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Fuel is the first Prime Aim of our kind. You need to understand it and how it applies to your interaction with the narcissist. One element of that understanding concerns its applicability in terms of potency, amount and frequency. Often victims believe they have given a huge amount of fuel when they have not. Other times they think that they have given no fuel, when actually they have. This will assist you understanding more about fuel and how that is affecting your dynamic with the narcissist.

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4 thoughts on “Fuel : Knowledge Bulletin

  1. Bibi says:

    Very much enjoying your recent uploads, esp. ‘Are you the Narcissist’? These vids have more a conversational approach so in that one in particular I felt like you were speaking to me directly.

    I called the Mid Ranger out as a narc before I knew what it really meant. (Just that he was self-centered and no regards for my feelings.)

    He responded with, ‘I AM NOT A NARCISSIST.’

    The funny thing is I know he checks my public FB page where I have a Goodreads page and on that page I have starred a number of your books.

    He is self-centered enough to imbue himself into those books, and he would be right.

    Why is she reading all these books about narcissists? I would bet my life that he has visited your blog. He called me obsessed but I know he watches what I do online.

    But back to my point. I feel like he would consider ‘Am I a narcissist?’ for a few moments. He would entertain the idea. But unlike empaths who would REALLY question it, he would be thinking of the ways why he is NOT a narcissist.

    I can envision a msg from him saying, ‘I have thought about it and there is no way I am a narcissist and here is why, you have done this and that blah blah.’

    It is also fascinating to hear that you’ve had Mid Rangers contact you, believing they are Greaters. Very interesting!

    1. A Girl Is No-One says:

      Agreed, Bibi

      One thing I do online is keep everything private or for ‘friends only’ – merely to save the bullshit of anyone ‘stalking’ me or reading any of my stuff and thinking it’s aimed for anyone. I keep mine to jokey memes or funny musings, (mainly because I’m depressed and trying to hide the fact) but it baffles me why people (outside of forums or groups where people can benefit from) choose to put their Facebook or IG accounts public. People I know have theirs public all the time and people I know have changed theirs to public from friends only when they split from their partners – presumably because they want them to see. They want them to see that ‘having a ball’ status. And that ‘men are bastards’ quote. I think they must be Empaths but with substantial Narcissistic traits coming to the forefront because of anger/confusion/justice. But they can’t all be.

  2. J.G THE ONE says:

    Hello, H.G.Tudor.
    I have listened to this audio post and it is frankly an essential piece for understanding the fuel and dynamics of the narcissist.
    The understanding of it makes you see that the relationship with any person with these traits is unfeasible in any way. One must be all day attending and worshipping like a god.
    But what madness this is. And what merciless gods, by not being properly attended to, cover you with the ten plagues of Egypt. hahahahaha.
    HG, Just once more a brilliant post. Later I will reread fuel.
    I love to learn and understand the narcissistic theme, to understand what was lived, and not to make mistakes again of the past, with people in the future, living the present.

  3. A Girl Is No-One says:

    I’ve edited the part where you say ‘I love you’ and put it on a repetitive loop for my alarm clock as an insentive to get my ass out of bed. Furthermore, I’ve took the ‘fuck’ from the ‘fuck you’ and put that on a repetitive loop to play back whilst I’m riding my bed pillow.

    All these audio files are vital to my recovery and I can’t stress this enough.

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