15 Boundary Breakers

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We never respect boundaries, do not regard them as applicable to us, whether those boundaries are accepted social conventions or boundaries enshrined in law, we have little or no regard for them. These rules, procedures, conventions and laws are for the little people, not titans such as us. We go where we want, when we want and do what we want. Driven by our astonishing sense of entitlement, absent empathy and innate superiority, we smash through barriers and boundaries every day. This is a total mind set which we adopt and the examples of this are legion. Here are fifteen instance of our boundary breaking behaviours.

  1. Anything of yours is automatically ours.
  2. You are an extension of us.
  3. We make you feel guilty if you say no to us.
  4. We make you believe that you are something that you are not.
  5. We ignore and/or deny your needs.
  6. We invade your spaces.
  7. We allow your sense of self-esteem and self-worth to be eroded.
  8. We make you solely responsible for our needs.
  9. We make you say “yes” to us through a sense of obligation.
  10. We make you feel it is necessary to always please us.
  11. We treat you unequally.
  12. We fail to support you.
  13. We expect you to agree with us all of the time.
  14. We expect you to read our minds so you do what we want.
  15. We dominate your resources – time, energy, attention, socialising, money and emotions.

23 thoughts on “15 Boundary Breakers

  1. MB says:

    Hugs Pati! You have the strength within you. Make a plan. Have you read ‘Escape’? It’s a must read in your situation. It will empower you.

    1. Pati says:

      Hi MB, there is a lot I need to do first. I need an audio with HG,an Empath Detector. I am hoping my husband goes on a business trip soon he wont be around and I can start planning . Thank you so much! Hugs xoxo

  2. NarcAngel says:

    Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating it today. I can guess what most of us are silently giving thanks for.

    I give thanks for HG’s brilliance in the creation of this space and all those who share in it.

    Evermore. Evermore.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you NA.

    2. Sweetest Perfection says:

      Is it Thanksgiving in Canada already? Happy Thanksgiving to you, NA! Indeed, we do need to be thankful for HG’s work and for this blog.

      1. Pati says:

        Dominating our resources is definitely what I would choose. I dont know who I am anymore ! He has sucked out everything from me. He ruined all.my relationships with friends,family I dont even talk to my brother anymore all because he doesnt like him. He doesnt like anyone! He is just miserable! I need to try and mend my relationships when I try he is like you choose them over me whos team are you on. HG does this sound like an ultimatum?

        1. Splinter says:

          He couldn’t care less about any of you other than what he uses you for. You’re all just part time property and he uses you all as welcome mat doormats and calls it Thanksgiving.

          He never has and never will dominate any resources and his entire life is a joke, just like the enablers are all a pathetic excuse to mask unimportant narcs who are entitled to absolutely nothing

    3. MB says:

      I don’t keep up with Canadian holidays anymore. Slight trigger of ET there. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours NA. Yours is is a beautiful sentiment and I join you in giving thanks to HG, narcsite, and all of the special people here.

    4. Pati says:

      Thank you NA my family is celebrating today.
      I am very thankful.for HG’s blog ! I will put that in my prayer today. I will also pray to.god to give me the strength and power to leave him. I do have logic thinking that I understand everything but not applying it yet ! I know i will NA if i never had kids with him I would have been long gone.
      I also want to thank everyone here on blog for their comments including you NA. Hugs

    5. E. B. says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, NarcAngel and also to everyone celebrating today!

      1. Pati says:

        Thank you E.B. my Narc ruined it for me!
        He always embarassing me in front of my relatives after I have been cooking all day.
        So mad !

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Pati, I’m very sorry. Don’t let him embarrass you, take pride in your cooking and your loving concern for your family and let him have a miserable thanksgiving by himself. Give him a thanksgiving silent treatment, and ignore his sorry ass! 😘I hope you can enjoy the rest of the holidays.

          1. Pati says:

            SP that’s exactly what I am doing We are both giving each other the silent treatment .its been going on for so long on I am so used to it. I do love my family and I hope one say they will see him for what he really is I pray! Thank you for your kind words hugs xoxo

        2. K says:

          Happy Thanksgiving and just ignore him; he isn’t worth your energy.

          1. Pati says:

            Thank you so much K

          2. K says:

            My pleasure Pati!
            You are in the best place to get all the help you will need with your husband. I am glad that you are here.

          3. Pati says:

            I am so glad to be here too! I feel like I have found someplace to express how I feel. Thank you again K ! HUGS xoxo

        3. E. B. says:

          How do other people react when he is embarrasing you in front of them?

          1. Pati says:

            E.B. thats an excellent question. Some of them think it’s funny, the other people dont say anything. I have never had anyone stick up for me before! The only people that understand is people like you on this Blog. Thank you for asking. Hugs

          2. E. B. says:

            Same experience. Narcissists and also highly narcissistic people get away with it because the audience does not say anything.
            Most people seem to be afraid of confronting them. They know that if they do it (Challenge Fuel?), they will become the next target.

          3. Pati says:

            E.B it’s just ridiculous how they get away with things ,they need to be put in their place. Its funny how they think they are always right its disgusting. Well you know what I have my opinion too and I dont agree with my N so there its crazy ,sorry you experienced the same E.B it must have been awful for you .
            Hugs xoxo

    6. K says:

      Happy Thanksgiving! Damn skippy about narcsite.

    7. Twisted Heart says:

      This is lovely. Thanks Narc Angel and yes I too am super thankful for HG and everyone on this site.

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