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31 thoughts on “10 Things To Know To Reduce Hoovers

  1. kel2day says:

    HG, I’d like a time management book from you. I’m in awe how you’ve been to New York and Disney, done interviews, hosted meetings, while posting on Narcsite and IG daily, and created new social media platforms, redesigned the artwork and book covers, and who knows what else, all at the same time!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. Sleep for four hours.
      2. Delegate design work to expert.
      3. Be a narcissistic psychopath.

      Not sure this book will be for everybody!

      1. kel2day says:

        4 hours sleep yikes! No wonder you guys are so grouchy! If I wake up too early I have to have a nap, but I’ve had some of the deepest sleep from 10 minute naps that feel like a whole nights worth! Do you ever take naps HG?

        It does feel terrific when you surprise yourself once in a while with how much you accomplished and it wasn’t even that hard. Cognitive narcissism to get into high achieving habits!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          The amount of sleep does not make me grouchy. I may occasionally have a ten or fifteen minute nap, but rarely.

          1. kel2day says:

            I was just kidding about the grouchy on just 4 hours of sleep, but that’s good info to know, that I guess you feel well rested on half as much sleep as the rest of us. But it’s neat to see that you do take a nap once in a while.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Quite alright.

          3. FoolMe1Time says:

            I don’t know why, but just the thought of you HG having a nap makes me smile from ear to ear. 🙃

          4. HG Tudor says:

            I sleep with my eyes open though FM1T.

          5. FoolMe1Time says:

            You just had to go and ruin it, didn’t HG? Smh.

          6. Lorelei says:

            Do you ever ever have a lazy day?

          7. HG Tudor says:

            Yes. I sleep an extra hour.

          8. kel2day says:

            FM1T, you’re very cute! I’m concerned about the horses in your gravatar lying down on their sides on the beach. Are they ok?

          9. FoolMe1Time says:

            Oh kel2, yes they are quite alright! These horses are wild and are use to people being around them. You can often find them in the Ocean and then laying on the beach to stay cool. Summer is actually there hardest time of year because of the heat, mosquitos, and flies. In fact I am hoping to visit there next week when I’m away, I told HG I would try to get one of them to lay on the beach towel I purchased that reads, Crossing the Emotional Sea. Lol

          10. kel2day says:

            Glad to hear that FM1T! That’s really neat! Enjoy the beach and the horses, and good luck with the Tudor towel.

          11. FoolMe1Time says:

            Hahaha Kel, I believe I’m going to need more than luck getting that horse to lay on that towel! The only hope I have is if he is a narcissist and he sees fuel coming his way if he lays on it! Lol. 🙃

          12. NarcAngel says:

            You might have a better chance of throwing the Emotional Sea towel over the horse’s back to get a pic. He could wanders down the beach though with it still on advertising. Haha, better take an extra towel.

          13. FoolMe1Time says:

            He is not getting my towel! I am working much to hard to get across that emotional sea to let any horse steal my glory. Hahaha

    2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

      Kel2day: HG Tudor is quite the Marvel. It is all absolutely stunning. And HG is a gorgeous hunk of an intellectual, to boot. My goodness.

      1. kel2day says:

        PSE, true that HG is all that and handsome too. I think he deserves to hear that!, the same as everyone does. Hunk wise he’s too young for me, I like them older.

  2. E. B. says:

    I have just visited your new website on Libsyn. I like its clean design.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

    2. MB says:

      What happened to Spotify? What’s with Lisbyn? I’m out of the loop.

      1. E. B. says:

        HG’s podcasts are on Spotify and you can also find them on his website on Libsyn (a platform for podcast hosting):

        1. MB says:

          E.B. I didn’t realize one had to have multiple platforms for podcast hosting. I’m learning more than just narcissism here. Thank you for the information.

          1. E. B. says:

            I didn’t say that. You don’t have to.
            Spotify is just a streaming service. It is not a podcast host like Libsyn.

        2. K says:

          E. B.
          A podcast would be cool.

          1. E. B. says:

            Hi K,
            Have a look at Spotify 🙂
            Search: “Knowing the Narcissist”

          2. K says:

            Hello E. B.
            I took a gander on Spotify on Monday and I love it!

        3. Dearest HG and E.B: I just clicked on this link for Libsyn that E.B. posted on Narcsite on Aug. 21, and I go right to HG`s podcasts on Libsyn on my laptop. I do not have to log in or create an account with Libsyn or anything. And it is clear sounding. I cannot access Spotify on my laptop, because Spotify works with Browsers that are more up to date than mine. So, I have to go to my Iphone. HG, this Libsyn is a more forgiving platform, browser wise, and Libsyn works with older computers like mine as well as the more current computers. I do not have to use my Iphone to listen to Libsyn, like I have to do with Spotify, and I can stay on my laptop. I have a choice with Libsyn. I just want you to know, while you are testing and choosing these various platforms for your Podcasts, that Libsyn is a more forgiving platform. Spotify is trickier depending on the age of ones browser, or if ones app includes podcasts, etc. Libsyn just went right through from the link that E.B. gave us on Narcsite. Easy Peasy. I clicked on it and Boom! There you are with your Podcasts. Not so, with Spotify, in my case. HG, if you decide to continue with Libsyn also for your Podcasts, will you please place the Libsyn link at the top of your page, like you did for Spotify. Thank you.

  3. MB says:

    Love this picture!

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