You Hurt, The Narcissist Is Happy – What Is Going on?




Following disengagement from a romantic entanglement with a narcissist the hurt is substantial.

To make matters worse, the narcissist is swanning around happy. Or is he or she actually happy?

What is going on?

Understand how your hurt is more dangerous than you realise and what you can do about it?

Find out what is really going on inside the narcissist – the answer will assist you.

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3 thoughts on “You Hurt, The Narcissist Is Happy – What Is Going on?

  1. Corvino says:

    Thank you… This is priceless!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  2. AnneB says:

    Thank you H.G. Just listened and have put a hold on ET trying to corrupt my natural traits of love and affection. I needed to move him out of my head after a session of reconstruction. This did the trick, strengthened my logic centre., I won’t finish the ND until the new year but that is okay. I am moving forward, I have come so far in just two months or so, compared to where my head was at.

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