H.G Tudor - Manipulated e-book cover

You are being manipulated and you may not even know how.
The first stage to combatting the narcissist is to
understand. Understand what the manipulations are that are
used against you and why.
This book will tell you what the most common
narcissistic manipulations are and why they are
used by the narcissist. Acquire this knowledge
and reduce your vulnerability
to the narcissist.
Beat the narcissist and know their machinations.


  1. I have also learned manipulation, getting good at for now I’m in the Narcissistss head, mind games like he has done to me. Fear of the unknown not knowing what my next step will be. But I already know his. Haha

    1. If you’re an Empath and think you’re good at manipulation you’re suffering from emotional thinking,

      1. If I’m an Empath? Of course I am , but as you taught- Experience can create your kind. Under his 👁 eye. We should work together. Anytime Me. h

      2. If I’m an Empath? And what’s up with the suicide talk? I can’t see you ever pulling that crap? How was Florida?

        1. I cannot see previous comments in the moderation pane so I do not know what you are referring to with regard to your first two sentences.

          No, suicide is neither an option or a contemplation for one such as I.

  2. As the manipulation still goes on, I don’t engage anymore. As tempting as it is, as I feel my instinct as a lion. I fight it to my core and the urge passes. I am healing nicely.

  3. All your ebooks are amazing and I’ve re-read them all at least twice. I THINK I’ve read every one available on kindle . I can’t wait for new ones .
    I review them on amazon too. You should be famous. I hope you have things in place to reveal your identity should u come to an untimely demise

  4. So since there are new covers to come, better wait to order a book at this moment? I was planning on ordering Some books for summer read…I’m hooked on your books! I prefer printed books though, I like taking notes in it.

    1. All of my books are having new covers done, I am mentioning this in a post later, but if you would like to ‘appear’ on the cover with your review then :-

      1. Review the relevant book(s) – you may already have done so.
      2. Send a screenshot of the review (highlight which is yours and which book it relates to if that is not clear) to me by email
      3. Let me know which name (if any) you want associated with the review and I shall choose the one I like best (or a section of it) for placing on the cover.

      Over to you.

      1. I think it’s great that your covers are getting a more serious looking makeover. I almost didn’t buy them because of the covers – they had a way too trashy feel for my liking! But then, never judge a book by its cover – isn’t that a narc ensnarement lesson too? :)

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