I Spy A Private Eye


I have often mentioned the empath’s need to know. Initially this is borne out of your desire to know and to understand for the purpose of enabling you to discharge your caring and nurturing abilities. Only by understanding and knowing what is wrong, what is going through someone’s mind or understanding their situation are you able to assist and help. Some people like to know because they are inquisitive. Some people like to know because they are downright nosey. We like to know so we can use it against you or to further our own schemes. You like to know so you can help. This is a core trait of the empathic individual and it is not something that you are ever able to let go.  Even when we are subjecting you to the devaluation you are unable to accept that it is happening without being able to understand why. You need to know. We know you need to know and we exploit this. This is why we engage in denial, deflection and circular arguments because we are entirely aware this inability to allow you to know and to understand draws fuel from you but also keeps you doing this. Even when we discard you, you still want to make sense of what has happened. You need and want to know why did we treat in the way we did, why did we do all those awful things to you and why were you not enough? By tapping into this trait of yours we also ensure that you have to know what we are doing once we have flung you to one side.

You will ask our friends what we are doing and pose similar questions to our family in a bid to ascertain what we are now doing without you. You ask your friends to spy on your behalf, gathering information about the places that we have been to and the people we have fraternised with. You see, if you try to escape from us then you cannot get rid of us as we appear with Hoover in hand ready to suck you back. However, if we have decided that we have extracted as much fuel as we possibly can from you (at least for now) we will do our utmost to remain invisible and keep you guessing. We want you wondering what we are doing? We want you to be sat contemplating where we are and who we are with? Are we happy? Are we thinking of you?

This need to know becomes overwhelming and you then embark on your role as private eye. You will stalk our Facebook page in order to gather information. We will block you in order to increase the work for you but you will use a friend’s profile to look or create a false one. You will drive past the places you know we might be, home, work and recreational and social places hoping to catch a glimpse of what we are doing so you can satiate that need to know. You will create a new profile and follow us on Twitter, checking each day to see what we have written. Is there a new girlfriend? What is she like? Are we taking her to the places we took you? Who are these people in the photographs and where are they taken? We know you will be spying and the more you try and learn the more questions will arise. We use obsessing as a method of manipulation and this continues in this mould.

Our everpresence will keep reminding you and you do not help yourself as you repeatedly reinforce our presence in your mind by searching, checking and spying. You will search our name on Google, examine our work website for any changes, check on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Like a detective hunting for clues you will keep at it each day. You create a habit in order to feed the addiction which is the need to know. We know you will do this, we engineer and we encourage this behaviour in you. The knowledge that you are engaged in these practices gives us fuel. We cannot see you or hear you yet we know you are spying on us. We know what you are like and we can picture you earnestly hunched over your keyboard as you stare at your monitor. Don’t deny it because when we do Hoover you it is one of the first things we tease from you. How many times a day did you check our Facebook profile? You will admit you did it at least three times a day and tell us how much you missed us. You will ask about the new person we were with and who you saw posts referring to and all the photographs that we displayed. Did we miss you too? You always ask this as well. Why? Because you always need to know.

84 thoughts on “I Spy A Private Eye

  1. ANM says:

    I still research the narc., we will continue to have court hearings, and I am not going to pay a private investigator to do the work for me. There is also a level 3 sex offender who lives in his neighborhood, and because my daughters spends a significant amount of time over there, I keep tabs on the neighborhood too.

  2. Michele says:

    I was quite the opposite. I did not want to know anything. Yet, that drove him crazy. He would actually tell me everything. Of course, he did this more to get a reaction out of me- this later back fired because I throw it back at him “You told me everything I know” and most of it he doesn’t want me knowing – it’s too much info that could be used against him – to expose him. He actually tries to get to my texts thinking he can delete them from evidence.

  3. Kelly says:

    There are lots of things you can use to spy. Voice recorders and cameras that look like objects. I got one of my friends into the PI business. Its funny my narc ex I had him take me DC.The international spy museum over there. He seemed very amused the whole trip.

  4. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    We stalk the stalkers 🤣
    My kids think I’m a stalker because I look at people’s Facebook pages
    I like to read comments and the ones that “stand out” I have a goosey gander to see what they are like ….10/10 times if fits your behavioural profile
    Our veterans magazine came thru with the weasel’s ugly dial in a piccie .. he’s back to the facial hair which means he’s on the prowl yet again 😂
    Soooo predictable !!!
    Now back to Facebook comments 😂
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  5. Dorion says:

    Ha! I do this about anyone who piques my interest for whatever reason and feel no reason to stop. Intimate partners (or prospects), friends, colleagues, family, job candidates I’m considering, people I meet on the web, public figures… anyone. Normally it does not feel compulsive and I don’t believe it to be wrong as I keep the research in the domain of legally available information. Just do it for a while and then usually stop when I feel satisfied. I definitely regard myself as an information addict and the internet is the best playground – zero interest in stalking in the 3D world, I don’t even personally comprehend easily the motivation behind driving by someone’s house or showing up at events to spy on them in disguise. Just on the interwebs.

    It is indeed different when I am obsessed with someone, then it does feel like a crazy, out of control compulsion. I had that for a while about my narc therapist and so much to dig into as he has tons of stuff online. I still look him up occasionally but now more just out of normal curiosity. I searched some of the other narcs I had encountered as well because I was very interested in what makes them tick and how they operate. I did find sometimes info they would likely not have been happy to reveal, simply by putting the pieces together.

    Maybe I should have become a spy for real, or a private investigator (I am not). Certainly have that sort of vein. Is there anything wrong with research? 🙂 I almost always keep it to myself and don’t use the findings against anyone. I did use it a bit to try to undermine my ex narc therapist’s reputation but it just didn’t feel right, very out of character and uncomfortable for me to actually use it and made me paranoid, so I stopped. But in private, just for myself – why not? I know some narcs also do this online stalking, the difference is probably the motives behind it and what we do with the info.

  6. AnneB says:

    Yes, I was Columbo extraordinairre. It took over my life to a great extent. I thought (erroneously) that I needed to see him, have evidence of him, treating another the same way I was treated. I wanted to see him treat another as if they simply did.not.matter. I felt I could continue on with that sort of ‘proof’. I was my own counsel for a year, I lived this inside my own head. I was too ashamed, too guilty. I never asked anybody else about him.

  7. Mercy says:

    When I was at the peak of my ET, I had a crazy moment when I thought I wanted to buy a drone. He lived in the country so I couldn’t just drive by his house because he would see me coming 5 miles away.

    1. BL says:

      This is pretty funny, Mercy! They do make us think crazy at times, but hey, way to think outside the box!!

      1. Mercy says:

        BL, At the time I was serious. I do alot of work with aerial photos at my job so it was easy to convince myself I needed one of these. It was going to be my new hobby (haha stalking as a hobby. It really was crazy thinking). A lot of the things HG talked about I did without even realizing I did it. I knew his routine from his social media. I knew about what time he would wake up. If he woke up late, I knew, and would spend the rest of the day (unconsciously) trying to get clues from our conversations to see why. I couldn’t just ask, I wouldn’t get the truth and would be accused of stalking. There are so many little things I did without realizing I was doing it to get answers. If he sent me a screenshot of something I would zoom into the picture and look at everything except what he wanted me to see. What time was the screenshot taken, what notifications are on his phone, how much battery power did he have left on his phone (because his phone was always dying ya know). Once I zoomed in and could see the pic was kind of transparent so I could see the page underneath the pic. It was the list of people he was texting. All women on my radar.

        I never ever deleted conversations because everything he said could be contradicted by something he said earlier. A lot of the truth seeking I did was so that I could prove to myself that I wasn’t the crazy one.

        1. Kim e says:

          Yet in the long run, you were the crazy one just by your actions!!!! Narcs…they get us coming and going!!

          1. Mercy says:

            Exactly Kim E, it becomes so automatic we don’t even realize how crazy they/we are making ourselves

        2. BL says:

          Mercy, we could open a detective agency! I found apps to find out to the minute when he was last on social media (since he is on every waking moment, I knew what time he went to sleep and what time he woke up) and apps to look at his stories without being detected. I even kept an eye on some of his close friends’ accounts because they posted pics of him. I found a pic taken near a window and I too zoomed in to check what I could see in the reflection! Crazy stuff.

          1. Mercy says:

            BL, Haha yep. You know what I’m talking about.

        3. Mercy says:

          I would hang onto every word he said for clues. If he was talking about a women in the past I would listen for present tense words. If he dropped a “is” instead of “was”, that bitch was on my radar. It wasn’t until I came here that I was able to recognize I was doing this. 

        4. NarcAngel says:

          I was not well for a few days and just getting caught up now to comments. I want to thank you for donating to the Angel Fund in my name. Such a lovely and considered gift. Again, thank you.

          1. Mercy says:

            You are welcome NarcAngel. I hope your are feeling better.

          2. WhoCares says:


            Hope is wasn’t something serious and you are feeling better for the rest of the holidays!

          3. Pati says:

            NA. I hope you are feeling better. Merry Christmas to you.

          4. E. B. says:

            Hello NA,
            Nice to see you are back. I hope you are well now.

          5. ANM says:

            Hope you are ok.

          6. NarcAngel says:

            Thank you. Nothing serious – just a bit off still. Happy to read that you had a good Christmas and your news about court. You’re hard work and new knowledge is paying off. Bring on 2020.

        5. Interesting how we all become stalkers! hahah

          To all you detectives out there, I received an xmas gift from an N who has had an interest in me for a little while now. A very savvy and cunning N who would definitely be ‘in the know’ about anything techy. The gift was electronic and small, I’m a tad paranoid (I realise this is probably ET rather than LT) that he may have planted some sort of listening device inside it? I’m suspicious because he spent far more on it than he would need to given my status in his fuel matrix. For reasons I won’t go into I can’t throw it away but I’m cautious. Is it possible he could have included a listening device inside this item? Could someone then remotely listen to conversations? I’m out of touch with the advancement of technology. I wrapped it in silver foil and put it in the car just in case.

          1. Kim e says:

            ” I wrapped it in silver foil and put it in the car just in case.”
            I am ROFLMAO at this one.
            What may I ask, is this “gift” exactly? For him to spend a lot of money and go to that effort I would have to also ask what is your status in his matrix?

          2. loool yup silver foil! I didn’t quite know what else to do with it.

            My position is someone he would want as an IPSS but not so special to get daily loveboming just some attempts here and there. In addition to that, I do have something which he very much wants. His attempts to take it so far have failed.

            He’s an Anchor with very likely a Stepford Wife and a fuel matrix of IPSSs of all different kinds which is extensive to say the least.

          3. Kim e says:

            I say if it is a tracking device, you throw it on the back of a garbage truck and let him track you all over town.

          4. Mercy says:

            Alex2016, I actually think that’s LT. Knowing what we know, we have to be careful. I’m not sure about a listening device but I’d be cautious about tracking too. Maybe FYC would know. She’s techy.

          5. Thanks Mercy. And great to know its LT rather than ET. Always best to be careful just in case! If it’s just a tracking device I don’t use my car to travel too far so he’ll be very disappointed with that one! I’m guessing less likely tracking as it is not something he would expect me to take out and about too often.

          6. E. B. says:

            re: “it is not something he would expect me to take out and about too often”
            The camera is in the charger or in the cable.

          7. incredibly helpful. thank you so much EB

          8. E. B. says:

            You are welcome. The first thing I would look for is if the device including all accessories (cable, charger, manual, instructions sheet, warranty and any other material, documentation), was an unopened product in its original packaging.

          9. Thanks so much EB! It certainly appeared to be unopened. So I do believe it was an ever presence sort of gift

          10. BL says:

            I am not too techy either, but I would worry about that too. Is it something that you would have wanted or was it an unusual gift for you to receive? I have a friend who planted a small listening device in his partner’s car and also put software on the computer so every email that went to her also went to him. It’s a scary world out there. I’m not sure any amount of foil will save us!

          11. It wasn’t something I wanted BL. I didn’t want anything. That is very worrying re your friend’s partner, how awful – how did she discover it.

            I suspect that he probably did it to create an ever presence but I want to be careful just in case. I never had a suspicious mind before. It is amazing how we change. If he has planted a listening device I’m just feeding him with false info as a precautionary measure so I’m sure I’ll work it out. Jees – this is nuts hahah

          12. NarcAngel says:

            I would go buy another one and then box the one he bought you and return it, keeping the “clean” one.

          13. haha a great idea NA! thanks for that

          14. BL says:

            alexis, I am friends with him, not her. To the best of my knowledge she never found out, and she is long out of the picture (shocking, I know).

          15. Ah goodness! Yes I made assumptions there BL. Goodness do you trust being friends with him…?

          16. BL says:

            Alexis, my friend thought his partner was cheating but she denied it. He then (crazily? bravely?) asked the guy he thought her to be cheating with and he denied it too. The car bug and emails proved otherwise. Not only did he endure hearing the details of their affair, but also her rather unkind comments about him. So yes, I trust him and, more imortantly, learned to be wary of everyone!!

          17. Ah BL I’m so sorry to hear that. That must have been awful for him and for you as his trusted friend. I do hope he has found HG and also realises it was never about him and that she would have said this about the other guy she was dating once in devaluation too x

          18. Dorion says:

            Knowing myself, I am sure I would question the gift in a similar way. I am a huge tech fan and usually consider myself a very rational person, but am also cautious and even paranoid (so emotional) enough not to simply find it cool if received from a questionable source. I personally would do my research on it (including evaluating my own suspicions about it more) before starting to use or perhaps even having it near me. So ~what you have done.

            It is crazy how experiences with narcs can turn us near psychotic, isn’t it? I am an anxious person by default, I think it is just physiological and an inborn predisposition without any narc interference, but some life experiences have definitely increased certain types of suspicions. The upside can be that I am really good at protecting myself by nature… the downside, of course, is when the paranoia prevents from engaging in completely innocuous endeavors. It can sometimes be hard to make realistic, truly logical cost/benefit analyses, but if you trust your instincts in general, I would say listen to them. I do trust mine and the occasions where I got truly burned in the past were when I went ahead with things in spite of multiple inner warnings.

          19. It is definitely awful how they cause us to question everything. Because of all the dodgy things they do, they cause us to question everything! I know that’s been the case with my sister. And 60% of the time she has done what I suspected her of, the other 40% not. and then that causes you to doubt yourself, is she really that bad? because she hasn’t don e anything this time. But then you have to go back to the facts of all the things she has done. It makes us feel guilty on the occassions where they are innocent. either way, their behaviour is fucking weird which causes us to question it in the first place.

          20. FYC says:

            Alexis, I read recently, “There two kinds of people in this word, those who fill your cup, and those who drain it.” That about sums it up. If she is lacking empathy, one way or another, she will be a drain.

          21. You’re so right FYC and such a good way to look at things. Thank you

          22. Violetta says:

            I don’t know where you would go to get that thing analyzed (Geek Squad? FBI?), but if you have any tech-y friends who are NOT friends with him, ask them to look at it for you. You don’t have to go into gory detail: just say it’s from an ex you’re not sure you can trust.

          23. Good thinking Violetta! I may just do that. I have some geeky friends and I can as you say be cautious about the information I share with them.

          24. Dorion says:

            Meant to add that if the narc in question is openly tech savvy, the gift might just be a way to draw your attention to his interests and skills, to seduce you with such abilities, especially if you are not so techy yourself (so likely can’t criticize it well). I am not sure the foil would insulate all listening devices, but distance from you will. Just like physical distance from the narc himself.

          25. Violetta says:

            Put it in the garage, not the car until you know what the deal is. If there’s a tracking device, the car is exactly where you don’t want it.

          26. FYC says:

            Alexis, what functions does this item perform? If it has a mic, you can be eavesdropped. If it has a camera you can be viewed. In either case if you are viewed or hear you can be recorded. If it does seemingly nothing, it can still have a small GPS tracker and you can be followed. Don’t keep it in your car trunk. Give it back or get rid of it. No excuses apply. Just do it.

          27. That’s really helpful FYC, the item itself would not have a camera or mic as part of it’s function. Potentially a GPS tracker but I would imagine unlikely.
            LT would say he therefore did it to create an ever presence.

            Thanks re advice of giving it back FYC. If he was an N who had sufficient influence or involvement in my life I would most definitely give it back or bin it. But he is not. I enjoy studying him and learning from him. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is, though probably the smartest in terms of manipulation/facade management/machiavellian ways (without hinting or disclosing them to me). It helps me to understand all things N.

          28. FYC says:

            Alexis, I understand your desire to learn, but engaging with so many narcissists keeps you stuck in the dynamic as well. It is LT to think this guy will manipulate, it is ET to think you can engage/study and not have fallout. It’s a little like an alcoholic going to a bar and ordering a drink to ‘study’ it. HG’s books will give you far more useful information and keep you safe too.

            With regard to a camera or a mic, if the electronic item is a clock, for example, that is not to say it could not have a hidden camera or mic aka “bug”. I very much doubt it would and there would be signs if you inspect it. In truth, the bigger danger of accepting a gift is the engagement itself and ever presence thereafter. You are far more likely to be eavesdropped by a techy N through the devices you already possess (via spyware, Trojan horse downloads, camera access, mic, etc.). It costs little and gives far more than most anything else.

          29. Thank you so much FYC for your concern. Please do trust me when I say that any N who increases my ET is ditched without a doubt. Unfortunately they are bloody everywhere! and I continue to attract them. I am married so I am not going to engage with one as an IP which helps keep ET at bay But there are a large number of Ns in my work evnironment as well as my sister whom I was NC with for 10 years and I didnt even know what an N was. It just occurred to me that she did not make me feel nice at all. But currently I am having no choice but to engage with her and I hope and pray that this will end next month as I can honestly say that when I went NC with her my confidence went from 0 to 100 overnight.

            So I understand your concern but I have found it incredibly helpful to engage with those I can keep at distance.

            Hg’s readers are an incredibly intelligent group and their intelligence surpasses mine all day long! Unfortunately I am not the sort of person who can simply learn from reading. I have to live, eat, drink and breath it to understand. But this has helped me learn and understand on a level I would not otherwise have been able to and as a result I have stopped Ns in their tracks when they’re up to no good.

            This N, I’m not sufficiently high enough in his fuel matrix that he would want very much from me at all and I have zero attachment to him or any N. I have truly reached zero impact with them all.

            very, very interesting re the trojan spyware etc. bloody hell! there is a different N, a NipSS who was really insistent on having my email address even though there was no need at all. I set up a fake account just to be on the safe side but he could have got my email from someone else. that said I don’t open dodgy attachments hmmm

          30. FYC says:

            Alexis, I understand about the N sister as I have one too. I hope you can get the distance you need soon. You know better what you need than I do. I really do appreciate your need to know everything. I also understand about Ns in business as I have worked with very many and figured out how do deal with them before I even knew they were Ns because they have similar traits and motivations. Like you, I too am a N magnet, so it is doubtful there will ever be time there are none around, but being weaponized by HG, I spot it quickly, confirm it and opt out. Not out of fear, that’s not a factor, but to avoid the inevitable down side of the life-sucking quality that naturally, eventually prevails. I wish you the very best with your ‘studies’ and hope you find what you seek. We’ve got your back here if things get weird.

          31. Thanks for your understanding FYC. I do fully appreciate it is best to stay away from all things N. I honestly keep my distance with those I do engage with and if it becomes toxic for me, they’re gone. I’m definitely not into self harm at all. I’ve cut masses of them out of my life, a real cull of Ns lol. But where I see a learning opportunity, I grab it.
            You’re incredibly smart to pick up on traits and motivations. I knew there were certain people I didn’t like pre N knowledge but I didn’t really understand why. Like you I spot it quickly now and opt out but there have been a few occasions where I have needed to apply my knowledge on a level even I would never have imagined. Each time I think this was the reason I found HG. Then something more testing happens and I’m like, no it was this time. Hahah

            To be fair I probably could put the practical learning to one side now but I feel there is more knowledge to be gained. Plus I enjoy taking the piss out (unknowing to them) of some of the mids. It’s just too much fun!

            It’s good to know you have my back FYC.

          32. FYC says:

            *heard not hear (typo)

          33. E. B. says:

            I would not plug any USB into any of your own devices, do not use it in your car. If he gave you a device as a gift, I would not use the charging cable either. There are iPhone/Android charging cables with a hidden listening device. Some of them include a camera.
            Trust your intuition. If you are unsure, do not use it. A normal individual will not ask you again and again if you are using it and if not, why you are not using it or what you are doing with their gift.

          34. That is very interesting EB. thank you so much.

            He asked once if I’d used the device. I said no. Since I have been using it, he hasn’t contacted me. COuld just be because of xmas period so I’m still using LT but if he had actually heard anything at all I’d said whilst near the device, he would not have re-engaged, I’m certain of it. It would have been fuel free criticism. My gut instinct is very mixed re anything hidden but given my knowledge of Ns and how bloody N he is, anything is possible, so I’d rather be cautious.

          35. Claire says:

            Alexissmith2016, if you want to use the device, you can – you need to use the option to restore the factory settings.
            Or, go to a tech repair store and ask them
            to check both hardware and software . You can ask the techies what’s inside and if there is any camera or a hidden microphone. My old phone had an anti spy software installed as the ex Narc is doing IT stuff for living so I would never now.

          36. Lovely! That’s very helpful Claire. Thank you

          37. Mercy says:

            Alex2016, I’m dying to know what this mystery device is. You have my imagination running wild. Rechargable vibrator? Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving. I’d advise you not to keep it in the car though. There’s enough distracted drivers out there with texting and all.

          38. Hahhaha oh god! If I’d have received a gift like that I’d have forgotten all about the possibility of being recorded long ago. Pleasures outweighing the pain and all that

          39. Mercy says:

            Hahahaha perfect alex2016! I really do wonder though of they make them so you can plug them in. Think of the power in that motor haha.

          40. hahaha I’m imagining!

          41. NarcAngel says:

            Mercy and Alexis
            Immm……iiiiimaggggginnnning ittttt ttttoooooo…

          42. Dorion says:

            I would agree with the suggestion to take the device to an expert tech store to be checked. If you don’t know where to go, just try a regular repair place, tell them openly about your concerns, and ask if they are able screen the device for that or recommend a more security-oriented place.

            Or if you are up to a show, maybe turn it on, place it next to you and engage in a pre-meditated, emotion-free, neutral conversation with someone about narcissism, show off your knowledge (but not your experience with narcs) and how you are aware of their tricks. Maybe fake a story about something you are worried about (being spied on) and tell it as though you read it somewhere. Maybe add how you also heard that the person who did that was caught and legally pursued.

          43. Hmmm emotion free criticism Dorion great suggestion! I may just do that once I’m done with him. But for now just in case there is a listening device I plan to feed him with false info.

        6. Ditto Mercy. I needed validation that i wasnt the crazy one and that kept going for a long while.

          1. Notme! says:

            My gift from the N-ex was a box of ‘Chocolate Anuses’. No listening devices in there, but went in the bin anyway. Quite ironic really aresholes from The Arsehole. Even his malign hoovers are passive-aggressive

          2. Notme – thats so damn funny! I actually can’t believe he would buy you those! oh my god! so funny! Maybe I should buy a return present…

        7. njfilly says:

          My ex narc was a licensed commercial drone pilot (as well as a helicopter pilot). He did take many nice aerial photos of my farm so I at least got something for my troubles with him.

          1/24/20 will be one year narc free for me. We were only together 2 1/2 years anyway.

          1. Mercy says:

            Njfilly, It doesn’t matter if you spent 2 months, 2 years or 20. What’s important is that you got out. Congrats on 1 year

          2. njfilly says:

            Thank you, Mercy. I hope you are free as well.

          3. Pati says:

            Congratulations njfilly for getting out. I hope by next year I am out too.
            Big hugs to you!

          4. njfilly says:


            I wish for you a successful escape and a brighter future. I hope the New Year brings this for you.

          5. Mercy says:

            Yes I am! I’m not even close to a year but hopefully next year we’ll have this convo again and I can say I reached that milestone! Thank you.

          6. njfilly says:


            Good luck to you in reaching that milestone. I’m sure the information on this blog is helpful to you. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

      2. njfilly says:

        Very funny comment!

        1. Dorion says:

          I’m just watching one of my all time favorite movies – Oblivion. There is a pilot there and drones, and a lot more about twisted realities and relationships.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Excellent film. I know Andrea Riseborough.

          2. Dorion says:

            Ooooh, I hope you don’t know her too closely though!

          3. njfilly says:

            Reality is twisted so we don’t know what is real.

            Maybe I’ll watch that movie. I never saw it before.

          4. Dorion says:

            What’s really interesting about this film for me (as an exercise of introspection) is that it’s one of my favorites and yet I don’t identify with any of the characters much. Most of my fave fiction works are where I strongly identify with at least one character, but not in this one. Well, if I was pushing it, perhaps the Malcolm Beech character (for those that watched it), and bits and pieces from pretty much everyone, but no one stands out. It is definitely from one of the genres I like best – sci-fi. It is difficult to create really good sci-fi these days because most of the characteristic questions, topics and values have been played to death at this point, so I appreciate any piece that comes up with anything original and somewhat newly creative. I would usually prefer sci-fi where something clicks with my own perception and identity strongly in an emotional sense, but that is very hard to achieve these days, most of it sounds like repetitions… some better than others.

  8. Violetta says:

    Not anymore.

    I still surf his pages occasionally, but I don’t ask anyone about him, let alone ask him.

    He probably doesn’t know the answers anyway. He doesn’t know what he is.

    When I want to understand, I click HERE.

  9. BL says:

    Guilty as charged. It’s like you’re looking over my shoulder while I stalk away. I think I found a New Year’s resolution, which should last a day or so.

  10. Kim e says:

    My need to know has made me start my NC all over again. I dont EVER need to KNOW AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont want to know. Dont have to know. Dont care to know. All I know about know is that when it comes out of my mouth next time it will be spelled NO

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