Zero Impact

Do you want to achieve Zero Impact and ensure the effect of the narcissist is removed?

Do you want to rid yourself of the pain, anger, frustration and hurt which your entanglement with the narcissist has caused?

Do you want to finally arrive at that place of indifference so that the narcissist has zero impact upon you?

If you do, then this crucial Assistance Package will provide you with the clear means to achieve these goals.

The Assistance Package through a set of audio files will give you clear, concise and easy to understand information, techniques and guidance so you will achieve Zero Impact.

It covers :-

– Understanding the effect of emotional thinking and where this comes from.

Recognising what you do when affected by emotional thinking and how this works against you

Understanding the mistakes you make which usually prevent you achieving zero impact and thus how to avoid them

– Recognising why emotional thinking is so powerful and the extent of its effect on you, so you know how to frame your responses to it.

The mechanisms which must be deployed to secure Zero Impact, how you create those mechanisms and apply them

 How zero impact occurs as a consequence of the applied mechanisms so you understand and can gauge that it is working

Learning what happens when you have reached Zero Impact and how this benefits you

-Understanding what Zero Impact does to the narcissist

Learning how to maintain Zero Impact once achieved

To secure this fantastic Assistance Package which can be repeatedly utilised to aid your mastery of Zero Impact, use the PayPal button below, the cost is US $ 200.

You will receive a short protocol with regard to the use of the Assistance Package and then the relevant material so you can commence your march towards donning the armour that is ZERO IMPACT.

Zero Impact Asst Package

17 thoughts on “Zero Impact

  1. E&L says:

    I purchased this “freedom” package today. It is as if it was personally written for me. I say this not to be self-centered, but to acknowledge that I am ready, willing, and able to live a good life as the decent person that I am free from narcissistic ensnarements. HG this 2 hour audio file is a tool I wish everyone on this blog would access. It is priceless. Your contribution to the Social Sciences makes the world a better place for humans to co-exist. Knowledge is power and can be used for the betterment of humanity. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I am so grateful I found your work.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you E and L, I am pleased you have found it so useful as I knew you would. It is the platinum clad knowledge that everybody must obtain to achieve recovery and progress. It grants freedom and finally enables you to be you.

      1. MB says:

        HG, it’s quite ironic that a narcissist could show somebody the way to “enable you to be you.” Amazing

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Because I know this subject better than anybody else.

          1. FYC says:

            “It is the platinum clad knowledge that everybody must obtain to achieve recovery and progress. It grants freedom and finally enables you to be you.”

            Quite true. Yet it is more than just because you know this subject better than anyone else. It’s also who you are, and how you are, and the way you communicate that makes such a great difference.

            I think the irony lies in us receiving the truth from a narcissist and being able to rely upon it. It is a highly valued and somehow satisfying irony.

          2. MB says:

            FYC, I find it ironic that he can “enable you to be you” because the narcissist operates as a “false self” and wears many masks. As a greater, I imagine HG knows how to be him. Is this the real you HG?

          3. HG Tudor says:

            No this is the other HG, Real HG is at his hollowed out Volcano.

          4. MB says:

            I wondered when you would submit to cloning!

          5. FYC says:

            MB, I understand what you are saying about the irony of the construct.

            But it’s HG’s unvarnished truth and wisdom that sets us free regardless of his defense mechanism. His level of insight and awareness and communication skills are unparalleled.

            As for the ‘real’ HG, his defense construct would dictate his conscious concept of self. Yet like the rest of us, our whole self is a combination of both true self and false self, both conscious and subconscious, aware and unaware elements. That is why others see us differently than we do ourselves.

          6. FYC says:

            Haha, Just read HG’s humorous response. I like it better than my literal one.

          7. MB says:

            HG always makes me laugh. Love his sense of humor!

          8. FYC says:

            MB, Me too!

    2. NarcAngel says:

      It is wonderful to hear that you have invested in yourself by accessing this information and that it has been such a positive experience for you. Truly happy for you.

      1. E&L says:

        Thanks NA! The Zero Impact audios answered “why me” without placing judgement or blame on anyone. It also reminded me of the “bigness” of HG’s imparted knowledge and observations; that all I need to do in this moment is take care of me. And, if I am solid then I will be available for new and mutually pleasant engagements with regular folk. I imagine (always have since I have been a little girl) having “normal” and enjoyable outings without either person keeping score (or from an addicts perspective, neither party trying to score). There was so much: 1) affirmation expressed as why we are deserving of a better life 2) validation of the experience of repeated narcissistic ensnarements 3) opportunity for growth and self improvement 4) relatable explanations of how we wound up in these situations 5) frank, direct, honest narrative pointing towards a much less emotionally encumbered life. I am committed to listening to them again and again (the gift that keeps on giving) because this is how I learn best.

  2. dhsaber says:

    I’m disabled, and after 14 years my narc has left me with out a cent. Judge told him to pay me and mortgage. He didn’t, and instead left state. So the divorce he started, was cancelled, and now the house is being auctioned off Aug 22 nd 😭. I have to move into a travel trailer. I wish I had the money to pay for this package, but he made sure I have none.

    1. Dhsaber. I am so sorry. Plus, HG Tudor has many files on Divorce and the Narcissist on Youtube if you like Audio, on his channel named: Knowing The Narcissist, and Type: Knowing the Narcissist Divorce. That is what I just typed on youtube and the videos come up. However, Is there a way for you to go to court Monday to wherever you need to go to ask for assistance, where you live and ask for them to Stop the auctioning for now? Can you find out how to make a complaint and go to court and have a lawyer assigned to you for free. Just bring your income statements and all documentations, and the paperwork about the auction. And how this person deserted a court order. If a lawyer can not be provided to you, you go there even if in a wheelchair and apply to represent yourself in court. Housing is a basic need and you are in a state of emergency. Also call your political representative in your state on Monday and also call the People with Disabilities Organizations where you live, and ask them what to do. And tell them about the Judgement against him and how he left the State instead. DO NOT MENTION THE TRAILER!!!!! That is your last resort and plan B. They do not need to know that. There are acts that protect people with Disabilities. You have a bit of time, if you move quickly. Look it up on the internet tonight, or call information on your phone. When you first start researching on how to stop this auction, it will probably be difficult to put it together. You may have some information about that on some of your paperwork in small print somewhere in your paperwork as well on the last page or so. It will be very difficult wording. Look for a phone number. If no number try to find it anyway on the internet. Keep pushing and researching and patterns of information will start repeating. Start researching today and be ready to start acting on Monday. You have to move quickly. Put your emotions on the shelf for a little while. You have to go into fight mode, for a couple of weeks. You may still have to move or you may catch a break for a little while. The emotions will still be there when you want them. I am sorry. But never give up on yourself. Many of us have had to start our life over. You can do it. But, you need help. You have to have organizations go fight for you. You are just an individual. I wish you the best, however it works out.

      1. KellyD says:

        Wow PSE, I’m impressed with the way you laid that out for Dhsaber. Very helpful info. I do hope some relief comes from it.

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