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You have access to the world’s best resource to provide you with knowledge, insight and understanding about narcissism.

This WILL give you freedom.

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An expansive range of specifically tailored materials that provides you with THE knowledge about narcissists, narcissism, their victims and most importantly of all, what you can do to help yourself and achieve freedom.

Shown below are a variety of Assistance Packages, Logic Bulletins and InfoArticles which cover a multitude of subjects. 

Peruse the list, identify what you need and what you would like to know more about and find out more information and how to obtain these ground breaking materials using the link below.

Join the legions who have used this material to beat the narcissist.

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(Materials are available to download INSTANTLY either in text and/or audio form)

2 thoughts on “The Knowledge Vault

  1. Lorelei says:

    Isn’t there a product in the knowledge vault that mentions how there are occasional corrective little nuances even during seduction? I am certain I read it somewhere—where is this? I received one and it was unmistakable. I was already on the fence. I swear it is really funny how something so seemingly obscure would/could have gone totally off my radar had I not read it and felt what it was. It was distinct. He called me, I said I could call back in five minutes and the tone and manner changed about how late it was. (he’s in another time zone) It was sustained with no backing off for a minute and made no sense. See if he gets a call back! I didn’t even want to call him back at the moment and was being polite. He also said he felt like I could finish his sentences. My hand is facing palm out on my forehead over this one. OMG. OMG. Alien in a human body suit. Why do you guys have to look normal and be interesting? Why can’t you all ramble around with dirty clothes, yucky shoes and horns on your head? FUCK.

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