Outnumbered But Not Outgunned

Want to fight back?

Bolster your arsenal by learning about what the narcissist thinks and fears.

An array of insights which will help you outgun the narcissist.

US  e-book here

UK e-book here

CAN  e-book here

AUS e-book here




5 thoughts on “Outnumbered But Not Outgunned

  1. sarita133 says:

    Is there a paperback version in the US? I looked at Amazon and I could not find it.

    1. sarita133 says:

      I am referring to the book “Outnumbered not outgunned”

    2. HG Tudor says:

      Not at present.

  2. manuel says:

    I can not buy books in download format in Spain. Can I read them using the translator? I do not know English, thanks

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Email me and I will help you regarding the Spanish translations of my work

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