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Dear Readers and Supporters of the Angel Assistance Fund,

In an effort to offer a transparent view to the Angels in Waiting, I have created a sponsorship programme.

Every Angel is pre-vetted and anxiously awaits assistance through my counsel. When you select an Angel you wish to sponsor and make the associated donation for their assistance, your Angel will be provided with life-changing assistance.

After their consult, you will receive a personalized followup from your sponsored Angel and you will know how you have directly influenced positive change in their lives. This will be provided through me in order to preserve anonymity and confidentiality between Sponsor and the Sponsored.

Here is a testimonial from a reader who was recently helped by the AAF

The Angel Assistance Fund (AAF) was created to help people exactly like me.  A person who has suffered Domestic Abuse and has pretty much lost everything. It didn’t used to be this way for me. Once upon a time I did have money and moreover I had the potential to earn a very decent salary. This was robbed from me by two people who have NPD. In fact, this is an incredibly important point because so many people have suffered at the hands of a person who has NPD and have lost so much. It’s not fair. It’s not right. But what can we do?


We ask HG Tudor for help.


The AAF is essentially a pot of money donated by generous contributors to It’s so kind that others are helping in this way. I will pay this forward to and when I can, I will also contribute as well. We all should. Doesn’t matter how big or how small.. As the old Tesco saying goes, ‘Every Little Helps’.


If HG Tudor was a supermarket he wouldn’t be a Tesco, he’d be a Waitrose. Neigh, the Food Hall at Fortnums & Masons! What I love about consulting with HG is that there is no nonsense. Tudor will not hold your hand and gently stroke you (steady) but he will give you honest and open feedback. He will ask you ‘Why do you think this?’ and then point out why your own reasoning may be flawed. It usually is. Sins of the Empath et al.

In consultation I find Tudor clear, concise and above all accurate.This is the mark of someone who knows his subject and knows what he is doing. HG does not hold the strand of ‘Affective’ empathy because he is clearly delineating himself as a very high functioning person who has NPD. But by gum, I’ve never encountered a Greater (Ultra) who truly gets it. And I’ve known a few ‘High Rollers’ in my time. 


If you have the money, book an audio consultation. You will not be disappointed. If you are hard up then apply to the AAF.


I thank very deeply the lovely people who have contributed to the AAF and  I thank HG for his help, his books and words and of course



The programme will be updated regularly. Thank you for your generous sponsorship. Only you can can change the life of an Angel.

Angel L

Angel L would like assistance with regards to a 30 minute audio consultation as she has a number of questions surrounding her narcissist father that she wishes to have answered before making a decision about removing him from her life. She has contributed US $ 30 already and seeks assistance with the balance.

30 Min AC (Top Up)


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