Black or White : On The Shelf




Life on the shelf is often difficult.

Knowing The Narcissist is the only place which explains this dynamic with accuracy.

You often find yourself isolated, unable to talk to others about the affair you are engaged with and if there are others you can speak to, they do not understand you are dealing with a narcissist.

A frequent issue is interpreting the narcissist´s behaviour towards you, when you are on the shelf to understand whether you are painted black or white. This Logic Bulletin finally gives you clarity and answers and also addresses what you can do to change your status.

In this comprehensive and hugely insightful THREE part Logic Bulletin you will be assisted with

What does it mean to be on the shelf and who does this apply to?

What causes you to be taken off the shelf?

What do you do which means the narcissist takes you off the shelf?

Why are you being kept on the shelf?

Ten detailed scenarios explaining the behaviour of the narcissist with regard to the secondary source so you KNOW if you are painted black or white.

Information which applies to anybody on the shelf, both Intimate and Non-Intimate Secondary Sources

Information which is specifically formulated for the Shelf IPSS, Shelf Dirty Little Secret or Candidate IPSS

What you can do to become painted white again

What governs the mind of the narcissist with regard to what makes you black or white

What factors affect you moving from black to white and white to black

Explanations with regard to the impact of your behaviour on the narcissist and vice versa

The options available to you when dealing with a narcissist when on the shelf.

This material is a necessity for anybody who is on the shelf with a narcissist, anybody who is in a relationship where they are having an affair with someone, where they are treated like a side piece or booty call. It is also advantageous for those of you who may have escaped a narcissistic ensnarement to utilise this information to build your Future Self because you ALWAYS remain at risk of attracting narcissists and if you have not been a Shelf Appliance in the past, there is a risk that this could happen to you.

Understand and remove the fog, build your Future Self and utilise this Logic Bulletin today here

4 thoughts on “Black or White : On The Shelf

  1. Lorelei says:

    I’m curious if I’ll ever be taken off the shelf and triangulated with after my ex said I was mean and awful. It will amuse me. I’ll make sure I’m swiftly black again by spending money and submitting a big bill.

  2. blackcoffee30 says:

    I would guess I am painted black since my escape. I was on a downward spiral to being demoted from top IPSS, and I miserable anyhow. Never again.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Shelf and off-shelf reminds me of when I hear the description of a relationship as on-again/off-again- and complicated. I think- yep, relationship with narcissistic personality disordered person likely here.
    HG- How much longer for the update on Mrs. H Markle update/essay?? Isn’t the queens anniversary June 2?? Or is that her birthday? Either way June 2nd is a big day I wonder if they will be in London. However probably not recommended during a pandemic that is still not under control in the UK at all… Or in the United States for that matter especially after this last holiday weekend… Hope you are well HG and I hope the shield maiden is as well.

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