, making it sound like they are some kind of goddamned amateur therapist or some shit?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Grandiosity, perceived superiority and in order to belittle you and make you realise that YOU are the problem.

    3. Mary says:

      Fuel on the Shelf,

      Gabs, re: “why do they always spout their psychological babble, making it sound like they are some kind of goddamned amateur therapist or some shit?”

      My online narc initially tricked me into thinking he was insightful because early on he had moments where he pulled a great deal of psychological terms out of his ass. (I say out of his ass because it was sporadic and inconsistent so it felt like something he was “trying on.”) Later on, he used it against me when I’d call him on his behaviors, saying I was projecting or deflecting. I honestly think he picked up some terminology from other women he seduced. I’m guessing a few called him on HIS projection and he just chose to adopt the terminology make himself sound like he has insight. His goal being so I would trust him more, assume he is wiser, and be easier to control.


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