Logic Defence

KTN Logic Defence

This is a war and you need to build your Logic Defence.

These are part of those defences.

Narc Detector Consultation

Empath Detector Consultation

Where Am I In The Fuel Matrix?

Text Defender

Emotional Thinking Assessor



2 thoughts on “Logic Defence

  1. Renarde says:

    I cannot commend the audio consultations highly enough. What HG is doing is valuable work, not only in outwardly educating society but also being able to provide personal consultations. And believe me, society really needs educating.

    I’m working on a project at the moment. I did some research of the true extent of DA in the UK. Latest figures. This should be terrifying every woman in the UK.

    DA Deaths use to be ~2 females a week. For years. Last year, it shot up to an incredible ~3.5. That’a a rise of 75%!!!

    1/58 rapes REPORTED to the Police end up in the hands of the CPS

    The number of rape convictions at trial has dropped. (2018)

    This has all happened in a YEAR!!!

    Largely, all of this is because key and significant red (or even black flags) were merrily flying before the relationship started. This is where HG steps in. He helps you to understand yourself.

    There will always be missing pieces in information, simply due to the fact we are all human and all facets, shades and types of relationships can occur.

    The boards are great too because it’s a good place to ask questions and ‘the regulars’ are usually pretty, erm, regular?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Renarde.

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