Sitting Target

Why did the narcissist choose you? How did he or she go about deciding that you were the ideal target for him to launch his campaign of seduction upon? Did you do something to attract the attentions of this dangerous foe? This direct and comprehensive book will enable you to understand what it is that the varying types of narcissist look for when they are searching for victims. Whether you wish to prevent it happening again or you need to understand why you were chosen, this book will deliver the answers in an uncompromising and straight forward manner. What are the things that various types of narcissist look for? How do they go about establishing their targets satisfy those traits? What are the Special Traits which attract all narcissists? Where are their hunting grounds and which is the most dangerous? Who does the narcissist go after and why are certain people left alone? What does the narcissist mean when he or she is looking for green lights? These questions and more are answered in this hard-hitting and unsettling look into why the narcissist chooses you.

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7 thoughts on “Sitting Target

  1. Claire says:

    Reading this now. You mention lessers won’t infiltrate the gym. I see a lot of really dumb (yet buff) men at the gym!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      There’s a difference between infiltrate and being there to begin with.

      1. Claire says:

        I don’t know what you mean—they are dumb though for sure so it’s not like I’d go out with them anyway.

        1. Twilight says:


          They were already at the gym they didn’t infiltrate the gym. You are also assuming they are lessors, they just could be unintelligent and brutish and not be lessors.

          1. Claire says:

            Absolutely correct.

          2. Twilight says:


            I get tired of the many assuming people are narcissists just because they are either unintelligent, brutish, or what ever trait they see that may indicate the possibility of them being a narcissist.
            Look at those that ghost people, not all are narcissist, yet the one being ghost will jump to the they are. I know many who do this and aren’t. Society has accepted this to be a norm and one trait that true narcissist can hide behind and get away with it explaining it off as well o was and it is ok if I do it bull shit. Just because everyone is doing something that is wrong doesn’t make it right, I don’t care what excuse ones emotional thinking cons them into believing.

            This really isn’t directed towards you just one of many observations I have made.

          3. Claire says:

            I think we all know logically this—the application of it I certainly falter. I in fact had a total face tattooed “thug” recently talk to me quite eloquently about various varieties of wine and he gave factual information. Of course it wasn’t “fitting.” Stereotypes can be protective and at the same time prohibitory as not being open minded diminishes the opportunity and possibilities people can provide. I have tickets for a variety of events for instance. I guarantee I am going to have a f*#%*## blast seeing Lil Wayne next month in concert. I see Bocelli in December. It will be pleasant—not a blast. I’m stereotyping the possibilities yes but my experiences shape these thoughts.
            You are absolutely a lovely and kind person—I in no way have this degree of goodwill. I’m glad I did the empath thing—HG said I wasn’t a psychopath lol.

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