The Narc Days of Christmas – No. 4

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my narcissist gave to me, four nasty words

3 thoughts on “The Narc Days of Christmas – No. 4

  1. Whitney says:

    HG, my friend lied and told me another guy at our sport was a narcissist to try to get me to like him. She wanted me to stop liking the one who chokes me. She admitted now she doesn’t think the new one is really a narcissist.
    He likes me so I need to get a Narc Detector on him

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You know what to do, Whitney.

      1. Whitney says:

        HG you are my favourite person 💝
        Yes I LOVE narcissist detectors. A genius and world-leading expert and pioneer in human personality reads my situation and gives utterly detailed and specific advice analysing the narcissist!
        It is lifesaving. My mum was astonished that such a small amount of money altered the course of my life and allowed me to recover from confusion and despair.
        You saved me from abuse and torment.

        I don’t know the new one well enough but he jitters his leg. I didn’t know the make and model of the car I purchased that day, and he couldn’t believe I didn’t know, and asked to see the keys. My friend said that was controlling but I don’t think so.

        I might redo the Detector on the one who chokes me with all the new information so I can hear another summary about his manipulations, because I don’t think clearly.
        Thank you HG, you are a Saviour.

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