How To Co-Parent With A Narcissist


Often viewed as one of the harshest outcomes from an ensnarement with a narcissist is the issue of children and co-parenting with the narcissist. A frequent question that is asked of me by many individuals who find themselves in this predicament, worn down and unsure of how to go about this in an effective manner for both themselves and also their child or children.

The most common reason given to failing to implement total no contact is the issue of shared parenting with a narcissist. The attempt to escape the nightmare of ensnarement is viewed as unachievable and increases the concern, fear and anxiety for the non-narcissist parent in feeling eternally chained.

Using HG Tudor’s established expertise with regard to the field of narcissists and narcissism, this Assistance Package addresses a wide range of matters in an easy-to-understand manner, with practical advice and tips which have been successfully used by individuals co-parenting with narcissists and all based on HG Tudor’s unrivalled understanding.

This Assistance package covers

Co-Parenting as part of your no contact regime

Tackling handover arrangements with regard to children

Reducing the risk of being hoovered because of co-parenting

Handling hoovers if they happen through the co-parenting regime

How to address communication with the narcissist with regard to co-parenting

What to do when the narcissist becomes problematic concerning arrangements

What to do where the narcissist involves a new partner with the children

What to expect in terms of the extent and regularity of the narcissist’s involvement in the co-parenting process

How to deal with joint decision-making, such as matters of education or health

How to handle occasions where joint appearances occur in relation to school or sporting events

Plus much more ground-breaking and supportive information.

To receive this information which costs US $ 125 for a comprehensive Assistance Package which you can access in your own time and at your own pace, simply use the PayPal button below to make payment and you will then receive a Common Sense Protocol which governs the Assistance Package and the Assistance Package itself.

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8 thoughts on “How To Co-Parent With A Narcissist

  1. Claire says:

    Part 3 is complete. I can only absorb so much at a time. You know what—I know you are correct ok. I know this. Yet—I still want to fight by saying, “It’s so inconvenient not to be able to text things..” Fuck this is a pain in the ass. It is inconvenient but it opens the door for everything you say and there we go again and again. A holy pain in the ass not to be able to text simple kid shit like “(unnamed) needs his back pack..” I need to iron this out with you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Understandable Claire, ready when you are to assist you further.

  2. Claire says:

    HG—-you should have told me to get this in consultation! So far it’s a great piece as I’m on part 3. Unfortunately I’m forced to have some communication. He could honestly be a heroin addict but as long as he could demonstrate a “safety plan” not to overdose while with the kids he is entitled to shared parenting where we are. It’s frustrating because an obviously triangulating narcissist can show up to court and they get a ticker tape parade for making the effort to find parking at a busy court house. I’ve had a really rough few days due to his behavior coupled by my emotional thinking so this is good medicine to recoup and focus. It’s really a must have for a divorce, hence why I purchased the divorce piece as well because it’s never ending.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I did tell you! I am pleased you are finding it of such use.

      1. Claire says:

        Uh no you didn’t. Your salesmanship is NOT that of an upper lesser used car salesman hungry for funds to buy Barcardi and Rum post shift at the local pub. You need to call Melanie Tonia Evans and take notes. That woman infiltrated my email with a bullshit healing program that if I didn’t buy I was gonna be left floundering like a turtle stuck on its back. OK! Up your game HG. Just because you are an elite greater doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I did mention it in consultation, but no matter, you have it now.

          1. Claire says:

            Correct and it’s possible my head was in a cloud. I kinda hope you forget anything we’ve ever discussed frankly! It’s like having a really bad STD and feeling better after the bath and being embarrassed I caught the clap in the first place. My emotional thinking made me eat 2 pieces of banana bread yesterday and some dip that wasn’t on my plan. I know it seems silly but I view it as impacting my goals and my health to eat poorly and be exhausted from my thoughts. There is some clean up in order.

        2. Claire says:

          Oops Barcardi and coke! Bacardi is shit rum..

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