Can I Control The Narcissist?

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How often do you want to bring about some outcome with the narcissist? Make the narcissist pick you as the primary source, make the narcissist repay you, have the narcissist see the error of his or her ways, cause them to attend therapy and make good the damage they have caused?

Can you cause these things to actually happen and why are you compelled to achieve this?

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2 thoughts on “Can I Control The Narcissist?

  1. ceyceyc says:

    00:13 : “no, you cannot ” simple and clear.

    2 years ago, I bought a book when I started to feel uncomfortable with my ex’s behaviours : Disarming the Narcissist by Wendy Behary – it’s name is ” The Ceasefire with Narcissist ” in here. unfortunately there are not enough books about narcissism translated into Turkish. i hope someday you will deal with a publisher in here –
    according to this book, there were ways that I could deal with him. I was so excited. I could finally make things right. but the course of our relationship has changed day by day, I had no desire to finish the book and i couldn’t.

    thanks to you, HG. today i can see there is no “the ceasefire”

    i write my own “bestseller” and it has just 2 sheets.
    page 1 : no you cannot change him page 2: no contact

  2. Whitney says:

    Dear King 🙌
    I wanted the LMR Somatic to repay me rent money. He told me to move out but said I had to keep paying rent because my stuff was there.

    I was not going to keep paying rent, plus he was going to pay me back the money I paid in advance for the fortnight.

    To me this was guaranteed and this is how I did it:

    1) I had all my stuff removed from the apartment the SAME day he told me to move out. While he was at work. This included the bed he slept on, and the fridge. I left all his food on the bench to spoil.
    I did this to make him feel loss of control and throw him off-kilter.

    2) I told him to transfer the money I’d paid in advance, OTHERWISE I would enjoy the apartment “with a friend” until the end of the fortnight. This was a threat!

    It worked. He transferred the money straight away!

    I had other steps I would have taken if he didn’t comply!

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