You Said We’d Always Be Together



You told me that we would always be together. Do you remember that? I certainly do. We did so much together didn’t we? I would call on you or you would call on me and just the two of us would fill our days together. Nothing concerned us. We had one another. We liked the same things and the same things made us laugh. We used to laugh a lot didn’t we? Great big laughs which shook our bodies and made it hard to breathe. We would set one another off and the more you laughed the more you made me laugh and vice versa. We would collapse to the ground pointing and laughing as the tears rolled down our faces. People used to look at us and wonder what has got into those two again? We found humour in so many things and whatever one pointed out the other understood straight away. We worked together too we were a true team. Each knew what the other wanted and we never argued about it. You had your role and I had mine and together we got along just fine. I did not want anyone else apart from you. I did not need anyone other than you. Every day I would wonder what it would have in store for us as we explored and investigated the world together. There was never any disagreement about what we wanted to do. I made a suggestion and you agreed with it. You came up with an idea and I liked it.

The summer was the best time. Those long days. We would be up and away as the first rind of dawn broke on the horizon as the world was not even waking up. How we enjoyed the silence as we made our way to seek out the day’s adventure. We would explore and find something new even if we had been down that path on a previous occasion. Sometimes there would be a scrape and we would have that moment of panic, that sudden uncertainty until we helped one another and then we would halt, free of the danger and stand panting until the laughter took us.

“You should have seen your face,” you would laugh.

“You should have seen yours,” I would respond.

We would break into paroxysms of laughter once again but this time there would be nobody to hear us. Many times we would follow the old rutted and meandering path into the forest to spend time at that lake. The water cool and inviting, an ideal antidote to the heat of the day. The clearing would echo to our shouts as we embarked on some new escapade but there was only ever us there. Nobody knew about this place or if they did, they never chose to visit it. It was a secret place. It was our secret place. Although we loved it most during the summer for it offered so many possibilities for excitement, we did not abandon our haven in the other seasons. Autumn would see us attend there amidst the blustery wind and the swirling leaves to collect and forage. Winter would be a spectacular vision of sparkling whites. The lake frozen and unyielding, a beautiful yet deadly spectacle out before us. Spring brought the smell of life and rejuvenation as the pouring rain woke the forest once again. We loved it all but best of all we loved it together.

We were inseparable and even though the march of time had cast others asunder it had not even shown the first inkling of doing the same to us. We had something different, something that was forever, something real. It was something forged from such similarity that we really were two halves of the same thing. We often looked at one another stood beside that silent pool, the birds silent, too tired from the heat to fly or sing. We stared at our reflections in the tranquil water and without speaking recognised our similarities. It might not have ever come to happen. I sometimes made reference to this serendipity that we had enjoyed but you preferred not to talk about it. I did not mind. It was admittedly easier that way. Sometimes as we crouched beneath the shielding canopy of a tree as the rain lashed down around us, the drumming noise so great that it filled our ears with sound, I would ask if this would always be the way it would be. Without fail you always reassured me.

“We will always be together, I promise.”

You would tell me and I knew you meant it. I knew you stood by your promises.

I know you did not choose to break that promise. Somebody else did. They broke it and then you were gone. It was not the only thing that broke that day.

7 thoughts on “You Said We’d Always Be Together

  1. mommypino says:

    One of my favorites. So beautifully written and so mysterious.

  2. Narc noob says:

    Loved this one. Always engaging. That ending though! 😆

    Can you write an article from one of your IPPS standpoint that has a good (ish) ending? Lol, and END is not the prominent word.

  3. Veronique Jones says:

    Forever is a very long time I would not ever promise that ever again if I attract another narcissist the only thing he will get forever is no contact

    1. Kayden says:

      Beautifully written and hits so completely home that it almost takes my breath away…

  4. Maddox says:

    It’s a lovely dream hg

  5. J.G says:

    Hello H.G.Tudor…
    As you say, words are worth a lot and cost little. And these, the wind blows them away.
    With them, the narcissist so easily creates his mirages and false realities. False promises, that will make you believe in fantasy.
    Really, when this occurs in the golden age, it will be difficult for the victim to realize the deception. From the sugar poured into his ears, which he seizes, he will fall carried by his own instincts, desires and aspirations to obtain a perfect Love.
    This (love) so unreal, as the promises and the acquired commitment.
    For in real life, everything that begins has an end.
    And what the victim does not know is that the countdown has already begun and the end of this count will come after.
    His destiny is written and this is difficult to change. Rejecting dangers, denying signals, blinding oneself to red flags, losing common sense.
    Why not? Blinded by their brightness, like the light of the sun.
    You are being led to a place beyond reality, under your mental control.
    Simply its annihilation at the end of the countdown…

    Blessings to all… lux not blinding to all

    H.G. Tudor, I wish you all the best, too. Lots of light.
    Less fuel, you know, better renewable energy. Less toxics.
    I know you are making an effort to adapt to new energy trends. hahahaha.

  6. TY says:

    HG, As always, this is so beautifully written, and so very true. Thank you.

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