Treasured and Tormented


An unrivalled journey into the depths of the narcissistic mind. Understand why the narcissist will treasure you and then in the blink of an eye unleash a litany of torments against you. Learn about how the narcissist thinks and acts as you are granted a unique insight into the world of the narcissist and his machinations.


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One thought on “Treasured and Tormented

  1. JustEmpath says:


    I wonder… we all know stories about women who were seduced by charming man (mainly online), they were love bombed and seduced and after a while man starts asking for money because he has some “sudden troubles”… Women gives them money and then he is gone. Then you read in newspaper that this con artist was caught and he has long list of victims who borrowed them money and never get them back. Women of course where totally in love, they believed they found their soul mate and wanted to help their partner in need.

    Are those men your kind? Are they narcissists? Or sociopaths/psychopaths?

    It looks like they have plan to take your money from the very beginning so it doesn’t look like typical narcissistic relationship where narcissist truly believes his new woman “is the one” and he instinctively starts to devalue them because their fuel gets stale… On the other hand they have to be antisocial to do something like that and have the charm and cold blood.

    Who they are?

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