Merry Christmas


A Merry Christmas to all my readers!

For most of you, Christmas Day has arrived and as I am garnering plenty of fuel through the day, I wanted to thank all of my readers, commenters, followers, listeners and clients for their use of my work and their contributions to the enduring and growing success of “Knowing the Narcissist”.

Have a Narcissist Free and peaceful Christmas, keep your no contact regimes in place, recognise and reject emotional thinking and remember to GOSO (Get Over Santa´s Offering).

In the spirit of Christmas, enjoy the video I have posted which encapsulates a sound and light show which I attended as part of Yuletide celebrations.

HG Tudor

181 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. DoForLuv says:

    Enjoyed ! Like everything off your work I’ve been reading/hearing . Thank you much ! . Love .

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Christopher Jackson says:

      Man you are so beautiful ..

      1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

        Christopher Jackson,
        Are you hitting on DoForLuv ?

  2. HeyBeautiful says:

    Thanks for sharing. I found it peaceful. My empathetic self senses hope for you. Your teachings and logic would suggest else wise. Whatever the future holds, I wish you strength and courage. Thank you HG. Blessings to everyone.

  3. Violetta says:

    Groovy, Baby!

    Erm…who is that singing?

  4. ThePolicyOfTruth says:

    Very beautiful video HG.
    Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

  5. Argb says:

    Through your extensive knowledge i have been working daily (for almost a year now) to purge the thoughts & feelings of any narcissist i have encountered and how to prevent myself from seeking another. I pass on the website to anyone i think may be having issues with narcissists.
    Your work helps so many people. Thank you for sharing your insights with all of us.
    Hoping your day is filled with potent positive fuel and all benefit in some way from it.
    Merry Christmas.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Good to read and you’re welcome

      1. Gerber says:

        How beautiful! Thank you for posting this video! In which city did this light show take place?

  6. Isabella says:

    That was such a nice video! Merry Christmas HG, and a Happy New year. I have learned a lot from you, more then anyone else, and I so much appreciate your openness. Thank you so much.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

  7. Liza says:

    Merry christmas to you too ! thank you for all the hard work you did in this blog

  8. Thank you so much for the first calm, peaceful, non-dramatic and stressfree x-mas in years. Having read your posts on a daily basis I was well prepared for the pityplay, x-mas-hoover – which happened – and well ignored it. You might as well make a fortune as a clairvoyant. So, yes, you deserved a merry christmas and may the fuel be with you in abundance.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

  9. WiserNow says:

    Merry Christmas HG!! Thank you for the beautiful light and sound show. It was gorgeous!

    Thank you also HG, for the great work that you do, and for another year of your patience, consistent good advice, and helpful and engaging interactions with us. You are much appreciated and you have made a very positive impact on my life, and I’m sure on many other lives too.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and successful New Year.

    Merry Christmas to all the readers and commenters here too, and I hope you all continue to seize the power in the New Year! 🎅🏻🎄😘

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

    2. WhoCares says:

      Have lovely Christmas, WiserNow, and all the best in the New Year. 💙

      1. WiserNow says:

        Thank you WhoCares ❤️😀 Have a lovely Christmas and all the best to you in 2020 too.

  10. njfilly says:

    Dear Mr. HG Tudor,

    Beautiful video. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for all that you do. You are truly a very special and very unique being.

    Merry Christmas to you and to everyone.

    1. Lorelei says:

      Merry Christmas Njfilly!

      1. njfilly says:

        Merry Christmas Lorelei!

    2. FoolMe1Time says:

      Merry Christmas njfilly! 😘💞

      1. njfilly says:

        Merry Christmas FM1T!!

  11. kaydiva3 says:

    Thank you HG. Merry Christmas.

  12. lisk says:

    Merry Christmas, HG and to Everyone here! 🎄✨☃️🎅🏼🎁

    1. Pati says:

      Merry Christmas Lisk!

  13. candacemarie says:

    Beautiful light show 😍 merry Christmas to HG and all the readers!! Have a wonderful day 😘❣️

    1. FoolMe1Time says:

      Merry Christmas Candacemarie! 😘💞

      1. candacemarie says:

        Thank you 😊 hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well 😊♥️

  14. Susan says:

    What a great gift to watch the light show this morning! And thank for all you share with us all year. Have been viewing the site for less than a year and looking forward to 2020

  15. Pati says:

    Merry Christmas to HG and to everyone!
    This is my first Christmas knowing what I am dealing with thanks to HG. Hopefully next year I will be completly GOSO.
    HG I have learned so much from you. I pray to god that he keeps you healthy and strong so you can continue your legacy! You are in my prayers today and always!
    To everyone else thank you for being there for me in this difficult time in my life and for your comments you keep me going on my everyday living.
    I hope you all have a fantastic and Narc free Christmas .

    1. K says:

      Merry Christmas Pati!
      It’s good to have you here with us on narcsite this Christmas.

      1. Pati says:

        Thank you,Merry Christmas to you too K.
        I am Happy to be here with all of you.
        I feel very fortunate.

    2. FYC says:

      Merry Christmas Pati. Hang in there and find your own joy today regardless of the N. Sending hugs and love for you and your children.

      1. Pati says:

        Thank you FVC, your kind words mean the world to me ! Merry Christmas to you too!

  16. A383 says:

    HG, thanks for that. It was truly stunning. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas. Enjoy your break, you certainly deserve it. Best wishes x

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  17. NarcAngel says:

    Thank you for a lovely start to Christmas day HG.

    Merry Christmas and peace to everyone.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

    2. MB says:

      Merry Christmas NA!

    3. E. B. says:

      Merry Christmas, NA!

    4. K says:

      Merry Christmas NarcAngel and all Tudorites!

      1. WhoCares says:

        Merry Christmas K – love the tree topper!

        1. K says:

          Merry Christmas WhoCares!
          Hahahaha…thank you, the Death Star really is a cool tree topper!

          1. WhoCares says:

            K, it makes me want to break out the hot air popcorn maker and do a Star Wars marathon. The Christmas kid flicks are getting a little old now…

          2. K says:

            We watched episodes IV, V, VI, Rogue One and the first season of The Mandalorian. Sadly, my youngest isn’t really into the kid flicks anymore and it’s a little depressing. She’s growing up!

          3. WhoCares says:

            K, that’s awesome…and a little sad…but when my little guy doesn’t have an interest in kid flicks; I can’t wait to watch Sci-fi flicks with him!

            I want to see the Mandalorian! I have heard that baby Yoda is done with old-school animatronics and done really well…I totally respect those kinds of skills. I once took an Animatronics workshop once through a well-known Theatre house and it’s fair to say that it is not my forte – but wow, do I admire people who can do that!

          4. K says:

            It’s “happy sad”; you want your children to grow up but you want them to stay little just a little bit longer. Baby Yoda is absolutely adorable!!! You will love the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda is a combination of puppetry, animatronics and CGI. It’s really cool!

          5. WhoCares says:

            “You will love the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda is a combination of puppetry, animatronics and CGI”

            Awesome: new school and old school sometimes do have the most amazing results!

      2. FoolMe1Time says:

        Merry Christmas K! 😘💞

        1. K says:

          Merry Christmas FoolMe1Time!

    5. WhoCares says:

      Merry Christmas NarcAngel!

    6. FYC says:

      Merry Christmas, NA! I wish you much peace and joy today and always.

    7. FoolMe1Time says:

      Merry Christmas NA! 😘💞

  18. Dolores Haze says:

    Merry Christmas, dear Mr. Tudor! For the first time in many, many years I enjoyed Xmas without the narcissistic subplot, without checking my messages and wondering about him – I was just being there for my family, feeling real joy. This is thanks to YOU, your effective assistance after my escape. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Merry Christmas to all of you, dear sweet empaths on this blog; you’ve been so wonderful to me when I first came here a few months ago, dazed and confused. Your warmth and sincere support mean so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank y’all!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

    2. K says:

      Merry Christmas Dolores Haze!
      My pleasure and I am very happy that you are here with us on narcsite.

  19. Mercy says:

    Merry Christmas HG, Thank you for the beautiful light show and a huge thank you for everything you do.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

  20. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Spectacular, thank you
    Merry Christmas to you and to all our lovelies
    May Santa be good to everyone and no nasty narc surprises
    With heartfelt Christmas wishes
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘 🎄

    1. FYC says:

      Merry Christmas to you and your family, sweet Bubbles!

      1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

        Dearest FYC,
        Thank you beautiful clever lady
        May yours be magical and my warmest of thanks for your support and caring throughout
        Merry Christmas gorgeous one ..🍾🥂
        Luv Bubbles xx ❤️🎄❤️

        1. FYC says:

          Dearest Bubbles, Thank you very much! Wishing you much love, peace and joy now and in the New Year and Zero Impact even if you have to stay in contact on two fronts.🌲💞

          1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dearest FYC,
            You are so awesome and you have such wonderful advice
            Happy 2020 precious and may we all keep learning and continue to support each other
            Christmas hugs n kisses my special lovely
            “Thank you ” …… is not enough😊
            Luv Bubbles xx ❤️🎄❤️

          2. FYC says:

            Dearest Bubbles, Oh my, I really don’t think of myself in this light. I am overwhelmed by your very kind sentiments. They are genuinely felt over the miles. I do care and try to add value and I have a desire to give back. I appreciate your own sage words of encouragement too. You are a joy to everyone on this blog. Thank you so much.💞 I hope the fires in Oz have died down. Please do let us know when they have.

          3. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dearest FYC,
            Awe thank you precious 😊
            We’re heading for more hot weather in the 40 C’s
            Spot fires are still burning, the firefighters and fire volunteers are completely exhausted
            Our whole city n burbs were blanketed in smoke right up to Xmas
            Over 80 homes lost, animals… 😢
            Our summer has only just begun and it’s been horrific so far !
            We can only be optimistic ! 🤞
            Thank you for caring lovely FYC ❤️
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          4. FYC says:

            I am so sorry to hear that Bubbles😥 You are in my thoughts and I hope you and the animals have no more fires.😘

          5. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dear FYC,
            Just received a text at the end of Boxing Day from our youngest’s partner (lesser) wishing us all a merry Christmas ..(they had a fight before our youngest came over for brunch, who stayed all day) ….no doubt guilt tripping
            The partner has already been banned from our place and nothing is changing
            Wonders will never cease from a narc (Mr Tudor sure knows narcs )
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          6. FYC says:

            Dear Bubbles, Good for you!! Love the ban. It will create a refuge for your daughter. The weasel is so transparent! Here’s to hoping she sees him as he really is soon and will GOSOs in the New Year!🥂

          7. FYC says:

            P.S. Doubtful it was guilt, more like hoover by proxy post argument so she would come back home.

          8. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dear FYC,
            Sorry if I sound confusing …this is not the weasel !
            This is another one
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          9. FYC says:

            My fault, Bubbles, I thought your youngest’s N was the weasel? Please do set me straight.

        2. WhoCares says:


          How is it that I never knew you are in Australia?
          (I thought perhaps the States or Britain but had no clue you are down under). Take care and keep safe!

          1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dearest WhoCares,
            I must’ve created an “illusion” somehow … haha
            I thought some of my “lingo” was a dead giveaway eg Vegemite
            Many thanks for your kind warm wishes precious… it’s really appreciated 💕
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          2. WhoCares says:

            Dear Bubbles,

            I will have to now reorient ‘the voice of Bubbles’ in my head – which could be a struggle…since I have “heard” you a different way for so long. Oh well, regardless of accent; your voice always conveys warmth and kindest.
            Wishing you peace and joy in the New Year 💛

          3. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dearest WhoCares,
            We “older” Aussies were brought up with a more British note rather than most of the Aussie tones you hear today
            Etiquette, elocution and handwriting were paramount
            My mother speaks with a “plum in her mouth” ….l’m a tad less formal …….but of course ..haha
            If I were living in London, you probabably couldn’t tell the difference
            I hope that eases your “orientation” and emotional thinking lovely one
            Sending Seasons greetings and best New Year wishes across the emotional sea ……haha
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          4. WhoCares says:

            Thank-you Bubbles; that does explain things a bit.
            Hugs from across the emotional sea!

    2. FoolMe1Time says:

      Merry Christmas Bubbles and a blessed New Year to you and yours. 😘💞

      1. Bubbles 🍾 says:

        Dear FoolMe1Time,
        Thank you kindly lovely one and may your Christmas season be merry also
        Wishing you back to maximum health very soon and surrounded by loving carers
        Warmest Christmas wishes FoolMe and cheers 🥂to an even better New Year
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  21. Dorion says:

    Merry Christmas HG and readers! I’ve finally purchased two HG Tudor books to chill with during the holidays.

    That was an interesting and creative little show, perhaps not the most appropriate word for a Christmas festive spectacle but a bit psychedelic 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves

  22. Maartje says:

    I don’t know how many more times we will meet
    But I have come to recognize you as my friend
    The one who teaches me to just be
    The one who will help me correct my mistakes, just for me

    I have met you in all sizes, shapes and forms
    Time does not exist, only the passing of things
    The passing of insults and betrayal
    Leaving me confused, bewildered and frail

    But out of the frailty something rises
    As I plunge into the depths of my despair
    Nothing to hold on to, cling to, or fear
    And as it dissolves, I can hold myself dear

    Our first meeting you took away my breath
    And I wanted more, I wanted you to take more
    Because you can never take what is truly mine
    You teach me this, time after time

    You never give me what I want, how good is that
    Because what I want is not what I need
    I don’t need anything, and above all not you
    You see, you help me find that which is true

    So please keep helping me get rid of that sack
    That I have filled with pain, sorrow and regrets
    Help me empty it for as long as I live
    And I will find there is no need to forgive

    You are the one who made me see the truth
    That you can only harm yourself
    Nobody ever did anything wrong
    When I want to share this with you, you’re suddenly gone

    Until that day keep doing what you do best
    Keep stealing my hopes, my dreams, my luck
    Because I never needed them, right?
    Thank you for showing me, my best friend, my beautiful thief in the night

  23. Renarde says:

    Have a truly magical day everyone!

    Love and kisses as always


    1. E. B. says:

      Thank you, Renard. I hope you are having a peaceful day too!

  24. mollyb5 says:

    HG …What Church is this ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The Church of Tudor.


      1. mollyb5 says:

        Norte Dame cathedral ! 😉

      2. mollyb5 says:

        , honestly …the fire tho ? So this is somewhere else ;(

      3. mollyb5 says:

        Kristiansand Norway ❤️

  25. mollyb5 says:

    Very beautiful ! Thank you , HG !

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

  26. Sweetest Perfection says:

    That’s very sweet of you, HG, almost almost sweetest perfection. Merry Christmas to you and to everyone in the blog! ♥️

    1. FoolMe1Time says:

      Merry Christmas to you and yours SP! 🐕😘💞

  27. MB says:

    Thank you for sharing, HG. I’ve never seen anything like it. Very impressive computing power going on. Stunning! Merry Christmas to you and to all of my fellow pupils (peeps) here at HGTU. My New Year’s wish is for this information to come to light in the mainstream media so that everyone can Know The Narcissist as we do. I look forward to the lessons Prof Tudor has planned for us in the new year and beyond. Peace be with you all.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Computers? That was a display of my magical powers!

      1. MB says:

        I loved it! Never seen anything like that. And I didn’t have to stand out in the cold wind to see it. Thank you for bringing it to me, HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You’re welcome

    2. WhoCares says:

      Merry Christmas ♥️ MB – much peace and happiness to you in the New Year.

      1. MB says:

        Thank you WC!

    3. FYC says:

      Merry Christmas MB! The glitter must be double over head by now! Wishing you and your family much love and joy and peace today and always.

      1. MB says:

        Yes it is FYC! Thank you. Merry Christmas. I’ve sent you a shipment of chicken soup. Feel better!

        1. FYC says:

          I love it, MB, thank you!

  28. BL says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing (loved the snow falling on the gingerbread house!)! Happy whatever you celebrate, everyone!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

  29. WhoCares says:

    That was magical, thanks for sharing it, HG.
    Merry Christmas to you and all of your readers!
    Best wishes for a safe and sane New Year for all.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome

    2. FoolMe1Time says:

      Merry Christmas MB! 🎄🎁

      1. WhoCares says:

        FM1T – Thank-you and Merry Christmas to you! (I also sent wishes in your conversation with FYC)

      2. MB says:

        Thank you FM1T! Merry Christmas to you also. This goes down as one of my best ever. Just call me Nana MB! 💙

        1. FoolMe1Time says:

          Oh Congratulations MB! Your life just became so much richer!’ 😘💞

        2. Mercy says:

          MB, Congratulations! I’m so happy for you ❤️

        3. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Nana Glitter! Yay!!!

          1. FYC says:

            Merry Christmas Sweetest P! Wishing you all the happiness and peace you can hold today and always.

          2. Pati says:

            Merry Christmas SP!

  30. blackunicorn123 says:

    Merry Christmas, HG. A very sincere thank you for all you do. You’ve changed my life completely – not just in regards to the narc, but in how I view life and people in general. The tools you supply have made me much more aware, and for that, I can never thank you enough.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome. This is the Home of Knowledge

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  32. Nina says:

    Thank you, HG! That was almost as spectacular as you are. Merry Christmas to you and all your readers!!

  33. cogra002 says:

    Merry Christmas to HG and fellow Tudorites! Quiet, low key, peaceful Christmas here. 🎁🎄🎅

  34. Abw Flying says:

    Ho Ho Ho ! Merry Christmas!

  35. Claire says:

    Wow, that’s magnificent! Thank you for sharing, HG!
    Merry Christmas HG and fellow readers🎄🙂!
    May the closeness of your loved ones, family, and friends fill your hearts with joy.
    “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. But if the White runs out I’ll drink the Red!” 🙃

  36. E. B. says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! 🎅

    1. WhoCares says:

      Same to you E.B.!

      1. E. B. says:

        Thank you so much, WhoCares! Hugs.

    2. K says:

      Merry Christmas E. B.!

      1. E. B. says:

        Thank you and merry Christmas to you, K!

    3. Mercy says:

      E.B. Merry Christmas! I wanted to thank you for all of your help last week. It was a stressful time and I really appreciated your advice. I hope your holidays are happy and peaceful.

      1. E. B. says:

        Hello Mercy,
        Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you are enjoying your holidays. I am glad I could help.
        It is quiet at the moment because two of the narcissists do not seem to be at home for Christmas this year. Last Monday was hell, like every year before Dec 24th. 8 hours in a row, from 5.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. I have my headphones on. I also turn the radio/TV on if I go to another room so I cannot hear the narcissists and their lieutenants’ degrading comments and humiliations. I am dreading their New Year’s celebrations.
        I hope you get enough time to rest. I wish you a peaceful week, Mercy.

  37. E. B. says:

    Beautiful lighting and music! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    Merry Christmas to you, HG and God Jul to the SM!

  38. Hope says:

    Wow! So awesome! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  39. BonnieLou says:

    Merry Christmas HG. Thank you for all your hard work that has helped me to stay No Contact for nearly my one year anniversary. Have a good one!🎅🥂🍾xx

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well done and you’re welcome

      1. Lorelei says:

        Feel better FYC!

        1. FYC says:

          Merry Christmas Lorelei! Thank you. Have a magical day and a peaceful and fun filled new year!

  40. FYC says:

    Wow! That is really spectacular, HG. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I loved it! I am unable to go events this Christmas due to a stubborn case of bronchitis, so this is a real treat. You really have been most generous this Christmas. Truly magnanimous. Bravo and well done! Thank you again.

    1. FoolMe1Time says:

      Merry Christmas FYC. I do hope that you feel better soon.

      1. FYC says:

        Merry Christmas FM1T, and thank you kindly. It’s nothing I can’t handle. I’m all good. Have a fabulous day of joy in every way possible!

        1. FoolMe1Time says:

          Thank you FYC, I hope you enjoy the day also.

          1. WhoCares says:

            FYC & FM1T,

            Happy Christmas to you both.

            FYC – hope you heal soon & best wishes for the New Year 💛

            FM1T – hope you’ve healed for the Holidays! All the best in the New Year 💙

          2. FoolMe1Time says:

            WhoCares thank you so very much!! Had a little set back, but I’ll be fine! 😘💞

          3. FYC says:

            WhoCares, Merry Christmas to you and your son! I hope it is the most memorable in a joyous way this year, in your new Zero Impact world. I wish you both abundant blessings throughout the new year too!

            FM1T, I am so sorry to hear about your set back. Take it easy as you go on Christmas, and know we all love you and wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

          4. WhoCares says:

            Thank-you FYC.
            I have much to be happy for this Narc-free Christmas! A new start in a new place with my son and our new puppy – and continued safety and healing, which I am most grateful for.
            I may have to wait a little while into the New Year before I am feeling the effects of Zero Impact (I have the package but have put off listening to it – and glad I did so – but will need to listen to it soon.)

            I received a Holiday hoover in the form of legal action from my ex – just when I thought I would get some respite for a while. The most concerning thing was that there was a chance I could lose my legal representation (due to cut backs) for these proceedings. But, thankfully, just before Christmas, I learned that I get to keep my lawyer – which is just about the best thing I could have got from Santa, even though I didn’t put it on my list!

            I understand stand that some family illness influenced your ‘no contact’ recently? I hope you’re enjoying a better sense of Zero Impact over the holidays as you heal! And I wish you much love and peace in 2020 💙

          5. FYC says:

            WhoCares, I am so sorry to hear about your ExN’s evil Holiday Hoover and very happy you will retain your counsel. You will prevail. Please do not hesitate listening to Zero Impact (ZI). It will help you tremendously throughout this trying time and on forward. I purchased ZI to deal with my N parent with whom I am still in contact. I find ZI absolutely invaluable. It is a masterpiece. Every empath needs this. Even when you are not able to be fully no contact, this package delivers immediate ZI from an emotional level, and its contents will logically sustain you in such a way you will not be overwhelmed by the N’s persistent toxicity. Please listen to your ZI as soon as possible when you have time to do so alone and absorb it fully. You will have an emotional response, but the outcome will be beyond healing simply from the enlightenment it delivers.

            A new puppy? How did I miss being that before? Oh the joy!!! I am so happy for you both. I wish you much love and peace in 2020 and always.💞

          6. WhoCares says:


            Thank-you for the recommendation and kind thoughts. Regarding the evil Holiday Hoover…yes, I was hoping that this would not follow so swiftly on the tails of his last legal effort (which resolved in my favour) and that maybe I wouldn’t hear from him until part way through the New Year – but then again, I should be unsurprised that he would let Christmas pass without being (somewhere) in my thoughts. I know it is unconscious but he can only get to me via the legal process, communication is shut down everywhere else.

            I will listen to ZI soon. I was hoping to have the legal matter mostly behind me before doing so (liked wrapped up and tidily put away, that is how it looks in my mind – ha – I am very orderly and perfectionistic, in *some* ways – but the Narc isn’t having it). But you are right, I should just listen to it… it really is up to me to make the mental shift, yet again, and move on despite his attempts to hold me back.

            And regarding the new puppy – you didn’t miss anything – that was the first I shared that. She is a sweetie…some unpredictability there…but a lot of positives. I grew up with dogs but my adult lifestyle only permitted a cat until recently – plus, I gave a lot of thought to NA’s recommendation of a dog for a young kid (back in the pet and peacock thread).

            I hope you’re enjoying some holiday cheer despite mending from bronchitis. Warm and peaceful wishes to you and yours in the New Year, FYC!

          7. FYC says:

            Hello WhoCares, I understand. The problem is, with Ns nothing is neat and orderly for very long. Your last win no doubt sparked a need to attempt legal retaliation. Do as you think is best though. For me, I was at a peak of frustration when I purchased ZI and eagerly listened upon receipt. It really triggered a lot of emotions for me and created new epiphanies. It helped me adjust my priorities and reminded me in a very powerful way of the naked truth of any N dynamic and how it saps and provokes Es in unhealthy ways even when we feel we are strong. I know I will refer back to ZI audio from time to time until I am zero N. No matter when you listen, I know it will be most helpful.

            I am so happy for you and your son! I adore dogs and your new girl will be a most wonderful addition to your lives. I wish you all the best and a safe and peaceful new year. Do let me know when you prevail again in court so we can celebrate the victory!

          8. Kim e says:

            I am with you. Whenever I feel something is off, the ZI is brought out and I listen to it again. I have almost broke NC a couple times but instead listened to it.
            I had an AAAAHHHHHAAAA moment today while listening. Well worth the money.

          9. FYC says:

            I completely agree, Kim e. It is one of HG’s best works. I am so glad you did not break No C. You were wise to listen to ZI again. It is invaluable.

          10. WhoCares says:

            “with Ns nothing is neat and orderly for very long”
            So true.
            I made a shift a year ago – when he was still hellbent on making it ‘all about him’ via the legal process.
            I just told myself: ‘I’m done. You (him) just keep doing what you do because you cannot do otherwise and I am still going to push forward with my life anyway, because I am done with you.’
            He stills keeps trying. Gotta give him ‘A’ for effort.
            I think my energy for forward movement has reached a plateau – but that is temporary – and I am sure it will change in the New Year.
            Thank-you for explaining how ZI has helped you – and thank-you for cheering me on!

          11. FYC says:

            I’ve got your back WC. I know you will double down on your resolve and will shut these pathetic malign hoovers down. Matter of time. If HG stands with you, what other N stands a chance? So no worries!

          12. WhoCares says:

            FYC – 💜

            And, yes, with HG’s work behind me, I know that I can outlast my narc’s hoovers.

          13. Mercy says:

            WhoCares, Im sorry about your Hoover but ‘m glad to hear about your attorney. That is great news. I know you’ve worked hard on your legal issues and a new attorney would be like starting over.

            I hope your and your son had a very merry Christmas in your new place. Things are looking up for you!

          14. WhoCares says:

            Mercy – re: my attorney, most definitely, yes. I would have had to self-represent (which I have done in the beginning and actually did with some success) which is challenging but sometimes less daunting than getting one’s lawyer up to speed and “in the know.”
            It was really nice to have Christmas dinner under our own roof and our own routines. We are going to visit some dear friends today.

            I hope Christmas with you and yours was good and wish you well in the New Year!

          15. FYC says:

            Thank you so much, FM1T, I’ll be fine and this has been and will be a wonderful Christmas! I hope for you as well. And I hope you know just how much you are appreciated.💞

          16. FoolMe1Time says:


  41. Lorelei says:

    Very pretty! I can’t wait to get home. I am wishing for an upper lesser that has a rudimentary skin care regime with a splash of old spice. Perhaps he’ll have enough intelligence to be able to figure out a tip by adding ten percent twice! (Like omg in his head for real!) He won’t have to climb down a chimney because he will chain smoke like a fiend. Boy—if I’m lucky this one may even be clean! He will say he loves me and make it seem true. He will give me big hugs on the days I feel blue. (The days he causes me to feel blue..) Boy oh boy I can’t wait to get home!

    1. WhoCares says:

      Haha – Lorelei!
      Merry Christmas ♥️

      1. Lorelei says:

        You too Whocares! There is a background story to this silly little “half poem.” I went out with a guy that needed his phone to figure out the 20% tip on a bill last year. I sat there thinking WTF. I just couldn’t proceed forward. It was too much for me to take! He was also trying to lovebomb and sent me songs. I was very new here but thank goodness after about a week figured it out—but he was pretty! Have a great holiday. I know New Years wishes are around the corner but today marks a tipping point for me. I remember back to last year and the year before at this time. The progress is undeniable and very much in contrast to where I’ve been. I’m certain it will also be a year upcoming until our next point of reference for you—to move mountains in whatever way you see fit.

        1. WhoCares says:


          “I know New Years wishes are around the corner but today marks a tipping point for me. I remember back to last year and the year before at this time. The progress is undeniable and very much in contrast to where I’ve been. I’m certain it will also be a year upcoming until our next point of reference for you—to move mountains in whatever way you see fit.”

          I am so glad you have seen significant progress and I know what you mean about this time of the year being a marker.
          Specifically, the last Christmas spent with my ex (3 years ago) was, for me, personally, a perfect example of how, still – under conditions of significant duress I would strive to make Christmas “happen.” And then those results got trashed.

          Never again.

          Every Christmas since has been harder, in some ways, but more peaceful and better in many ways.

          All the best to you Lorelei, in the New Year.
          I will drink a toast to moving mountains in 2020!

  42. misstasia says:

    Merry Christmas Mr. H.G. Tudor, thank you for all your hard work and helping us make our lives a little more peaceful. Thank you for the video it was spectacular. Have a wonderful day.

  43. Chihuahuamum says:

    Merry christmas HG and all who read and post here 🤗🎄
    Thx for sharing the light show HG that was the most beautiful one ive seen! Loved how the water fall froze then crumbled so cool! Also when it turned into a gingerbread cathedral. Stunning!!

  44. FoolMe1Time says:

    Thank you HG, that was quite beautiful. Merry Christmas to you SM, and the rest of your family.

  45. santaann1964 says:

    One of the most beautiful light show I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing

  46. Christopher Jackson says:

    Wow thanks hg that was nice of you to share…although I have to say all that changing of the colors and murals and pictures reminded of a narcissist soon as you got an image it changed it was blowing hot and cold right before my eyes lol. Merry xmas hg thanks for deciding to save our lives everyday

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ha ha very good.

    2. Kim e says:

      Christopher Jackson
      My thoughts exactly as I was watching the magnificent visions turn dark and barren

  47. Soon to be sparkling! says:


    And Merry Christmas to all! Xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Best light show i have ever seen. And good job you are tall HG!

  49. Caity says:

    Wow, HG! Just….stunning. Thank you, so much, for sharing.

  50. In Glogg We Trust says:

    And a very happy CRIMMAS to you, Dear H.G! Odd that I’ve been reading/learning/rhapsodizing about this blog And pushing, pushing it to any and all takers like an ambitious corner boy who wants to work his way up to the ‘prime turf’. I imagine there will be no horrific Mariah Carey tunes wafting from your Bose speakers. No. Only the best classic music. Thanks for the good (and plentiful) content year long. I know a lot of commenters here want to make sweet, sweet love to you (that legs avatar is straight fire) but instead I just want to chastely pat you on the head and murmur ‘who’s a good boy?’ ho! ho! HO!

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