Voice of the Readers – No. 3


6 thoughts on “Voice of the Readers – No. 3

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I really enjoyed reading ‘Voice of the Readers’ series. They made for excellent reading. I am commenting on this one because I found myself resonating with this ‘Voice’ more than the others and would have more or less said similar words.

    I have no doubt that HG will become famous for his work that he has done here, which is more than anyone else has done on the reality of the subject worldwide. In my opinion, HG has always been prosocial by doing KTN, The Ultra channel on YouTube, and other social media platforms. People will look back at this time and say ‘this is what he did for humanity and the world of psychology’ and he should also be recognised as being the humanitarian he is today.

  2. Trudy says:

    Totally agree. I also stumbled across HG exactly when I needed to be educated, alot sooner would have been fantastic on my part. I find it amazing how we all seem to start searching for an answer to our situations. As if our gut is telling us that this particular relationship is not normal nor healthy. In the very end I used to sit right next to my mid range narcissistic husband with my headphones in listening to HG whilst he watched tv. So a huge Thank you to HG. I see you even have merchandise now HG. Very clever. 👍 👏 😀 Please keep writing because you are making a difference and you are actually saving alot of children substantial amounts of heartache due to educating us with your writings. I’m positive I would still be in that toxic marriage with the love bombing, thinking the exact what if’s, what if he does change this time? Moving the children constantly, we moved 6 times in 5 years. All the red flags that no one tells you are actually red flags and a red flag means Run, fast in the total opposite direction.

    1. empath007 says:

      Your first statement is so true. I believe even in the poll research came out as the number one reason why.

      It only goes to show that as much as we feel the need to seek the truth. The only truth we need is what we feel in our hearts. If something isn’t right it’s not… in the future I am wanting to work on trusting myself and my intuition and not getting sucked in to other people’s worlds.

  3. deniseisdone says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  4. Liane says:

    I agree with Lisa, especially her last sentence!

  5. susisorglos66 says:

    I agree with you 100% !!! 👍🏻

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