No Contact

The definitive guide to applying and maintaining No Contact

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  1. This is not simply another outstanding book by HG Tudor . This is your guidance to escape from any Narcs and any bad relationship. The book is your detailed map for the road of freedom. It describes precisely all road blocks , hurdles , hurdles and dangers – those you are coming across your journey.

    It is a very taught journey, you must be really determinate and even stubborn but the end you will win the ultimate prize – your freedom!

    HG, certainly I will post a review on Amazon as well – I just finished reading the book today. Although my No Contacs ( both Narcs) implementations are intact at the present , I needed to know what I might except and how do not feel guilty or rude not responding to any possible attempt of contacts by them. The ex won’t give up easily, neither I will give up my freedom.
    Thank you HG for making me more aware what kind of games he might bring so I can maintain the status quo.

      1. HG, Instagram wont let me like or comment on your posts anymore and I feel left out! What’s with the #1909 on some of your posts lately, is the race on to decipher its meaning? I never even thought about it

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