What Am I To The Narcissist?


Having ascertained that you are entangled with a narcissist is one thing, but it is also fundamental for you to understand where you sit in the narcissist’s fuel matrix because you might be in for something of a surprise?

Your position in the fuel matrix is critical for a number of reasons, including :-

    • Understanding the impact this has on the risk of being hoovered by the narcissist


    • The likelihood of malign hoovers and/or malice campaigns against you


    • How the narcissist will respond when you escape the narcissist


    • Why the narcissist is behaving towards you in the way that they are currently (seduction, devaluation or disengagement)


    • Will there be devaluation and how it will manifest


    • The likelihood of competing interests in the fuel matrix


    • How your no contact regime will be affected and best applied


  • Who else might be in the fuel matrix you were unaware of

Plus much more!

Are you the Intimate Partner Primary Source or actually a Shelf Dirty Little Secret?

Are you placed in the Virtual Fuel Matrix and positioned as a Shelf Non Intimate Secondary Source?

Are you a Shelf Intimate Partner Secondary Source and there is actually an IPPS you did not know about?

Just US $ 100 ensures you understand what you are to the narcissist and this will then provide you with a platform for greater understanding of what you can do and what to expect.


  1. Please effect payment using the PayPal button below.
  2. I will then send you a Common Sense Protocol which governs the terms of the consultation.
  3. I will then send you a questionnaire for your completion.
  4. You submit the questionnaire to me and I shall analyse your responses.
  5. I will provide you with the analysis of where you sit in the narcissist’s fuel matrix and therefore what you mean to the narcissist. You then have a platform for gaining further understanding and freedom.
  6. My analysis will be provided within 96 hours of receipt of your submission. This infrequently may be extended where there are high demands for consultations and/or I have external commitments which impact on delivery time.

Where am I in the Fuel Matrix


One thought on “What Am I To The Narcissist?

  1. Norah says:

    My feelings for him are gone and we are divorced. We don’t talk. Only hi and bye when I drop the kids for his visitation. But I had sex with him once. After I found out I have chlamydia, not from him but he prob has it from me now. Should i tell him. Before he has treathend to not want to see the kids, to take them from me and he has reported me to social services for lies about abuse from me towards the kids. I feel i should tell him but if i tell him i fear it is jist going to hurt the kids.

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