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I make repeated mention of how the key to gaining freedom is to understand. One of the central principles to understand with our kind is the fact that our perspective is very different from yours. You gauge our responses, our actions and our words through the lens of your world view. That is understandable, but it will only lead to you becoming mired in confusion, frustration and bewilderment, trapped in the quagmire of emotion which of course is where we want you to always be. We do not want you applying cool, hard logic to prise yourself free from our grip. We want you embroiled in emotion.

Of course we prefer to make it seem that you engage in double speak. Our private paranoia causes us to twist what you say in order to use it to our advantage, but then we always do this. We always seek to profit from fabricated misunderstanding and false inferences, but the reality is we do also actually hear something completely different from what you say to us because of our existence in a different reality.

Accordingly, you need to understand that we operate in a different world view to you and once you ascertain that world view, you are unlikely to like what you see there, but you will begin to make sense of what we say and do. As part of this understanding, you should appreciate that when you say certain things to us, we hear something else. Here are ten examples, to assist your comprehension of our kind.

  1. The dinner you made was lovely

The dinner you made was better than anything I have ever tasted before. Your skills in the kitchen are beyond compare. You are truly talented and gifted. I am so fortunate that someone as brilliant as you made something so tasty and delicious as that meal for someone like me. I am amazed and astounded by your talent and thank my personal god every day that you are in my life.

  1. I don’t know what I would do without you

You are my everything. My beginning and end. I am nothing without you. I would not function without your skilful operation of me. I have now submitted to your total control of me, I am in your hands, do with me what you will.

  1. I love you

I don’t just love you, I love you with everything that I have, every fibre of my being and every molecule inside me because you are so magnificent that I am compelled to provide you with this astonishing and amazing love. I cannot find the words to express the extent of my love for you but it is beyond anything I have ever experienced before because you made me feel this way.

  1. I hate you

You are powerful, masterful and the puppet master. You are so skilled that you can make me gush with emotion at the merest flick of your wrist or the raising of your eyebrow. I cannot help but feel like this because you have me so entangled in your dark and admittedly brilliant machinations. I may say I hate you but it is really a form of admiration at the magnificence by which you operate your dark arts.

  1. I don’t understand you

I am stupid and weak. If I wasn’t I would understand wouldn’t I. This is a frustrated admission on my part that I pale by comparison to you. You are a colossus, a behemoth who is far better than me and I can only look on in rapt awe as you forge your way through life. I don’t understand you but I wish I could be like you.

  1. Please stop hurting me

Your machinations are highly effective and I cannot stop spurting with fuel for you. You may as well keep going because you have me all worked out, but I still have lots and lots of delicious fuel to spill for you.

  1. No

I am trying to stand up to you but we both know that cannot happen. I am just a wretch compared to you, but I try to think otherwise, but I am doing this for you. I am saying this to invite you to exert your authority over me and to punish me for my insolence. I want you to do so because I know this is what my role is, a conduit for you to achieve what you want, so I say it so you can open the door to yes.

  1. I just want to be happy

I am a selfish person who as usual is putting my needs before yours which is completely wrong so you must correct me, teach me and make me learn my lesson in the way only you can do.

  1. I am sorry

I am utterly useless and pathetic. I ought to have known better but as usual I just decided to do what I wanted and forgot how that might impact on you. You are generous and kind and I beg your forgiveness in the knowledge that I deserve none. If you choose to make an example of me for my frequent erring and repeated apologies, then so be it. You know best.

  1. You are wrong

I want to destroy you. I am wounding you. I know how to weaken you and I have done this to bring you to your knees. Yes, I am a traitor, a treacherous betrayer of your magnanimous nature but I do not care. Does it hurt? Does it burn? Good. I want to see you weaken, shrivel and cease to exist.

8 thoughts on “What You Say : What We Hear

  1. mollyb5 says:

    Whatever compliment you give a narc ….they think it’s x 10 more praise than you meant it to be . If I said he had a nice dick he thought… he was huge ! Yes , women stroke men’s egos …some women know they are doing it and some do it to get lots of attention back for themselves. I see women do this for competition purposes too. In a crowd of women …a woman will do this to have men’s attention directed at her so she will feel she is the most deserving / or prettiest / or more whatever . She will giggle the loudest , be more demonstrative in her gestures , just to get the one male to direct his attention on to her. I see them doing this amongst your fans, too . HG ..the narcs I know love to be the center of female attention even if he is not attracted to any of them ….He will say after a chat with a group of high school mothers “desperate women are so easy …they are so needy” I see this attitude live ….and in person . I am not amused 🙁 of course it was all good conversation and attention that eventually gets directed towards the narc and him telling a funny story …..that I know isn’t actually true. But they all laugh and think he’s just so amusing. I think women are blind to what they are actually doing ..to some women Flirting is a talent , skill to per-fect . Is this Narcism in these women ? Or is it just being a woman ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is difficult to state whether it is narcissism in them because I do not have enough information from a pattern of behaviour to determine what they are and from there apply their behaviour to that particular prism of interpretation.

      1. mollyb5 says:

        It’s really hard for me to discern whether a woman is a narcissist ….do they hide it better than men . Men and women’s instinctual nature is different ?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          There are more female Mid Range Narcissists and Mid Range Narcissists are often difficult to spot. The Narc Detector Consultation is your friend.

          1. mollyb5 says:

            HG …Do those midrange women abuse their partners …slap , spit , punch , kick and destroy property of their primary’s ?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            There is potential for mild physical violence whilst preserving the facade, but it is rare.

  2. Sisty says:

    Well, I do want to see him weaken, shrivel, and cease to exist.

    1. Violetta says:

      If you leave them to their own devices, sometimes they do it on their own. I know lurking on people’s websites isn’t total No Contact, but it had the benefit of my learning that a) he was siphoning crowd-fundimg for his own purposes, and b) he was aging much worse than the time passing would usually involve.

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