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This place is a world leading resource for the provision of information and insight that promotes true understanding and enables people to gain control from often seemingly hopeless situations and achieve freedom. Through my articles, books and the answers I provide each day on the blog, hundreds of thousands of people have found the accurate and critical information necessary to understand their entanglement with a narcissist.

For those who seek specific answers on how to beat their narcissists and achieve freedom and embrace all associated with gaining such an accomplishment, it is necessary to attain access to the content of my various Private Consultations, Logic Defences and Assistance Packages.

For a variety of reasons these critical services are inaccessible by many. Several empathetic readers have donated generously in the past to these individuals and this was the catalyst for my creation of the Angel Assistance Fund to enable the delivery of bespoke consultations for those who otherwise would be denied such crucial assistance.

Here is one Angel’s story,  the request for help and their gratitude after receiving help

I first want to say that I am so grateful to have stumbled across this site and that there is clear and no nonsense information for those of us who have been impacted by those of your kind. I am in no way hostile of you as I think you even the score in a way, and I am fascinated with the way your mind works; indeed the way everyone’s mind works. Just not the emotional damage. But I wasn’t involved with you. The fact that there is this fund is amazing because the devastation caused by narcissistic abuse is so far reaching that it traumatises for years, preventing just the foundation of healing sometimes as we struggle just to get our feet on the ground. 

I find it really uncomfortable to ask for help here, not only because I am sure that there are many who need it and I like to handle things on my own.

As a single mother of a high functioning autistic son, living in California, I was definitely not in a position to withstand the several years’ worth of emotional, psychological, and mental fallout that spending years with a narcissist does and finally it has affected my work and therefore my income. 

After escaping that entanglement 8 months ago I had to move from my house of five years in the middle of a housing shortage (due to fires here). After months of suggestion from my doctors and bosses, I finally have had to take medical leave from work beginning in September  to deal with the effects of complex ptsd before they get any worse. They are affecting my ability to work anyway. I already struggle with bills.  

After coming to your blog I realised that my grandfather who abused me was a narcissist, I have had 3 since then. I still hate the term victim. The way I have survived I suppose is to be a warrior and not wallow. But it sinks in. I didn’t have a word for it. Despite an education. You don’t see it when you live in it. 

To make matters worse, my son’s father, whom I divorced 6 years ago, is also a narcissist I think, a highly verbally abusive, passive aggressive type who recently got into a tussle with the police who now has a hurt elbow and has gone on medical leave, effectively cutting child support in half, and so a third of my income. I am not a slacker, in fact, I decided instead of slowing down, I took on a second job. That’s who I am. I compartmentalise, I put the horrors aside when I was last being devalued, discarded him, got to work escaping, moved, got a new roof over our heads, took a second job, worked more, and handled all the ensuing crises. Now I have come to the point where I am shutting down finally. So here I am and I need help, please.

I asked you for help and you all delivered. 

The assistance I have received from HG and the Angel Assistance Fund has been profound to say the least in my ongoing journey to recovery from my narcissists. Unfortunately for many of us, the toll that narcissists take on us emotionally, mentally, physically and financially can be devastating whether or not we provided anything to them financially. After being stripped of self-esteem, our sense of security and reality, and left dumb struck by the multiple levels of abuse; it is often all we can do just to get through the day and try to get out bed,  work, raise our families, all the while we are searching for answers, solace, sanity, and help. Usually this “help” has a steep price and quite often is not appropriate and can re-traumatize us as well as costing us financially. After 13 years of narcissistic abuse, the last four being sandwiched between two while trying to parent my son, I was depleted in every way possible. I had spent money on therapists, a couple of online self-help programs that did not help and were redundant, and performed poorly at work so I lost income despite taking on a second job. I had also moved house which helped cut ties but also had a steep financial cost. 

Then I found HG’s work and all the pieces fell together. My experience was put into words; there was no fluff. I knew I had found the right place and the right person to give me the answers I needed; who better than a narcissist himself to give the tools to take back my power. I read everything I could, and knew I needed more and purchased what I could but knew I needed more. Then I saw the Angel Assistance Fund opportunity. At first I was hesitant about asking for help; but it has proved to be worth its weight in gold.

I am so grateful to you all, I feel less scared and for the first time in a long time I feel in control of my life and those who depend on me. I cannot measure how valuable that feeling is.

Due to my situation, I needed assistance on several levels. Both as a co-parent on one side, and a partner of a completely different presentation of narcissist on the other. In recovering from one and learning more, I uncovered the other. So thankfully I received assistance with more than one package. 

I am able to review the audio packages often and I do, as they reinforce that I do indeed have more power than I thought. I could not have done this financially without the Angel Assistance Fund and I am sure I would still be at the receiving end of manipulations I can sidestep, as well as reverting to emotional thinking about both narcissists which keeps us trapped whether or not we are in a formal relationship or not. The Angel Assistance Fund allows those of us who have lost so much already, and are willing to take the blinders off and keep them off, to receive the guidance which will truly get us free. 

Thank you so much to HG and Angel Assistance Fund. I am happy to contribute whatever I can to the fund as I am recovering to pay it forward for the rest of us in need and who are willing to listen and assimilate the information.


I know many of you will relate to this Angel’s struggle, as well as the pleas from many more Angels awaiting my highly effective assistance.  Please do not hesitate to donate today to assist these Angels in need. Please use the PayPal button below.

Donations and use of this fund are governed by confidentiality.

Angels in need of my services may email me at to seek assistance in accordance with a short protocol which has been devised to ensure fairness in this process.

Please note this is not the provision of money to Angels, it is solely to enable people those in need to receive full or partial payment of my various products contained in the menu bar.

Should the fund be in credit on each 6 monthly anniversary of its creation that sum will be donated to charity and I will conduct a poll to let readers choose a relevant charity for the donations to be sent to and the fund will start once again.


HG Tudor

14 thoughts on “Angel Assistance

  1. FYC says:

    HG, Thank you for sharing C’s moving story. You are making such an amazing difference in so many lives, it is truly remarkable.

    C, Please know our hearts are with you, and you have a community of support here as well. Wishing you much peace and strength as you move forward.

    Fellow empaths, please continue to support this very worthy program, or join in and change someone’s life. Many heartfelt thanks to all donors. ❤️

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

  2. WAF Tudorita says:

    I identify with the majority of what you’ve written here. I also am a single parent of an autistic child & I also have recently realized his abusive, uninvolved & unstable-w-child-suooort father is a low functioning narc. (He’s just lost his job & housing for the second time in less than a year)
    I also have had two narc relationships over the last few years (luckily neither were allowed into my home life.)
    The struggle is real- and is beyond one person’s
    capability to do and be *everything* and yet we push onward and don’t give up- giving our all to our beautiful innocent autistic child , being Supermom, and when we think we FINALLY find someone to appreciate, cherish and honour what we are and we get the reward of finally some attention, spoiling and pampering for US— they turn out to be an abusive narcissist. FIGURES, EH?! Lol. But the true gift is right here at narcsite.
    It IS empowering to know what you’re dealing with and how to do it , and you’ll find that here, as you’re discovering. It’s life changing- and for me – way better than anything I got from my narcs.
    I’m super glad you were able to benefit from the Angel Asst and wish you peace, free agency, contentment & inner security as you navigate this world with new eyes.
    Hope to interact w you on this forum (if I’m haven’t before this)
    Keep on keeping on

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Then you know what to do

  3. Jenny Devine says:

    What an amazing thing to do for people. I myself read your blogs but chose not do to consultations as my lovely ex narcissist chose to ramp up his aggression and become violent after my cancer diagnosis and left my daughter and myself before surgery and has been using my recovery and all of the associated vulnerabilities attached to wage war. He has left us hundreds of thousands in debt, traumatised and on disability and refuses to pay the back debts, even working with the creditors to try to make us homeless. Luckily, I am not someone who gives in lightly at all. which is why I had all the assets when he found me as a good fuel. even last week as a protection order was varied to cover my daughters school, as she can finally feel safe to leave the home, he decided not to pay any of his measly voluntary child support and leave us with no money to pay for school or uniforms etc. as punishment.
    Thank goodness for my friends who have returned once he left. they have bought my house for me, my first ex is paying for my daughter and raising her as his own to show her what a true father figure is (he is her brothers dad, so he has always been in her life) and paid for school
    Although yesterday was my birthday and we could afford nothing as I had $9 in my account for 5 days I was richer than my narc as I had lots of love and friends and my daughter made me the most special loving gift.
    I am starting to have wins in court as the long-term refusal to obey the court orders is annoying the magistrates and police (11 charges and 2 criminal convictions in 6 months) so it has been a hell of a journey. But you know what? I am better off, I know I am stronger, I have a loving and amazing family and friends who honestly love me and who have taught me to trust again (to a point) very quickly. I was with him for 11 years but learned I am resilient and have amazing children who may be in trauma therapy but chose (by their own volition) to not want to have anything to do with him. This has helped with “no contact” and the courts granted me “absolutely no contact” 4 days ago. He contested but I have 2 legal teams no working pro bono, so I don’t have to see him. the courts ruled i should always testify in a different location via video link and everyone now sees his actions as control over me and not for love for his children.
    I am tired and still in recovery, learning to eat properly and speak again (oral cancer) but I have a bright future and he has his next supply that he is grooming while he lives at his mum and dads, the next victim has just lost her only child and is sad and vulnerable. I feel sorry for her and not jealous which means i am not under the spell anymore. I fact I don’t actually know if she is still on the scene as for 2 months, I have cut all ties with any mutual contacts and social media with him.
    He taught me some important life lessons, I did allow myself to get sick giving my all-in battles etc. and now I have to look after myself and family. I still undoubtedly have a way to go or I would not be on these sites for affirmation, but I see the brighter side. I can rebuild. He can’t as I gave him everything and I realised he had nothing and is now older and much more bitter and struggles to keep his mask on. The criminal convictions don’t help. I have more court battles for finances but am showing my children to not give up as long as you don’t do it for spite and give away your health in the meantime. Get a good team around you, regroup and rebuild. It may sound cliched but “it takes a tribe to raise a family” and it is so true. The truly weak are left behind.
    It would have been nice to have consultations, but your blogs and posts have helped reaffirm my journey and to validate what I felt my ex was thinking all along made me realise that I wasn’t stupid or paranoid.
    Thank you, HG, xoxo

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  4. MB says:

    Thank you to C and to HG for sharing this story. It is satisfying to see the fund in action. I will do my part to ensure its continued success.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you MB

  5. FoolMe1Time says:

    HG this letter was an example of what you and the hard work you are doing is all about. Thank you for sharing this with us. C has proven in her letter just how devastating it can be to be caught up and entangled with a narcissist. Her strength, fortitude, and willingness to survive was very humbling. You creating the Angel Assistance fund was an amazing idea and I thank you for doing so. This fund I hold near and dear to my heart and I will continue to contribute as long as you continue to offer it to the, (as C put it) Warriors who fight to get there lives and sanity back! Thank you HG for all that you do.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome FM1T and thank you for your involvement also.

  6. Desirée says:

    Thank you for sharing this story with us HG. C sounds like an incredible woman and it is gratifying to hear of someone who could benefit from the fund in this manner. Of course these matters are strictly confidential and I understand if you don’t want to share this either, but I would be curious to know how many people we have already helped with the Angel Assistance.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed Desiree.

      The details are confidential, but there have been a significant number of people assisted. There remain many waiting for assistance also.

      1. Desirée says:

        Understood, I appreciate the testimonal you’ve shared here and am deeply impressed by C’s strength and intelligence and that you could help her in this way. The Angel Assistance is a fantastic idea and will hopefully prove most useful to many more to come.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you Desiree.

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