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If I gave you a pair of spectacles which gave you “Narc Vision” the world, as you know it, would look vastly different to you.

It would also give you insight into the altered perspective of the narcissist to enable you to make sense of what has always seemed nonsensical .

This Logic Bulletin enables you to gain “Narc Vision” to help you understand what it is that the narcissist really sees and how different it is from what you see.

One of the repeated failings that people make in their quest to understand what has happened to them is to not understand the narcissistic perspective.

This is not to empathise with it.

This is not to be sympathetic to it.

It is pure Logical Understanding.

This Logic Bulletin addresses

Clear explanations about the common mistakes that victims make when trying to understand the behaviour of the narcissist

The existence of the Majority Perspective and the Narcissistic Perspective, what that means and how they manifest.

Identification of the Strands of the Narcissistic Perspective, namely The Basic Narcissistic Perspective, The Cognitive Empathy Perspective and The Devil´s Perspective.

What each of those perspectives involves and means to the victim

Which school of narcissistic operates with which strand of the Narcissistic Perspective

What the perspectives do.

Using “Narc Vision” unravels so much about the behaviour of the narcissist, so what seems to baffling to you begins to make sense. It will cause many “aha” moments as you realise, “So, THAT´S why he always did that.”

Enabling you to make sense of why the narcissist behaves as he or she does and why previously you were unable to make sense of it.

The Baseline Scenario with regard to a common interaction between victim and narcissist to assist you in understanding how the perspectives apply to this interaction. The Baseline Scenario will apply to intimate and non-intimate interactions for primary, former primary and secondary sources, therefore this material is of use to those with a need for understanding about romantic, familial, social, work, business, client or neighbour ensnarements with one or more narcissists.

This will provide you with “Narc Vision” so you can finally understand why you previously failed to understand.

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