A Very Royal Narcissist 2


Just over a year ago I wrote about Meghan Markle on the occasion of her forthcoming wedding

A Very Royal Narcissist

The article and YouTube recording certainly provoked substantial interest and comment (although a number made it about race which completely missed the point, but then some people are not exactly on the ball in the old cognitive brilliance department are they? It was about NARCISSISM.)

How has Meghan Markle fared in the last year? She fell pregnant, gave birth, has attended royal duties, had to deal with staffing issues and recently made an appearance at Wimbledon.

Does my analysis hold good? Has it been confirmed or was the TudorScope in need of maintenance on that occasion?

A renaissance of royal proportions or the Duchess of Devaluation?



59 thoughts on “A Very Royal Narcissist 2

  1. Michelle says:

    I find it interesting how in our society (speaking as an American here) we have a hard time recognizing that people can be both perpetrators and victims at the same time. We are prone to painting people as good or evil. In this case Meghan may have indeed been the victim of racism, but that does not say anything about her own character. She can be a genuine victim of racism and be perpetrating some kind of abuse against Harry or her own family at the same time — they aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s bizarre to me that people struggle so much to recognize this.

    1. HG Tudor says:


  2. Cheryl L. Wheeler, MA says:

    Can’t hardly wait to follow your articles on “Royal Narc”. Still not sure, but will leave open for investigating your findings! Cheryl Wheeler, MA

  3. Kiki says:

    Survivor X

    I was just browsing your comments about Hg posting and not posting

    You are a critical thinker which is great however
    I can say though HG does post every type of comment , even the ones from the lunatics and assholes

    Only last week he had to put his foot down with one particularly abusive poster everyone here knew Hg was going to stop this persons comments Thanks HG we are grateful for it

    HG always allows posters to challenge views in a constructive evidence based way

    I feel it’s a two way street HG is learning from us also I think 🤔

    Sometimes there are posters gushing about HG that is a fact .
    I got a bit annoyed about this last week normally I don’t I was having a bad day so the issue was me

    The banter here can be very witty and enjoyable several posters are very funny

    I love this blog and the support it offers

  4. Caron says:

    Megan must be a narc, but she is in the big leagues now. The royals will get her in line or knock her off. They invented narcissism. Princess Diana has said about them, “They aren’t human, you know.” The little snit from America doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into.

  5. Survivor X says:

    Honestly, I feel like Prince Harry is a psychopath. He just has a lot of attributes and incidents in my view that point to this. A lot of media coverage has given Harry a slap on the wrist when it comes to inappropriate behavior, and because Markle is an African American woman she has received much more scrutiny and criticism for it, while Harry has always displayed an exploitative and destructive streak. It became publicly condoned when he shipped off to the army to do god knows what. I think some of his duties were philanthropic, but, mainly killing. Army, but still. It struck me when he said he felt more comfortable in the army than a civilian.
    It goes without saying, however, that he is probably among the more charming people in the Royal Family, but that matters little because disordered persons are quite charming and can feign empathy. They can also quite easily make their partner look like the bad guy of the couple. Perhaps he and Markle are two disordered persons who teamed up to obtain A TON of attention and power. Being in the Royal Family in of itself is corrupting and makes one strange and esoteric when you’re in the public eye constantly. I think that it is strange that people seem shocked that Markle is an opportunist and a gold digger. Who else would want to marry Prince Harry? Maybe someone nice, but there’s not a lot of “nice” people floating around those social circles. It’s not an aspiration for the humble, unfortunately.

    1. declutteringmylifeweb says:

      I agree on that only an extroverted person would marry a royal. To be honest, women blaming her for being a gold digger, are a bit hypocrite themselves as well. They are doing the same in the offices, wearing elegant skirts and pretending to be a professional. Everybody knows this.

  6. Chihuahuamum says:

    Me again again? This will be an interesting read for sure!

  7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow says:

    It seems she’s spending more money than Kate does, so…one red flag she’s in it for the money/power.

    To H.G.: I have one question about another famous actress turned into a princess…Grace. Was she also a narcissist? Reading about her upbringing made me wonder…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I have not put Grace under the TudorScope.

      1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow says:

        Better late than never…who knows what you might find. If you have the interest and the time, of course…

  8. WiserNow says:

    This follow up article on Meghan is going to be great – I am very much looking forward to it👌🏼👏🏼

    Since HG’s first analysis and the many scathing comments about Meghan (my own included) both here on the blog and elsewhere, I have started to see the bigger picture with more logic.

    If you consider the union of a very American girl brought up in a very different culture, with the profession of actress in the American television industry, can you get a more incompatible matchup than with British royalty and its traditional and stiff conventional rules and public expectations? It makes me wonder where Harry’s head was at during the ‘seduction’. I think basic logic would suggest that it would take a longer courtship to be able to properly estimate his future wife’s personal aptitude for the role and how they would survive the public scrutiny as a couple.

    I’m beginning to see not only her part in the dynamic, but also his wishful thinking and lack of clear insight.

    This doesn’t excuse her narcissism at all. I cringe at some of the things she has done and also the way her own family behaves. However, their union is like mixing oil with water … it will take quite a lot to get the two elements to blend in a harmonious way.

    From the outside though, it is fascinating to watch. It definitely tests the Royal family’s conventional ways and the public’s sense of ownership of them.

    It’s also a little sad too. These are two individuals who have gotten married and had a baby together. This would be stressful under normal conditions. As it is, they are under the constant glare of media and public interest. Anyone would find that challenging.

    Still, even though I’ve just said that, like everyone else, I am very interested in HG’s analysis and everyone’s comments.

    1. Chihuahuamum says:

      Hi wisernow….i do wonder how much of their parents relationship will and harry observed. Its usually a repeated pattern what we see with our parents. Their parents had an unhappy marriage. Prince charles a narc and lady di i suspect a borderline.

      1. WiserNow says:


        Yes, I know what you mean. Will and Harry grew up with parents that had a very dysfunctional relationship, so they didn’t have good role models at all in that respect.

        The repeated pattern is something that happens no matter who you are too. It seems to be a necessity for empaths to go through before they finally ‘learn’ what they need to change about themselves. You can’t actually ‘see’ the reality or recognise it until you feel the pain from being ensnared and it makes you actively want to change. Before that, it’s all rose-coloured glasses, emotional thinking, and magical thinking too, like somehow, it will all just magically turn out ok.

        In Harry’s case, I think he grew up in the royal family which in itself is an unrealistic way to live. On the one hand, he is given everything on a silver platter and doesn’t really have to worry about paying bills or earning a living. On the other hand, his every move is watched closely and written about in the papers the next day. It’s an abnormal way to live.

        Add to that, the ‘wounds’ from losing his mother at a young age and also seeing his father remarry with the woman who caused his own mother so much heartache, and god only knows what is going on in his mind. I think he truly wants to do an honourable job as part of the royal family though. I think he respects the protocols and also has an empathic nature, so it will be interesting to see how things unfold for him.

  9. Tex says:

    Jeans at Windbledon – she doesn’t respect rules, disrespecting Murray, lovebombing Serena, accusing someone of taking her pictures (“all about me me me”), making herself a centre of attention. Her friends not very attractive women (she can outshine them eaisily), grandiose (booking 40 places).

    I only dont know why she doesnt care about the facade. People may stop liking her.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Have you been looking over my shoulder?!

  10. Bibi says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOH! I am looking forward to this. The dummy who writes messages in black marker on bananas, was it? Harry looked embarrassed. That poor, misguided ginger boy.

    1. WiserNow says:


      It was cringeworthy when Meghan wrote messages on the bananas. Giving ’empowering bananas’ to drug-addict street prostitutes was a telling example of how unempathic and insensitive Meghan is. She looked proud of herself too, for taking charge and coming up with an “amazing and inspiring” way to empower them. In her mind, it was all about her.

      I agree that Harry looked embarrassed too. His facial expressions have changed since they got married, in my opinion. When they got married, he was smiling and happy and it was all very touchy-feely. Now, he looks more reserved, contemplative, confused, and embarrassed. He looks like he is trying to do the right thing, but he’s not really feeling it. I think he may be waking up to the reality of his situation. However, Meghan is still smiling and waving to the crowds and lapping up all the attention, with an almost ‘plastered-on’ smile.

      I think the one thing Meghan didn’t calculate very well in her grandiose scheme of ensnaring a royal husband, is the public glare and judgement she would face. The British public don’t take kindly to an ‘outsider’ coming in and taking liberties with ‘their’ conventions and ‘their’ royal family. Meghan may have seduced Harry, but I’m not sure she can seduce the public so easily.

      1. declutteringmylifeweb says:

        This marriage was approved on by the palace. Were they not able to calculate the public’s reaction either? The early bad press came from royal insiders about her behaviour in the palace (i cant know if it was ture.) If true, did they not see it before, what did they expect? If false, why did the palace not intervene immediately to contradict the bad press? I am not able to understand what has gone so wrong. I am not British and did not follow BRF before. But it became very apparent in local press that she was being attached permanently and i started to read the British press. Embarrassing situation.

  11. Dearest HG: Amazing Analysis. Remarkable. And she now has the role of a lifetime, and it is actually real, a Duchess married to a Prince. Top Casting. And the analysis you wrote about POTUS, Donald Trump, is at least a $10,000.00 White Paper, and it inspired me to clap and give a standing cyber ovation. BRAVO. I am eager to read what is written for next week, regarding our much discussed Meghan Markle. Yay!

  12. foolme1time says:

    Spot on as usual HG. Was there really any doubt? 🙃

    1. Lorelei says:

      I hate this for Harry. Was his mom a narcissist? She flung herself down stairs once for attention right? All very borderline’ish.. She’s been described as having BPD I thought..

      1. Bibi says:

        No, Dianna was definitely not a narcissist. I don’t know about Borderline but she was depressive and her husband was a tool shed and she had cameras nosing their way into her every moment. I am surprised they didn’t take a crotch shot.

        I can’t really blame her for feeling that way. I would throw myself down the sitars too if I was married to Charles. Bleh!

        1. Survivor X says:

          She had a lot of problems, and no one made her marry him. Flawed, mythified and put on a pedestal, but not what the PR machine portrayed her to be. I still think that Dianna was wonderful, but borderline I feel, yes. She was cheating though, too. He was cheating. He’s old and farty af and we all felt badly for her, at least I did, Idk. She still did good things, and she shined so brightly, but he and she both were what they were.. I think the public liked her, the pretty, young innocent girl more than a gross old man. They were both though pretty shitty parents, both extremely self-absorbed and arrogant, and both having multiple affairs.

          1. Sally Dalbertson says:

            I dont think diana had a choice about marriage she had full weight of Spencer clan plus preciur from wiindsors she easnt the brightest lil always feel sorr x

        2. Caroline R says:

          The train wreck that was their marriage, and ended with Camillagate, was set in motion from that moment during their engagement interview:

          Interviewer: “..and you’re in love”
          Lady Diana (looking indignant): “of course!”
          Prince Charles (N-fake-smiling) “whatever love means…”
          (Close up of Diana’s face, increasingly crushed expression difficult to hide).

          Poor girl! The worst WTactualF moment of her life, and she has a TV camera broadcasting it to millions around the world.

          1. Bibi says:

            Yeah, this is just more conformation as to why Charles is a human dildo. If you ever wanted to see a dildo in human form, lo and behold Charles.

            And didn’t at one time he say to Camilla that he wanted to be her tampon? LOL!

            What a twat. I wasn’t Dianna obsessed as many were, but I can see why she would be unhappy and lonely. And she probably married him because she thought it would be a good thing and he was a good guy. Yea she didn’t have to marry him, but he was likely not behaving like dildo then.

            And then for her to die the way she did. The poor woman never got peace. Yes I know she was rich and never had to worry about money like many do, but she had her own problems. To never have privacy can really make someone crazy. Can’t even go to Starbucks without cameras nosing about.

            To be honest, I’m not a fan of the Monarchy. What do they really do? Have any of them ever had any great talents? They socialize, make appearances, play polo, have tea, blah blah. What is the point?

          2. Caroline R says:

            “human dildo…”!

            I don’t think that they’ll add that to the royal insignia…. fleur-de-lis, leopard couchant, thistle, harp, dildo…
            Thank you for the laugh!

      2. Survivor X says:

        That’s what I said, but idk what happened my comments don’t show up here, anymore. Maybe it’s because I said the monarchy is a colossal waste of everyone’s time and resources, most are disordered, and it should be shut down lol

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Yes they do, it’s called ‘being in moderation’. I do have quite a lot of other matters in my life than moderating comments, you know.

          1. Survivor X says:


          2. Survivor X says:

            I do apologize for wasting your time, HG. I will be much more punctual from now on. To pass the time while moderating one can sing a song called, ‘It’s time for the moderator’ to the beat of ‘It’s time for the percolator’ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_UlhLd76IzQ.

        2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          Survivor X: s this your reply below? If so, HG Tudor already posted it. For whatever reason, I remembered it and checked. It is not in moderation and it is already published on another page with the same title without the number 2:
          JULY 11, 2019 AT 12:35
          `I think that Harry is a psychopath based off of behavior he displayed and also super gung ho about killing people in Afghanistan. All royals are likely personality disordered and/or inbred. Even Diana although I liked her seemed like borderline, or something. I think that Britain needs to eliminate it. What a colossal waste of time and money for its people and all over the world to pay attention to these idiots (Sorry I’m Irish, so I’m biased, but still.)! So boring, so dumb, and such a waste of money.` ~~Survivor X

          1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            MAY 17, 2018 HG TUDOR 959 COMMENTS : (This is page where your comment is already posted by HG Tudor, Survivor X): JULY 11, 2019 AT 12:35
            `I think that Harry is a psychopath based off of behavior he displayed and also super gung ho about killing people in Afghanistan. All royals are likely personality disordered and/or inbred. Even Diana although I liked her seemed like borderline, or something. I think that Britain needs to eliminate it. What a colossal waste of time and money for its people and all over the world to pay attention to these idiots (Sorry I’m Irish, so I’m biased, but still.)! So boring, so dumb, and such a waste of money.`

          2. Survivor X says:

            Thank you kindly, Superprincessempath! Mainly it’s my eyes failing me. I have a google extension that enables me to see better, but not being super detail-oriented in addition to being blind as a bat, it’s difficult to figure out where my comments go. It seems like they disappear into the ether and then reappear later. Honestly, if HG deleted it, I could care less. I’m used to being cut off lol by HG or my teenage students, or otherwise. Also, it’s fun that they disappear. Like where did they fall? A hole with all my missing socks? HG has helpfully informed me on this concept of awaiting moderation 😉 I’m eternally grateful to the moderator.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            It’s called moderation. They do not disappear, they sit in moderation until I have been able to address them and sometimes that can take time.

          4. Survivor X says:

            I am disappointed that my comments aren’t in a mystical wormhole with my socks, HG, but glad that you take time out of your busy schedule to moderate comments.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            You are welcome. I am posting the socks to you by the way.

          6. Survivor X says:

            Much appreciated. My feet are filthy.

          7. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Survivor X. I never discussed all that you are bringing up. I know how blogs work, of course, just in case It appears to you that I do not. I am still glad I found your post for you since you asked where it was, and I happened to know where it was amidst all these posts and replies on this site. I was proud of myself for being able to find it and for bringing it to you and for anyone else that was curious about it, after you mentioned it. I still am proud of myself.

          8. Survivor X says:

            You should be proud of yourself because I couldn’t find it and I wrote it! 🤣

        3. Survivor X. It is funny that I remember seeing your post in the first place with all the posting that happens on Narcsite, and because so many people view HG`s Blog, evidenced by his over 15 million hits, I did not want it to appear that your post was censored by HG, for the reasons you hypothesised, or removed by this Blog Site, when I personally knew it was not the case. So for the sake of accuracy, and for the sake of my respect for the depth and importance of the work and interaction on this Blog Site, I reposted it. You know what they say, when good people do nothing……….so I took the time to so something and find your post on the other page where you posted it, and repost it over here, for your satisfaction and for the convenience of all. That is it. Anyone else would have done the same.

          1. Survivor X says:

            I admire your super empathy, PrincessSuperEmpath. 🙂 However, I will ask you this and I would disagree that your concern is unfounded of what unknown readership of HG’s would even notice: Do you really think that HG never removes posts, blocks people on here? Anyone who owns a webpage will censor comments on their site at one time or another. It’s nothing against anyone. It happens, sometimes, even by accident. This isn’t the New York Times, and HG just like any other smart business person is going to craft his image, and prune her or his hedges/commentary to make him or her appear to be magnificent. WordPress has some cool attributes to its platform, but some of it is very buggy. It could easily happen.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            No commenters are blocked. There are two who have every comment removed, but are not blocked.

          3. Survivor X says:

            Also incidentally, Superprincessempath, how would reposting my comment draw less attention to your apparent issue with my initial post? How do you personally know that HG never deletes posts?

            And, how can you assume everything HG posts on here is credible, at all? Some of it is and he can be very insightful, quite intelligent, keenly perceptive of the human condition, but in the end we are interfacing with a disordered individual who has admitted lying all day every day. It’s like breathing. What is real and what is not? You could even be HG. It’s whatever HG says I feel to some on this board. It makes little sense, with all due respect to HG and his all he has done to help people in lieu of his admitting to continued machinations of the narcissistic variety (No cure, remember.), to even make that a realistic assumption about him.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            By this logic, you could be me also, but you are not, are you> Thus, why would PSE be me?

            1. I only ever write under my name and on this blog. You will never see me comment somewhere else (other than my platforms). I never write comments on other people’s blogs.
            2. Using multiple names is pointless. I do not have the time and I am not a stupid man, I am not damaging the credibility of my work.
            3. PSE does not know whether I delete posts. I do so very rarely however. I delete :-
            a. Gratuitously offensive ones;
            b. Comments from known narcissists that just cannot stay away and keep commenting (I allow some through but after awhile delete what they say because the point has been made about what they are and it becomes tiresome)
            c. People who arrive and immediately try to plug their work – this is my blog and not a platform for them to advertise.
            You will have seen the many posts I allow which attack me or criticise me. Very little is deleted.
            My work is of considerable credibility – the accuracy, praise and referrals speak for themselves.

          5. Survivor X says:

            Wow, I slept like a baby, and look what I missed on here. Oh come now, HG. I am merely an appliance from which to obtain fuel. We’ve been over this. ;-). I, too, was merely stating train of logic. If PSE knows personally that you don’t delete posts, who else in god’s name could she be but you? Is she you? By your logic, who knows? Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. Either way, it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility. Honestly I lean towards the idea that more likely she is a fan who doesn’t question anything that you say or do, naturally I find rather alarming, but I can’t do much about that. And I already know that you delete posts on here. It’s your world and I’m a squirrel. That’s how it is when you’re the owner of the webpage, and a narcissist! I didn’t see it as a good or bad thing. I am what I am and you are what you are. Anyone I’ve ever known to have a webpage, narcissist or not, is deleting posts that are offensive to the website, at very least. At most you’re curating the page experience to reflect well upon your legacy and persona. None of us know who you are, truly as you have hidden your true identity, anyhow. I did see this, the rude postings. I thought that perhaps you keep certain posts to feel important as hall monitors will censor any dissent for you. Either way, it doesn’t in my view damage the credibility of your work. It just makes you what you already claim to be: a narcissist. I can as a reader of your work take the insights which are quite profound, and leave behind other aspects that may not apply to me. If one has a disorder or as a human being, they may not see their own disorder clearly at times and perhaps wax poetical, create an elaborate system of acronyms, painstakingly categorize individuals, etc. That seems from my experiences what your kind is inclined to do. Do I mind? Meh. I know it’s not the complete picture of who I am and who others are. That’s the unfortunate perspective of the NPD, and it mutes all the colors from the world’s palate. Your insights are still insightful to me, however. Your writing is still quite elegant.

          6. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Survivor X: I never discussed all the things you are bringing up. I am still glad that I found your post for you, since you were looking for it. Also, I stand by everything I said in my post to you regarding the post you were looking for. Anyone can see for themselves that I am discussing the post you thought never was published, when in fact it was published, but you forgot where you posted it. I went and found it for you. It was not `percolating,` as you thought. To reiterate, for the sake of accuracy, again, I stand by my reply to you and again, here is my post to you: [ `Survivor X. It is funny that I remember seeing your post in the first place with all the posting that happens on Narcsite, and because so many people view HG`s Blog, evidenced by his over 15 million hits, I did not want it to appear that your post was censored by HG, for the reasons you hypothesised, or removed by this Blog Site, when I personally knew it was not the case. So for the sake of accuracy, and for the sake of my respect for the depth and importance of the work and interaction on this Blog Site, I reposted it. You know what they say, when good people do nothing……….so I took the time to so something and find your post on the other page where you posted it, and repost it over here, for your satisfaction and for the convenience of all. That is it. Anyone else would have done the same.` ] ~~PSE

      3. Tex says:

        HG stated some time ago that Diana was not a narcissist but had BPD.

        1. Survivor X says:

          Hi, Tex. Diana did, also… not sure where the comment ended up, but I don’t dispute that fact. I feel like Markle is just like Harry’s mom in a lot of ways, only Markle is biracial (ppl be racist) and American. Harry married his mother.

          1. Kiki says:

            No I think Diana was a true sweetheart

            She had it very tough
            Charles didn’t love her
            He was cheating with Camilla Diana had to shut up and put up
            The poor woman had cameras zooming in on her cellulite every day
            How did she cope she had zero privacy
            I honestly would have gone insane in that situation

            Poor Diana


          2. Survivor X says:

            Idk Kiki.. I see where you’re coming from there, and I felt the same way about Diana.. I though she was doing more or less the same thing by Charles.. I’m not saying she wasn’t a breathtakingly brilliant woman, but I am saying that bipolar women are often both, from my own personal-anecdotal experience.

          3. Survivor X says:

            Oh gosh durp. Sorry exhausted from the week, Kiki. I meant borderline (It applies to both.)

      4. Survivor X says:

        She’d fire all the boys’ nannies, also because she was extremely jealous of her son’s affection for them.

    2. E. B. says:

      Has the devaluation already begun? (I haven’t read anything about her lately)

      1. foolme1time says:

        EB I really don’t know dear, I don’t follow it that closely.

  13. zwartbolleke says:

    looking forward to that!

  14. jessrnny says:

    Thank you. I do live for new articles from this blog. Especially the celebrity/infamous narcissist articles. I share them on an entirely separate friend list on Facebook with every narcissist I know not included.

    In my observations HG will not discuss how to live with the narcissist. He stands behind GOSO. I respect that on many levels. That doesn’t change the fact that they are everywhere my loved ones and I turn. Maddening. I feel sometimes that these celebrity articles are the best way help to my friends and family. I share them and it calms my mind.

    I know nothing about law in the UK but it seems like the Duchess of Sussex is independent enough to create complete chaos. I’ve seen footage of the couple and her devaluation will definitely cause Harry to sting back. If they divorce can she take the royal baby and leave? His birthday is in September and then there are holiday events galore after that… Harry seems strong. The need to know is in full effect.

  15. alexissmith2016 says:

    tudorscape – psychic

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