The House Of Tudor

Salutations Weaponised Empaths!

You asked. I delivered.

Enter the House of Tudor

11 thoughts on “The House Of Tudor

  1. nunya biz says:


    1. Lou says:

      NB, if you already got the mug, it means delivery was quick.
      Nice idea to put it as your avatar.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        HG approves, let’s see that merch!

      2. nunya biz says:

        Lou, I was just so excited I couldn’t help it! It arrived faster than I expected, was surprised to see it.

    2. MB says:

      I got the same mug NB! I picked mine up at the PO yesterday. Not sure when it was delivered.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        HG approves. What was your first drink from the Mug of Power?

        1. MB says:

          Lemon ginger tea. How did you know I had used it already?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            There is a camera inside it.

          2. MB says:

            I wouldn’t expect anything less!

          3. nunya biz says:

            I had black tea immediately.

            I like the reminder to be logical and not get carried away.

  2. Tamara says:

    I have an NUU phone, and it’s difficult to find a cell phone cover for it, though I’ve been looking. I ordered one off Amazon for $20, but had to return it because it did not fit.

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