How The Narcissist Evades When Questioned



You will have questions for the narcissist. Lots of questions.

They never get answered.


Why is the narcissist so evasive?

Why do simple questions receive a response as if you have commenced an interrogation?

Why won’t the narcissist give you the answer to a straight forward question?

Why won’t the narcissist answer even when it would be in his best interests to do so?

Why must you get answers from the narcissist?

What happens when you ask a question when painted white?

What happens when you ask a question when painted black?

What happens when you ask a question when you enter Challenge Mode?

What are the ways in which the narcissist evades your questions?

What steps can you take to prevent this problem caused by the narcissists evasiveness?

Sick of the anger, frustration and hurt caused by the evasiveness of the narcissist? Then it is time to get some answers and gain those answers which will actually help you and ensure you move forward, rather than remain stuck.

Avoid the evasion and get THE answers here

3 thoughts on “How The Narcissist Evades When Questioned

  1. kaydiva3 says:

    HG, I’d love to see you analyze Trump’s behavior over the past several weeks. He certainly evades questioning! Not sure how it’s being reported in UK news. I think of you and what you would say every time he embarrasses himself and my entire country.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Every day he provides another example of his narcissism and still people fail to see it. I occasionally look at Trump´s tweets and the responses to them, so many people become annoyed, indignant and repeatedly pulling their hair out at his hypocrisy and if they understood narcissism they would feel far calmer.

  2. FYC says:

    HG, This is an excellent Knowledge Bulletin. Although you are exceptionally forthcoming when questions are posed by readers, most Ns evade questions so effectively or lie and deflect. All Ns I have known have this ‘skill.’ This KB really helps us understand why this occurs. Thank you for this insight and all the assistance you provide.

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